12 Best Animation Apps for iPad or iPhone of 2023

12 Best Animation Apps for iPad or iPhone of 2023

The Best Animation Apps for iPad: The iPad has some characteristics that make it a tremendously interesting tool for animation professionals – be it digital, classic, or stop motion. And that is why more and more complete Best Animation Apps for iPad appear in the App Store so that this guild can use the Apple tablet and get the most out of their work.

Best Animation Apps for iPad
Best Animation Apps for iPad

At Mobility, we have selected the best animation apps for the iPad, and our recommendations to download is The Animator’s Survival Kit, Animation Desk Premium, Stop Motion Studio, Animation Creator HD, Disney Animated, and Stop Motion – Animation Maker Pro.

The Best Animation Apps for iPad

Discovering how an animated movie is created is a magical moment. In full color and with voice and music, moving images arise from hundreds of static drawings on paper or on a computer screen.

Surely more than one has drawn on several sheets or pages and, by passing them at high speed, has managed to imitate an animation’s movement.

Today the process of creating animations has abandoned paper for computing. The process is faster, saves work, and allows you to automate tasks that were once done by hand, such as coloring or the animation process itself.

In the past, we have seen some of the tools used by professionals such as Studio Ghibli or solutions that allow anyone to create animations as if we had been at it for years.

Next, we will see some of the simplest Best Animation Apps for iPad that will allow us to create animations in minutes from your phone or tablet, with the minimum effort and the most attractive possible result.

1. The Animator’s Survival Kit

Created by Richard Williams, a three-time Oscar-winning animator, this app provides the fundamental principles every animator needs and takes the world’s best-selling Kit to a new dimension.

Now aspiring or professional animators digital, classic, or stop motion can collaborate with Williams and his work like never before. Watch previously unreleased movies and interact with over 100 animated examples and learn from the expert.

Its price can be quite high, but it has a free trial version.

2. Iyan 3D

Iyan 3D makes it possible to create a 3D animation with ease. It is an app that does not need advanced knowledge on the subject.

With Iyan 3D, we can import images, characters, and backgrounds from the integrated purchases. It will allow us to create and animate the elements in each scene, and when we have finished editing it, it can be exported to our photo album and published online.

3. Folioscope

We start with one of the most complete options to animate drawings in minutes. Its name is Folioscope. It is exclusive for iPhone / iPad and allows us to draw with the finger, color, and generate movement by copying and editing each plane.

Among its advantages, it allows you to duplicate the frames and the projects themselves. Its tool palette is concise but ideal even if we don’t know how to draw well, and superimposes frames to create the next one.

When finished, Folioscope makes it easy to save or share the animation on social networks or from the application itself. Here you will find some examples.

4. Disney Animated

This application pretends to be the ‘bible’ of the Disney factory universe. It contains information on all the company’s films: their history, technologies used, interactive animations with Disney characters, and different conceptual arts of each title. In addition, it has a section where you can animate a character using a 3D board.

5. Animation Express

Animation Studio is a very complete and advanced but really intuitive animation app for iPad. It seamlessly combines popular video editing options with some photo editing settings.

It will allow us to create fun scenes step by step with very simple tools to use. It costs $4.49, but it has a free version specially designed for the little ones, called Animation Express.

6. FlipaClip

Drawing and animating is a breeze with FlipaClip (AndroidiPhone/iPad), no matter your drawing style.

On the one hand, it has the necessary tools to draw and color with different types of lines and textures. To animate, we can superimpose drawings by controlling transparency, and, finally, FlipaClip generates a GIF or MP4 animation.

We can share and upload our video or animation through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr from the app itself.

7. Animation Creator

Among all the apps we have reviewed so far, Animation Creator is possibly the one with the most elegant and professional user interface. This iPad app is focused on cartoonists, artists, and graphic designers; it will allow us to draw in layers, use different brushes, manage the different frames.

It is usually truly practical but often goes unnoticed in many apps: Animation Creator offers us the possibility to undo and redo our movements in an unlimited way. Finally, it should be noted that it has many export options (Twitter, YouTube, Cineverse, e-mail…).

8. Animaker

If you need all the help possible, Video Animation Maker won’t let you down. In addition to drawing on your own, you can generate frames with the illusion of movement practically automatically, add voice to animation, use skins to play with backgrounds and characters, etc.

Video Animation Maker saves the animation in MP4 and allows uploading it to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram from the application itself.

9. Stop motion studio

Creating animated movies, scenes, and videos on our iPad has never been easier. With Stop Motion Studio, we can design all kinds of images and bring them to life in “ultra-high definition.”

Among the different options it offers, we highlight the possibility of zooming from the camera, recording sounds, adding music, overlaying content, cutting and pasting tools, support with AirPlay, export to YouTube, iTunes, or Facebook.

10. Stick Nodes

Maybe you have seen on YouTube animations starring a stickman, in English stickman, the simplest way to draw a person there is.

With Stick Nodes ( AndroidiPhone, iPad ), it is possible to create animations from stick men, or at least with this very simple drawing style, which will help us draw faster.

Although it is based on a simple drawing, Stick Nodes has very interesting functions, such as sound effects, digital zoom, gradient colors, and drawings to take advantage of in our own animations.

Stick Nodes saves the animation to GIF or MP4 to share wherever you want when we’re done.

11. Animation Desk

From Apple, they recommend us a wonderful Best Animation Apps for iPad. This animation app starts from the premise that everyone can be an animator, and all ideas count.

Animation Desk supports four different frame rates, allows adding sound effects and music, and has pressure-sensitive painting tools; this means that if we press harder on the screen, it will be reflected in the animation, but be careful! By pressing too hard on the iPad screen!

12. StickDraw

Exclusively for Android, StickDraw turns any drawing or stick that you draw with your fingers on the screen into a fun animation.

You can draw freehand or use lines and geometric shapes, paint the result, place a previous image as a background, and convert the animation into GIF or MP4. From the app itself, it is possible to send the animation on Twitter, Facebook, etc.


This guide to animation apps for iPad offers all kinds of alternatives and tools to create our own movies, but there are many more Best Animation Apps for iPad for this in the App Store. Do you want to share any with us? Do you think we have missed any essential app? Participate in the comments; thank you!

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