6 Best Birthday Reminder App for Android & iPhone of 2022

6 Best Birthday Reminder App for Android & iPhone of 2022

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The Best Birthday Reminder App for Android & iPhone: Forgot a birthday again? If the cell phone didn’t remind you of a wedding, birthday party, or another anniversary, you could take remedial action.

Best Birthday Reminder App

Free birthday reminder apps for Android (but also iPhone) allow you to plan personal appointments and notify you via push notification easily. What you don’t have in your head, you have on your smartphone! We introduce you to practical free birthday apps.

The Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android & iPhone

Many of the smart and popular birthday reminder apps are simple but reliably remind you of the special days of family, friends, and colleagues. Often they also have a countdown on board that helps you plan a surprise party or just be prepared for the next birthday in good time.

For the forgetful among us, another advantage: In contrast to standard calendars such as the Google Calendar, push notifications pop up, which cannot be easily overlooked.

1. Birthdays – App: Free birthday planner

As simple as its name: the “Birthdays” app offers standard functions for organizing your birthday. To congratulate on the special days of the year in a good time, you can download this birthday app for free.

It also works without an active internet connection and reminds you of your phone book contacts’ birthdays on your smartphone.

In addition to the respective contact, you will also find a countdown. Furthermore, age, zodiac signs (western or Chinese) are displayed. You can call the birthday child directly from the birthday reminder app and congratulate them or send a birthday greeting via SMS.

In the online version, you can also link your app to Facebook and import contacts.

Birthday for Android is a very simple application to use, and you just have to log in with your Facebook account, and the application will do the rest. This app is perfect for those who just need a little reminder about birthdays. If you need a reliable app that does the heavy lifting for you, this is the one that’s tailor-made for you.

The only reason it ranks high on my list is because of its ease of use. There is room for improvement, especially in the user interface. Other than that, this is a simple and basic way to find out who’s birthday today. Oh, before I forget, you can also add entries manually, but I have some better options for that later on the list.


  • One-click Facebook integration.
  • The app has no ads. What sorcery is this?
  • The app also tracks Chinese and Western zodiac signs.

Featured feature

The application also allows you to save birthdays to external storage. If your phone supports a microSD card or OTG (On the Go) connectivity, you can easily transfer birthdays to a new device.

  • Pro: offers an offline version, but the birthdays should be maintained in your own calendar
  • Cons: Advertising banners, date entry rather cumbersome since the last update

2. hip: Birthday Calendar – Birthday Reminder iPhone

This free birthday reminder iPhone app for iOS phones and tablets also reminds you of anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.

In the free version, up to two push notifications are possible and also the option to send birthday greetings directly on Facebook to the pinboard or by message.

Of course, you can set the time for your reminder and adapt it to your preferences. The app’s premium version lets you create as many reminders and notes as you want and offers access to over 100 birthday pictures that can be sent directly.

  • Pros: there are clear names, and the app is easy to understand
  • Cons: only applies to birthdays you have created yourself, no import of Facebook contacts, advertising can be annoying

We have tested the best calendar apps for Android devices for you in the linked article. Our gallery tells you what the current most popular Android apps are:

3. Birthday Calendar & Reminder – Birthdays

If you just have too many friends and you forget too often what you actually wanted to give, the free birthday apps “Birthday Calendar & Reminder – Birthdays” is a reliable companion.

You can collect gift ideas all year round, receive suggestions in the app, and can add notes. The gift list suggests suitable presents for fitness fans, bookworms, or amateur cooks.

You determine the price range yourself. When the big day has come, congratulations can be sent directly from the app by posting on Facebook, WhatsApp messages, text messages, or calls.

The birthday reminder app synchronizes contacts from Facebook and your smartphone phone book. Here, too, you can individually set the lead time for the respective reminder of weddings, anniversaries, and other events – by tapping on the birthday, you can see the date of birth as well as the associated zodiac sign and age.

In the paid premium version for currently 3.99 Dollars, you get a backup function of the events, can import and export Excel files, and have more setting options.

  • Pro: In the widget, you have the countdown to the next birthday directly in view, high-quality, beautiful design
  • Cons: the previous days cannot be viewed in the free version

If you lack creativity, you will also find the most beautiful WhatsApp birthday greetings with us.

4. EboBirthday

If you want to download the best birthday reminder app or a smart birthday calendar for your Android device for free, “EboBirthday” could also be the right helper for you.

The app pulls contact data from Facebook and your smartphone address book; you can add special events such as wedding anniversaries yourself in the app.

Thanks to the free “EboBirthday Contact Sync” plug-in, you can also import your Google contacts. Wishes and congratulations can also be sent via SMS from this best birthday reminder app, but you can also write an email. EboBirthday also provides you with a widget that helps you keep the next birthday on the screen.

5. Google Tasks

Google Tasks is yet another simple app among the top birthday reminder apps for Android. The application has a clean and solid interface that makes it easy to navigate. This application also allows you to import birthdays directly from Facebook, which makes it an application for all tastes.

The app also displays a reminder on the status bar so you can constantly remind yourself.


  • You can select which contacts to import.
  • The application offers several widgets of various sizes for easy access.
  • Easily add a reminder to a call pickup.

6. Birthday Calendar – Free

As the name implies, the Birthday Calendar is a birthday calendar. The best birthday reminder app fetches all the birthdays from your Facebook account and then maps them cleanly on a calendar. This is all the app does, but trust me, and it is effective and efficient.

The app also sets up automatic reminders that notify you of upcoming or ongoing birthdays. You can also use an automated birthday message to be sent in case you are busy. The application has some spelling errors, but that does not affect usability.


  • Simple and easy birthday import.
  • Contacts are shown with photos, in case you have 1000 friends on Facebook.
  • Shows the days until the birthday.

Featured feature

You can send a message to Facebook directly from this best birthday reminder app. There is no need to open the dedicated Facebook application to wish someone.

How to remember birthdays on Android

This is something that has happened to any of us on occasion. The birthday of a friend, relative, or other person arrives, and we have forgotten to congratulate them. Depending on the person, their birthday is something very special, and of course, they like to be remembered that day.

I am going to explain an application with which we will never forget that important day in people’s lives again so that this does not happen again.

You already know that when we save a contact in the phone book or in the Google account, we can add a part of the name and the number, a lot of data, and among them dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Some time ago, I told you about an application or rather a calendar widget, with which we can see any upcoming event on our calendar from the main screen of our phone. But with the following application, we don’t need to look at it since it will notify us itself.

The application I’m talking about is called Birthdays or in English Birthdays, and since I discovered it had amazed me since it is very simple to use and also effective.

When we install the application, it will review all the birthdays in our agenda, and it will show them to us in a pretty cool way since the contacts will come up with the photo we have in the agenda.

Another detail is that if we have correctly configured the year of the person’s birth, it will tell us how old they are. And also, it tells us your normal horoscope sign as well as Chinese.

Other very useful functions that it incorporates are to be able to configure when we want it to notify us of birthdays. If, for example, we want you to notify us a couple of days before, we configure it and thus give us time to buy the gift. And we can make a backup on the birthday phone card, although if you have the contacts in Google, I don’t think we need it.

We can congratulate that person from an SMS or a phone call from the same application, although with WhatsApp, I don’t think we make much use of it. But hey, there it is, and more than one will use it.

In addition, the application incorporates several desktop widgets of varied sizes, in which it shows us future birthday events, in case we want to be aware of everything and at all times.

So if you do not want to forget someone’s birthday again, this application will be very useful and of course, totally free.

How to Add Birthdays in Google Calendar

Do you want to add the birthdays of your friends and family to Google Calendar? Discover the two ways in which it is possible to do it.

Google Calendar is an application that is gaining a presence on Android, essential for many users. It is a good way to manage our appointments, have everything well organized, and not forget anything.

This is something that also counts in the case of birthdays or anniversaries, which are dates that we can often forget. Thanks to the application this is also possible.

Since we have the possibility to add birthdays in Google Calendar. We can add the birthdays of our contacts on Android so as not to forget this type of data at any time. Also, the way this can be achieved is really simple.

It is a good option for those who do not have an account on Facebook, a social network that reminds us of our contacts’ birthdays. Thus, at all times it will be possible to see these birthdays of your contacts and not miss any of them. As with events, we can add reminders to birthdays in the application. There are also two methods to do this on Android.

Add Birthdays in Google Calendar From Contacts

In the first case,, we are going to add a birthday in Google Calendar using the contacts application. The data entered in it will be synchronized with the calendar application, allowing us to have those birthdays in it. It is a simple method, which will not take us too long to complete. The steps we have to follow in this case are:

  • Open the contacts app on Android.
  • Search for the contact whose birthday you want to change or add.
  • Enter the contact and click on edit.
  • Go to the contact information and look for the date of birth section.
  • Add this person’s date of birth.
  • Click on Save for the changes to be saved.

When we have completed these steps, we will have to open the Google Calendar application on Android. The first thing we will have to do is that it has been synchronized with the phone’s contacts application.

To do this, within the application, click on the three vertical points and then click on the option to update the application. The birthday that we have added in this case should already come out, and this birthday will be remembered every year.

Add an Annual Reminder

A birthday is something that happens every year, so a second method to use in Google Calendar is to add it as a reminder or event, but it will be repeated every year. It allows in this way that we do not have to enter it every year, but doing it once will be enough, and they will remind us each time when that date approaches. Therefore, all we have to do is add a reminder.

  • Open Google Calendar on your Android phone.
  • Select the reminder option located at the bottom right of the application.
  • Enter the name and reason for the reminder, as well as the date.
  • Click on the repeat option.
  • Choose to repeat annually.
  • Click on save to create this reminder.

These steps allow us to create a reminder in Google Calendar, which will be repeated every year on a constant basis. A convenient way to add birthdays and that is done entirely within the best birthday reminder app. Each one will choose the most comfortable option for them in this regard when creating these birthdays in the app.


The presented free birthday apps are a double bottom for chronic workaholics and people who simply have too much on their minds. Have you ever forgotten an important birthday? Are you satisfied with your system, or do you want to give the free best birthday reminder app a chance? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.