10 Best Chat Apps to Meet Korean Friends Online in 2021

10 Best Chat Apps to Meet Korean Friends Online in 2021

Last Updated on December 28, 2020 by The Soft Best

The Best Chat Apps to Meet Korean Friends Online: With the fever that the music group BTS has caused, now there are hundreds of fans on this side of the world who want to chat, chat, and mingle with Koreans. Now is the time to do everything you want with these Best Apps to meet Korean friends.

The Best Apps to Meet Korean Friends

We present our TOP 10 of the Best Apps to meet Korean friends below.

1. MEEFF – Korean friends!

The community to meet Koreans has definitely arrived. Meeff is a Korean chat app designed so that you can chat with people from the Asian country, taking advantage of chats and personalized message boxes.

You just have to add a profile, add information about your tastes and interests, and show all your love for kpop. Then you will enter a list or panel of active people so you can start a conversation.

Notably, Meeff contains a monitored security code that blocks malicious people or perverts in disguise. You will need to buy “gems” to get some extra features.

And if you pay for the PRO version, you will get an automatic translator integrating where you can have a fluid conversation with hundreds of Koreans and send unlimited photos, standing out among the Apps to meet Korean guys.

2. Korean Friends

There are hundreds of Koreans waiting to meet you! Korean Friends is a Korean chat app that offers you a panel of people with whom you can start a conversation.

Enter the app, register a profile, and then choose any person from the list who will be identified with a photograph of him or her and information that can be useful to you.

You will now be ready to start a chat and learn everything you need about Korean culture, tourist destinations, and more.

Meanwhile, Korean Friends becomes one of the best apps to chat with Koreans, as it has an integrated translator that will help you in your conversations. When you receive a message, it will automatically be translated so that you can understand it.

The same happens when you write to them. Hundreds of people worldwide are already using the app and can make friends as fast as you sign up and download the app.

3. Korea Social: Online Dating Apps to Meet & Match

You may find yourself looking for a Korean dating app or your Korean better half. Korean Social is a dating and friends app with hundreds of features that you will love.

Create a profile with your information and add personal videos so that everyone can see how exciting you are. Show your talents in singing Kpop or your skills in handling the language. Everyone will be able to see you and know that you are not a bot or some fake profile. The same will happen with them.

In addition, Korean Social offers you various ways to learn. The first consists of group chat rooms where you can chat with many people around the world and share about Korean culture. Of course, suppose you saw one that you liked.

In that case, you will only have to start a private chat and exchange photos, videos, voice notes, and everything you want, thanks to the integrated translator, standing out among the best apps to meet Korean friends online.

4. Korean Match – Korean Dating For Korean Singles

But you always have to look for different application alternatives to meet Korean people. Koran Match is an app designed to get conversations with hundreds of people from the Asian country.

Allowing you to make friends, meet people, have virtual dates, send photos, videos, voice notes, and talk about the best of two cultures. Plan trips to meet your Korean soulmate, although you have to take the safety precautions that are the user’s responsibility.

Even Korean Match has a pervert detector that will detect an obscene or malicious message immediately, immediately blocking the team’s profile behind the app.

You will only need to create a profile with basic information so that Koreans can know a little more about you. Then you will have a list of available people waiting for you to start a conversation with them.

5. Date in Asia – Dating and Chat for Asian Singles

Now, if what you need are apps to meet Asians, this app will like you very much. Date in Asia is a dating app where you can meet and chat with strangers and many people from different Asian countries.

Access public chat rooms where you can talk to thousands of people or start private conversations so you can meet, make friends and find your ideal Asian partner, being able to send photos, videos, and messages without stopping.

On the other hand, Date in Asia offers you the opportunity to make video calls with Koreans so that you can see if they are real profiles. Share videos in your space where you show your skills. And if you are shy, just upload photos.

Do not worry about false profiles since the app has an advanced detector to try to remove them, although it is always important to keep confidential information protected.

6. KoreanCupid – Korean Dating App

Cupid will be waiting for you with your dream, Korean. KoreanCupid is a Korean dating app for dating Korean people distributed all over the world.

You will only have to create a profile, add one or more photographs, as well as information of interest that allows you to be identified. Then you will find a room with dozens of Koreans waiting to talk to you. Send a message, share a photo, or just say hello, because they will respond quickly.

The best thing is that Korean Cupid is one of the most exclusive best apps to meet Korean friends online since, in the list of profiles, you will only find individuals from that country.

The conversations will be free of obscene messages, and you will be able to learn in-depth about Korean culture, send photos about your country and learn to speak the language, taking advantage of the integrated translator with which you will understand better the composition of the words.

7. Asian Mingle – Flirt, Meet & Dating in Asia

Better to have options to try. Asian Mingle offers you the opportunity to enter group chat rooms to meet Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, and Asians from any country.

Register a video profile so you can show everyone who you are. If you are ready for a private conversation, choose one or more of the available profiles and send messages without limitations since these are the best apps to meet Korean friends online for free.

8. Unbordered – Meet foreign friends

There are never enough apps to meet foreigners. If you prefer to get a wider range to ensure that the profiles will be real, Unbordered is perfect for you.

With it, you can find a lot of people willing to talk to you, from different countries of the world. The language is not a limitation since the app has an integrated chat translator, which will be happy to translate all the messages you receive, as well as the ones you send.

9. Achat – Chat with Koreans

Categories are an effective way to get to know people. Achat is a chat to make Korean friends that will be organized by different categories.

Choose the female gender symbol to find only Korean girls or the male to converse with boys. It’s also easy to identify other categories based on language, musical tastes, and many more options that make it stand out among Korean-learning apps.

10. Learn Korean Amino

Finally, a very functional option of best Apps to meet Korean friends. You will always need to know the language, so this application will prepare you so that you can communicate with Koreans using their native language.

You will find a complete course that will teach you everything you need to manage the language, as well as a lot of interactive practices, articles, and videos for you to teach. When done, you are ready to chat with Koreans.


With these Applications to meet Korean, you will be able to enter public chat rooms, send private messages, get translations in real-time, share images, photos, videos, and voice notes.

Make video calls, learn to speak Korean, exchange private conversations, avoid profiles false and perverted, and a lot of other things that you are sure to take advantage of, especially if you are a lover of the culture of South Korea and its people.

At Thesoftbest.com, we are committed to eliminating borders and language barriers, which is why we take advantage of the revolution caused by the Kpop group BTS so that you can talk and chat with hundreds of Koreans around the world.

So we brought you a complete review, obtained from the comments and ratings of users in the Play Store. This was our TOP 10 of the best apps to meet Korean people. Enjoy your new friends!