10 Best Animation Apps for Android of 2021

10 Best Animation Apps for Android of 2021

Last Updated on December 28, 2020 by The Soft Best

Top Best Animation Apps for Android: In the audiovisual world, animations are an essential part. And it is that cartoons and cartoons have had such critical relevance that movies and series quickly appeared in the same style. If you want to become a professional that can create movements in images and videos, you need these Best Animation Apps for Android, with which you will get study tools.

Best Animation Apps for Android

The Best Animation Apps for Android

In TheSoftBest.com, we offer you a complete review of the most functional ones found in the Play Store, which were selected for their characteristics and particular inclinations that make them the best options to start your animated project from the Smartphone, Tablet, or any Android device. So don’t miss out on the—next, our TOP 10 of the Best Animation Apps for Android. Look at them!

1. FlipaClip: Drawing Animation

To start with your animations, you need FlipaClip. It is an app that will allow you to draw frame by frame to make “stop motion” effects, allowing you to create fabulous animations in a few steps. Also, through the layer system, you will have the possibility to draw on your photographs and images in case you want to have templates to guide you quickly. Do not worry about the effects because you will be the one to add them.

It should be noted that FlipaClip becomes one of the Best Animation Apps for Android because it allows you to add sounds and special effects to each frame. Although for this, you must obtain the pro version. The best thing is that after finishing your animation – using the brushes and drawing tools and viewing it in the interactive timeline – you can export it in formats such as mp4, Gif, and transparent PNG files. Run to try it!

2. Draw Cartoons 2 – animated video maker

If your passion is cartoons and Cartoons, Draw Cartoons 2 will love you. With it, you can make a lot of animations through drawings on screens and positioned in each frame to access the professional animation procedure. Each work will be done in high quality, so you will not have to configure sizes or resolutions. Besides, the application has a library of predesigned drawings of things and characters to make a story from there.

On the other hand, Draw Cartoon will give you a lot of spreadsheets to start doing different things from the beginning, such as cars, characters, houses, weapons, hair, animals, buildings, and many more options. You can even take advantage of the timeline to add musical effects and add your voice, allowing you to double your animated production. In the end, you should only export in mp4 format, standing out among the apps to make cartoons.

3. Stick Nodes Stickman Animator

A traditional method for animation is based on “sticks” subjects. Stick Nodes will allow you to create fabulous animations through single characters’ movement to assemble fantastic stories. You will have to draw and then add animation points in each frame to make everything move according to your tastes. You can even take advantage of the virtual camera to zoom in, out, or make movements around your character, creating a 3D effect.

To make matters worse, Stick Nodes allows you to take advantage of a catalog of predesigned drawings to start animating them as well as the animation and color effects that will support your film. If you make mistakes, you can get rid of them quickly. And if you want to use photo templates, take advantage of the onion paper that will allow you to draw on it through layers, being the best apps for animation.

4. StickDraw – Animation Maker

Another of the apps for animation that will allow you to create stick characters is StickDraw. With it, you can start drawing through a modifiable timeline, in which you must add each frame of the animation to get a real movement effect. Also, you have the option to copy, paste, move, and edit each frame so you can make the changes you need in your work without anything preventing you from developing and creating.

In addition, StickDraw is perfect for changing backgrounds, in case you want to add realistic photographs or wallpapers created by you in other apps. Since its editing tool will allow you to draw on it, allowing you to add different environments to your animated work. You will even be able to take advantage of the various predesigned shapes such as lines, circles, arrows, rectangles, squares, and many more.

5. Stick Fighter

The sticks are dominating the world! With Stick Fighter, you can create animations of super incredible battles and fights using your smartphone and lots of creativity. Its primary function is to take advantage of the animation tools, allowing you to define each movement’s meaning to encourage fights between the sticks and offer you many options to choose from, including predesigned characters, effects, and objects.

ou will even be able to edit each frame to correct what you donat don’t like. Do not worry about creating because if you want apps for animations in which everything is ready, you have to choose which weapon to use and give it to the character. The app has a series of instruments and weapons of war to create epic battles. And after you finish, you have to export it in your preferred format and start showing it to all your friends.

6. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion animations are the best known since they consist of creating movement effects through real photographs. With this application, you will have a complete studio to create Coraline-style movies, using your device’s camera exclusively and letting yourself be carried away by creativity. Each project is composed of frames that will help you form, part by part, your animation, giving your project a Hollywood style effect.

Do not worry about the image quality because the app has a series of editing tools to correct saturation, contrast, and other essential lighting problems. Also, if you are a lover of the green screen, you can remove the background, making the most of the tools you have at hand. It gives you a more extensive range of options that allow you to combine this style of animation with backgrounds and animations that you do in other apps.

7. Animation Desk – Make Your Animation and Cartoons

Maybe you prefer apps that offer you more drawing tools. Animation Desk is a professional app that gives you a lot of options to make your drawings more detailed.

Use the brushes to draw frame by frame and then edit everything you need to make your cartoon flashy and creative enough to share it with everyone. Add sound and voices and export it in your preferred format, standing out among the apps to make animations.

8. AnimeMaker

Anime lovers can now start creating their series. AnimeMaker offers you a set of predesigned templates and drawings so you can make animated movies.

Although if you have drawing skills, you can take advantage of the brush tools and then add in each frame the necessary details. Put a little color and begin to position each figure’s movement, which will give you a wide range of options that you should take advantage of.

9. PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video

If you prefer to animate your photos with creative stickers, you can start with PicsArt. This application offers you a lot of templates and stickers.

So you can animate them through the frames, adding special effects, incredible sounds, and moving each element to give you the feeling of a real animation. Besides, after finishing the work, you only have to save it in mp4 or Gif to share it with your friends, ideal among apps for animation.

10. 3D Pixel animation maker – Mp4 and Gif

Enjoying the effects of the arcade is something that any creator of animations wants to do. 3D Pixel will allow you to create animations based on pixel characters and objects to make Minecraft-style movies. Everything works through frames, so you will have a series of customizable objects and styles that you can animate according to your tastes and preferences.

Being a professional animator is a simple task, thanks to these apps for animation. With it, you can create characters, add objects, draw backgrounds, or use real photographs to create incredible animated movies. Adding any amount of unique, sound, and visual effects that you can easily enjoy. You can also always save your work in video or gif formats to share your creations on social networks or videos.

What does it take to make an animation?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an animator? In other words, if you like drawing, cartoons, or video games, you will know that you need to know certain programs to be able to design the characters and environments where the action takes place.

A degree is not required. In fact, neither Pixar nor Dreamworks asks for it. What you do have to show them is an animation reel.

Know what it is? It is to make an animation demo with what you know how to do as an animator. In other words, it is to present several works in video format where you show your animator skills. This is what will really open the doors for you to this job market.

Before making your first demo, you have to undertake a small process and meet some basic requirements to be able to do it successfully. This is what you need:

Know how to draw

You need to pay attention to the characters’ anatomy, perspective, how to fit him into an environment, and how he is going to move through it. Ultimately we are talking about the composition of each scene.

Notions of animation

It is about studying movement and knowing how to simulate it correctly. That is, it is about mastering rigging (use of bones) and 3D modeling.

Tell stories

Stories have been created and narrated since ancient times. The audiovisual field is not alien to this. In fact, in each sequence, a story is told, but, in turn, all of them must be able to connect them into a whole so that they have a meaning.

Knowledge of design and composition

You must be able to tell that story or script in a sequence of still images, also called a storyboard. This implies knowing how to design objects, but also how to organize them within a stage.

Use software

It depends on the type of project some programs or others are usually handled, such as 3D Max.

Familiar with sound editors

This is not mandatory, but it does not hurt to have a slight idea of ​​how it is edited. Sometimes small studios cannot afford the equipment to record and edit sound.

With all these requirements, you may think that it is very difficult or almost impossible to enter the animation job market. Do you join the challenge?


In TheSoftBest.com, we are a great driver of animation, so we decided to bring you a review of the best apps to make animated movies from your Android phone.

You have to try each tool and draw enough to get amazing results in a few minutes with them. Then upload it to YouTube, and you will see how much receptivity you have. This was our TOP 10 Best Animation Apps for Android. Enjoy moving sticks!