7 Best Apps to Swap Faces From Two Photos of 2022

7 Best Apps to Swap Faces From Two Photos of 2022

Last Updated on September 29, 2022 by The Soft Best

The best App to Face Swap From Two Photos: The news in the world of mobile apps is the order of the day. A clear example is the face swap, an effect that takes advantage of facial recognition technology to give an entertaining touch to the world of photography. Do you want to know which apps have this function? We recommend the best Apps to Swap Faces From Two Photos.

Apps to Swap Faces From Two Photos

7 Best Apps to Face Swap From Two Photos

The change of faces is a trend on the Internet, thanks to the editing apps that have promoted this easy and fun fashion. If you want to see how your face would look on someone else’s, try these Apps to Swap Faces From Two Photos!

1. Face Swap Live

This app, available for iOS and Android users, allows two people to change faces in real-time.

You can superimpose a photo that you have saved in the gallery or do it with the person next to you. Besides this, Face Swap Live also incorporates animal skins.


Masquerade, the main competitor to Face Swap Live, also allows you to do a live face swap.

Also, it includes the possibility of dressing up with animated masks of characters and animals. Once the photo or video is taken, you can share it on Facebook and Instagram, as well as save it in your phone’s gallery. It is available for iOS and Android.

3. Snapchat

This app is available for iOS and Android. Snapchat incorporates its so-called Lenses, with which you can add filters or change the face. To do this, select the effect; you will see that two emoticons will appear on the screen. You just have to follow the instructions to place your face and that of your friend within the circles.

You can take photos, record videos, or simply save the content in your gallery. If you want to make the face change with a person that you are not close to, you can do it with a photo of him that you have saved.

4. iSwap Faces LITE

If you want to change the faces of the photographs you have on your mobile or reverse the faces at the moment, iSwap Faces LITE makes it easy for you.

You don’t have to worry about matching the eyes, nose, or mouth, and the app performs an automatic selection to make the process easier. You just have to adjust the position of the faces, and you will have the result in a few seconds. It is only available for iOS users.

5. Fun face swap

With good lighting and correct placement, Fun Face Swap makes the swap instantly and live.

You just have to tap on the screen for the app to locate the faces. You can take photos or videos of a few seconds and then share them on social networks or WhatsApp.

6. faceswap

The difference between this app and the previous one is that the exchange cannot be done so quickly.

To apply the change of faces, you have to select an initial photo in which one to six people’s faces appear. The app will do the recognition to extract one face and move it to the other—download FaceSwap from the Google Play Store.

7. Face Swap Booth

This app starts with a certain advantage over the others. As it does? Including photos of celebrities in the app so you can exchange faces with them.

Also, you can select which part you want to exchange, giving you the option of being only the eyes or the lips, for example.


As you can see, in these Best Apps to Swap Faces From Two Photos, you can find functions that make photos more original. To always be active in these apps, browse at maximum speed!