8 Best Animated Instagram Story Apps in 2021

8 Best Animated Instagram Story Apps in 2021

Last Updated on December 15, 2020 by The Soft Best

The best animated Instagram story apps: Everyone wants to innovate when creating Stories on Instagram. It is difficult to stand out and keep up with all the updates and stickers that the social network is launching, and sometimes, creating a fantastic Story can take some effort.

What app makes Instagram Stories?

Now animated stories are very popular, and fortunately, there are several best animated Instagram story apps that allow you to create them easily.

Best Animated Instagram Story Apps

Creating animated Stories can be the key to attracting our followers’ attention and not swiping to the left before necessary.

How to Create Animated Instagram Stories

In TheSoftBest, we tell you what apps for creating Instagram stories you can use to animate your stories on Instagram.

The Best Animated Instagram Story Apps for Creating Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most used social networks today, and its particular way of publishing stories makes it more enjoyable; But many times, we want to enhance our publications with movements, and we do not have tools that can help us. That is why this time, we bring you the best animated Instagram stories app on this social network.

1. Life Lapse – Best Stop Motion Maker

This animated Instagram stories app is ideal if we want to make stop motion videos. All you need is a tripod and take the photos we need. Also, the app has editing tools, music, and other effects to retouch the photos. It can be purchased for free for both iOS and Android.

Life Lapse is another of the free best animated Instagram story apps that we can take advantage of to make better posts on Instagram: Although most of all it is based on the creation of ‘Stop Motion’ videos that you can make from your mobile, and it has a small tutorial that shows you the steps to follow.

However, Life Lapse also comes with various editing tools to further refine your video; some of these tools are filters, music, timer, and different speeds, among others. So, create your best video with free apps for creating Instagram stories from iOS and Android.

2. Adobe Spark – Best Story templates app

The first of the eight apps to edit animated stories on Instagram is Adobe Spark: which allows us to add animations to the texts of our publication or movements to them without having to be an expert in editing.

In addition, the app has a series of free tools such as pre-installed templates, photos, filters, and font styles; that allow you to create more striking and personalized content according to your interests. Also, Adobe Spark is available for free on both Android and iOS.

It is normal to associate Adobe products with professional design and editing tools, but Spark allows you to create graphic animations with great ease and without the need for previous experience. It allows you to add movement, titles, stock photos, and much more to our Stories.

3. Hype Type – Best Animated Text app

As you will see, in this list of best animated Instagram story apps for creating Instagram stories, we have a diversity of functions according to the app in question. In this case, with Hype Type, we have the opportunity to create animated texts that we can add to our images; and that we will later share on our Instagram story.

It is worth noting that this editing app has an immense number of styles in fonts, as well as many movement effects to attract more attention to your stories. Although, at the moment, it only has support for iOS.

4. Pixaloop – Best 3D Photo Animator app

Another of our favorite apps to edit animated stories is Enlight Pixaloop: whose main idea is “to give life to your photos.” Well, through its use, we can add a variety of elements and movements to our static photos; It is enough to insert arrows on the image according to the movement effect we want, and then place “anchors” to define the speed of the animation.

Although you don’t need to be an editing expert with this application, it does allow you to boast of great animated stories by offering you precise and very striking animations. You can also enter your Instagram account to see other users’ examples, and is available for download on iOS and Android.

This application allows adding movement to still images. In this way, we will have an animated Story without having to make a video, and without a doubt, we will be able to convert normal images into something much more attractive. You just have to choose the areas of the image where you want movement and adjust the speed. It is available for iOS for free.

5. Over – Best photo editing app

Continuing with our list of best animated Instagram story apps for creating Instagram stories to edit stories we have Over: Like the rest of the commented applications, here we can also enjoy a series of templates to create our animated content. Either with graphics options, more font styles, images, and many more tools.

Thanks to its templates, we can customize our Instagram stories by adding movements to said images or having many effects and animations for videos. Also, as with Enlight Pixaloop, you can go to their account to guide you to the creations of other users; In addition to that, we have it available on both iOS and Android.

6. LumaFusion – Best mobile video editing app

In a similar way to Pixaloop, LumaFusion allows us to add movement to our photos.

Thus, for example, a scroll effect can be created from still images. In addition, it is a powerful mobile video editor. We can find this application for iOS in the App Store for a price.

7. StoryBoost – Best Story creator app

StoryBoos t is another free app for animated content but currently only available on iOS. Here we can also edit videos for our Instagram stories, thanks to its more than a thousand animated and transition templates that allow you to customize your video.

This is really one of the best animated Instagram story apps for creating Instagram stories to edit stories that are easy to use, coupled with the fact that you also have tools such as stickers, font styles, slides, and you can even create GIFs. And before finalizing, the application allows you to preview your video by touching the templates to see how they will look.

8. ImgPlay – Best GIF Maker app

On Instagram, we can find a large number of GIFs available, but sometimes it is best to create our own animated images. ImgPlay allows you to easily create GIFs from photos and videos that we have in our phone’s image gallery, both on iOS and Android.

But if what you are looking for is to create animated stories from GIF images, then we recommend ImgPlay. This is one of the apps to edit stories most used by users; since it offers you a facility to create moving content with images and videos from your own gallery. In this way, you can select several images from your mobile or cut a video to create the GIF.

Additionally, ImgPlay offers other editing tools such as filters, GIF speed adjustments, and even creating the “Boomerang” effect by changing the playback direction. And it’s as simple as creating the animation, downloading it to your device, and then uploading it to Instagram.


These are the best animated Instagram story apps for creating Instagram stories on Instagram: If you’ve ever wondered how to create more striking content on Instagram (and therefore “stories”), let us tell you that there are a series of apps to edit Stories that allow us to add movements or videos and create animated stories. So, we hope that with this list of our best apps to edit stories on Instagram, you can add a more animated touch to your publications; and thus share truly unique content on your social network account.