9 Best Alternatives to Chromecast of 2023

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Best Alternatives to Chromecast: Although the Chromecast is usually the best-selling device, there are many alternatives to Chromecast that we can buy today and that have the same benefits. We are going to show you all the ones you can buy and the price of each model.

Google’s Chromecast is the best-known device for turning any television into a SmartTV. In fact, we can make any display with HDMI, or with HDMI adapters, enjoy the advantages of a smart device that connects to the mobile. However, not everything has to be Google, and many may be interested in looking at other options. This is not a big problem since if we want alternatives to Chromecast, there are quite a few and of great quality.

Previously we have told you what Chromecast is in case you did not know it. As we say, the Google device connects to television through HDMI to allow us to enjoy applications and mirroring of the mobile or PC thanks to Chrome and Edge. Since 2013, it has evolved a lot and already allows us to enjoy 4K and HDR content.

The Best Alternatives to Chromecast

Best Alternatives to Chromecast

In addition to Chromecast, there is a version to convert any speaker to a Bluetooth speaker, but now let’s focus on the best Chromecast alternatives. The Google device is not perfect, and there are many devices that allow us to perform similar functions and expand the spectrum with its own applications and functions. In the following lines, we will see the best alternatives to Chromecast.

1. ATETION WiFi wireless

If we want to replicate the screen of our mobile, PC, or tablet, one of the best alternatives to Chromecast is the Atention dongle. It is a dongle that will allow us to reproduce on a large screen any source that we reproduce on another device.

Best Alternatives to Chromecast

It is compatible with iOS and Android, in addition to being able to send data using DLNA and Miracast. It has enough power to play content at 1,080 P resolution, and, as we say, if we only want to duplicate a screen, it is a cheap option and a great alternative to Chromecast.

2. Leelbox

We left the HDMI dongle to go to something more advanced. If we want an alternative to Chromecast, why not aim for something higher for almost the same price as the Google device?

Best Alternatives to Chromecast

That is what the Android Box allows us, some very interesting devices that act as a multimedia center and go beyond allowing the screen of the mobile, tablet, or PC to be replicated. The Leelbox Android Box has Android 8.1 as the operating system, which means that we can install applications.

It has a memory card slot, two USB ports, HDMI, and pre-installed apps like Kodi or Netflix. It is a great alternative to Chromecast, and, in addition, it will allow us to turn our TV into an Android TV. It is a great device to create a SmartTV. Ah, it has a remote control, which is not bad.

3. Roku Streaming Stick

This is one of the best alternatives to Chromecast if we want to have a SmartTV, although we must be careful with the Roku Streaming Stick. And it is that it is a device designed exclusively for the North American market.

Best Alternatives to Chromecast

It has tools to duplicate the screen of iOS and Android, but it is designed to convert a normal TV into a SmartTV thanks to a wide range of applications. These are subscription systems, for which we have to pay, but if you want a device in which to have HBO, Hulu, YouTube Premium, and Netflix, all together, few are better.

In addition, it has Google Assistant, and the command is one of its strengths. It also plays in 4K UHD. It takes a while to arrive, but it is not bad.

4. Amazon Fire TV Stick

We come to one of the jewels in the crown of Amazon’s hardware, the Fire Stick TV, one of the best alternatives to Chromecast and a device that is basically a miniature computer that we connect to the HDMI of our television.

Best Alternatives to Chromecast

It has its own operating system, so it does not have access to Android applications, but it has its own app store, among which Movistar Plus or Plex stands out, for example. In addition, Amazon’s range of applications is also available, such as Prime Video.

If you want a device to play content, you have a lot of catalog here ( which is more enjoyed with Prime subscription, of course). There is also Netflix, applications to create a server at home, and the possibility of playing certain games. The remote is not bad.

5. Xiaomi Mi Box S

An alternative to Chromecast that is very interesting, like almost everything Xiaomi launches, is the Mi Box S. It is an Android TV that, in addition to turning our television into a complete SmartTV with Android 8, allows us to mirror the mobile thanks to the built-in Chromecast.

Best Alternatives to Chromecast

Its design is practically the same as that of Apple TV, and it has all the apps we want thanks to the Google store. It has the capacity to play 4K HDR video, a very interesting remote control (with a Netflix button), and it also allows us to connect a Bluetooth remote control to enjoy video games.

6. Apple tv

A different alternative to Chromecast is Apple TV. This is the Apple multimedia center that converts a television into SmartTV, although it is very limited to what Apple wants.

Best Alternatives to Chromecast

It has applications, such as Prime Video, HBO, or Netflix, but it also has Siri and access to the App Store, which allows us to download applications. We can also connect our iOS device through AirPlay to see the content of our iPhone or iPad on the big screen.

It has 64 GB of storage, a very high-quality controller that allows us to enjoy video games and great navigation thanks to the touch panel, and it supports 4K HDR video and Dolby Atmos sound. It is one of the best alternatives to Chromecast if we have an iPhone, but it is not cheap.

7. Nvidia Shield

If money is not a problem, you can choose one of the best alternatives to Chromecast, which is also a very powerful device and a real console to enjoy the latest video games via streaming.

Best Alternatives to Chromecast

The Nvidia Shield TV is a device with an Android operating system, which means that it has Movistar +, Plex, Kodi, Netflix, and all the applications we can think of, but it also allows us to enjoy video games in two different ways.

One of them is streaming from our PC with a GTX card. The other way is by subscribing to the Nvidia system to play PC games with the best quality via streaming. It has a remote control, and a video game controller, both with a voice recognition system, is capable of playing content at 4K resolution and, as we say, is one of the best alternatives to Chromecast.

8. EZCast 4K

With a very similar design to the first Chromecast, this device allows content to be sent directly from the mobile phone via WiFi-Direct. In its latest model, it supports 4K broadcasting.

Best Alternatives to Chromecast

Very simple to operate and cheap, it duplicates the screen of a mobile, tablet, or practically any operating system. It has its own application that is compatible with most streaming platforms. Simple and comfortable.

9. Minix Neo U1

If you have not been convinced by any of the previous options, to end this list, we present the Minix Neo U1. A very competent alternative that has Android 5.1.1 specially oriented to the use of different applications.

Best Alternatives to Chromecast

The video output is up to 4K at 60Hz and allows streaming in Ultra HD. The CPU is 64-bit architecture and is a more than an interesting option if you want to find a competent alternative to Google Chromecast.


As you can see, there are many alternatives to Chromecast from which to choose. Now, you just need to establish the priorities, look at the budget, and assess what applications and options you need.