13 Helping Apps for Blind & Visually Impaired in 2023

The Best apps for blind and visually impaired: The loss of vision associated with old age is mainly due to macular degeneration. The elderly already suffer from this problem. And it is not the only one that causes blindness or low vision in old age. Applications for the blind are an important aid for the elderly, which can help them improve their well-being and quality of life.

13 Apps for Blind and Visually Impaired

Best Apps for Blind People: Very little vision or Visually Impaired? No differences in colors? Total darkness? Well, the solution is arrived, with these Best Apps for Blind People very fun and practical for any age, Most people can not imagine it, and yet this is the reality of many who have a visual condition.

1. Google BrailleBack

BrailleBack is an Android app that adds support for Braille displays. It works in tandem with Android’s built-in TalkBack screen reader to provide a more complete and convenient Braille experience.

Google BrailleBack, apps for the blind and visually impaired to learn the reading system, Braille in a simple way, can be handled by the Bluetooth and use it with the Talkback reader, which both offer a combined voice and brailler service. In addition to it also has Braille tutor, an option for apprentices. Google BrailleBack Available for Android.

2. Voice Access by Google

Although it was created as an aid to people with reduced mobility, it is one of the basic applications for the blind. It makes it easy to use an android mobile phone using voice commands.

Thus, it is easier for the elderly with vision problems to use their mobile device. And not only to make or receive calls but also to access other apps for the blind and visually impaired for people with vision problems or blindness.

3. Android Accessibility Suite by Google

Android Accessibility Suite an app suitable for those users who have visual conditions. It consists of an audio guide of the system, with spoken comments of each menu and vibration to navigate. Android Accessibility Suite App is Available for Android.

4. Lazzus: Blind Gps Assistant

Available for iOS and Android, this APP has been tested and endorsed by ONCE. What help does it provide to the user? It provides you with relevant information about the environment you are in at the time of use within a 100-meter radius.

This informs you by the voice of important questions for your safe mobility. For example, if there is a certain business or a public transport stop nearby. Or stairs, or a level crossing or a crosswalk.

5. Text to Speech (TTS)

Text to Speech (TTS) is One of the best apps for blind or blind, with TTS (Text to speech), may have the option to choose the language they want, in addition, the speech synthesis of Google will allow users to investigate and hear through it any information you want.

Text to Speech app for Blind (TTS) Available for Android and iOS.

6. Storytel – Audiobooks on your iPhone or Android mobile

It is one of the best apps for the blind to listen to audiobooks. It is not the only one since there are several designed for this purpose.

If the old man enjoyed reading when he could see, he would love it. He also liked radio soap operas or if he could no longer enjoy watching a movie and it was one of his hobbies. There are currently a very high number of classic audiobooks, bestsellers, and editorial news. Among so much variety, it will be easy for you to find the type of reading that you like the most, narrated out loud so that you can enjoy this hobby in your free time, even if you cannot see.

7. EVA Facial Mouse

EVA Facial Mouse handles two apps aimed at users who have accessibility problems on their mobile. Accessibility Online will highlight those places with accessibility problems.

On the other hand, we also have Eva facial, which helps users control the phone with simple movements with the head. It is a mouse emulator for blind people. Available for Android.

8. Glasses off

More than an application for the blind, it is an APP to delay vision loss. It contains visual gymnastics exercises to do daily. These aim to take care of the eyes against two vision problems that, although they do not cause blindness, hinder the quality of vision.

And that mainly affect the elderly, such as presbyopia and eyestrain.

9. Be my eyes

It is one of the most practical applications for the blind. And it is collaborative. This allows you to point an object with the mobile camera so that collaborating users can identify it. Then they describe it to the person who is blind.

This is a great help for the elderly living alone. Or in the hours when you do not have a person to care for the elderly at home. So you can know, for example, the composition or expiration of a product on a label or which box of medicines you have in your hands.

10. Map4all

Although it cannot replace a person’s help to accompany the elderly, it makes it possible for the elderly blind to move around the city only with a certain degree of security. It is one of the blind applications that are also useful to improve the autonomy of people with reduced mobility. If the elderly person suffers from both problems, it will be of great help.

This Application for blind people informs about dangerous points in the environment in which the user is. For example, if there are silent traffic lights that could put the blind user’s safety at risk. Or areas without access for people in wheelchairs.

Applications for the blind help improve their well-being and quality of life.

11. Linguoo – Listen To The Web

This APP is especially interesting for blind people with interest in current affairs and culture of any age. It is also suitable for the elderly without vision who require distractions during their free time at home.

Thus, he reads web pages aloud. Among the advantages compared to other apps for the blind and visually impaired of this type is that it allows you to generate a playlist of articles, blogs, or websites for reading. This means that the user himself can create his list of articles of interest to listen to when it suits him. Or have a family member or elderly caregiver at select home items that may be of interest to them from a playlist for them to listen to whenever they want.

12. TapTapSee

In the field of practical applications for the blind for user autonomy, he has a relevant position despite its simplicity. Actually, it is an object recognizer through a photograph with a mobile camera. This allows you to know basic but important issues, such as the color of the garment you are holding.

13. Lazarillo – App for Blind and visually impaired people

The Application allows the user to know their location. And it also helps you navigate the city safely and autonomously. You can select where you want to go and receive information about the different options to get there. In addition to creating routes, it informs about shops and services near the user’s location.

These apps for the blind are useful for users of any age, including the elderly who are blind or have low vision. Our company, vita, highly recommends the use of these apps for the blind and visually impaired if one of your loved ones is blind. They contribute to improving your safety, your autonomy, and your leisure time inside or outside the home, depending on the case. Keep them in mind for yourself or your blind loved ones.


They are very useful apps for the blind and visually impaired that can bail out people with these conditions. Which app do you find the most optimal according to your criteria? Let him know in the comments.