13 Best Dictionary Apps for Android of 2022

13 Best Dictionary Apps for Android of 2022

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The Best Dictionary Apps for Android: Find the definition of thousands of words in these the Best Dictionary Apps for Android, which also offer functions such as translation, search by voice, download to consult without an internet connection, etc.

The 13 Best Dictionary Apps for Android

When saying the Dictionary, the first thing that comes to mind is a book. However, now it will be like that since you can have the Dictionary in the palm of your hand from your mobile device. With the creation of different tools for Android, you can have an extensive catalog with thousands of definitions of words for which you do not know their conceptual definition.

Best Dictionary Apps for Android

Thanks to these digitized dictionaries, you will have different definitions in a single application, which will be of great help when looking for your words. In addition to just getting the meaning of the words, you will also get the synonyms, and you can even translate them. Here are the Best Dictionary Apps for Android.

Apart from finding the definition of words, there are also synonyms, antonyms, abbreviations, their pronunciation, origin, and other information to complement their meaning.

1. Dictionary

This the Best Dictionary Apps for Android offers you a translation to more than 40 languages, and you can also read articles, find word games, and earn points for it and share your favorite words on all your social networks.

2. Dictionary – Merriam – Webster

Dictionary is the most complete app that offers you voice and text search without the need for an internet connection, word games, learn a daily word, example sentences, audio pronunciations, synonyms – antonyms, and much more. Download it now!

3. SayHi, the multidimensional speech-to-speech translator

If you are one of those who prefer or need voice-to-voice translations, we have the best option for you. This is SayHi, a fantastic online translator app that can translate more than 90 native languages ​​and as many dialects from all over the world.

Its voice recognition capabilities are excellent, and it has a very easy-to-use interface that will hook you right from the start.

You can also speed up or slow down your audios and share them with your contacts through the main social networks or messaging apps. You can practice a language with native speakers through its fabulous chat function. You can download it for free through this link.

4. Dictionary.Com Primo

Translate into more than 25 languages, find more than 2000 definitions, idioms and phrases, spelling suggestions, voice search, word origin, abbreviations, and best of all, a widget for the word of the day on the home screen. Download it now!

5. Dictionary WordWeb

Dictionary WordWeb is one of the most popular the Best Dictionary Apps for Android in the area and contains several very useful features; one of its highlights is searching for commonly difficult words or knowing the difference between words.

Another point to highlight is that it works without an internet connection and does not contain any type of advertising. You can also download it for free on your Android.

6. TripLingo – An Amazing Online Translation App

TripLingo is one of the Best Dictionary Apps for Android today. With it, you get a perfect online service that will translate, guide you, and serve you as the best interpreter. In addition, it offers a voice function that can translate your native language into the language you want, something that makes it the ideal apps for travelers.

Here you will find more than two thousand phrases that will help you to achieve the most suitable translation, more than thirty thousand audio files, instant translations, and much more. As additional functions, it has a smart tip calculator and a currency converter, which can be very useful when traveling. You can download it totally free.

7. WorRef English Dictionary

This application offers you translations to more than 10 languages, and it also finds forums with more than 4 million entries made for people over 13 years old and totally free. Download it now!

8. Linguee Dictionary, one of the best of its kind

This is a very popular and powerful multilingual dictionary; it supports dozens of languages ​​and has a very attractive and easy-to-use user interface. Among its main features are supported for working offline, example sentences, audios with the correct pronunciations for each word, and much more.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best multilingual dictionaries for mobile devices, and although it does not support as many languages ​​as other the Best Dictionary Apps for Android on the list, it serves as an excellent translator. The app is totally free, with no ads or in-app purchases, so don’t wait any longer to download it from Google Play.

9. Google Translate

This dictionary-translator, more than anything, allows knowing the correct use of words and how they are written and used, contains support for several languages ​​of Spanish, English, and more; it also offers voice support. Available for both iOS and Android.

10. iTranslate, a very complete translator

If you are looking for one of the most popular Android translation apps on the market, iTranslate is the best option for you. This app translates hundreds of languages ​​instantly, and you can use it as a translator and as a dictionary for all available languages. It has a simple but intuitive interface and is very easy to use.

You can choose the type of voice in which you want to hear the translations and even switch to different dialects of each language. It also offers you a book with more than 250 short phrases, but very useful, depending on the language you want to learn. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

11. Wikipedia

You can edit Wikipedia without the need for the Internet at high speed, change to the language you want, and share the articles you are reading; you can also save pages to read later and even browse them offline. Download it now!

12. Have you tried Microsoft Translator yet?

This is one of the Best Dictionary Apps for Android you will find on the Play Store. Microsoft Translator supports more than 60 languages, which are also available offline. The app also supports two-way conversations (with up to 100 people at a time), phrasebooks, pronunciation guides, Android Wear compatibility, and alternate translations.

It is actually surprisingly good and very comprehensive. Its user interface is very intuitive, and to top it off, it’s completely free, with no in-app purchases or ads. If you are looking for a quality translator, this is an excellent alternative. You can download the Microsoft translator.

13. Dict Box – Universal Offline Dictionary

This Dictionary offers definitions of English words for the words you are looking for, but also offers the option of downloading a dictionary in your native language and translating between both languages.

Dict Box gives you the definition, other forms that the word can take, synonyms (similar words), and images or information taken from the Internet when looking up a word in English.

On the other hand, with Dict Box, you can mark words as favorites that you would like to practice or mark them as “memorized” once you have learned them. You can always go back to the lists to check doubts.

So You Can Activate the Secret Google Dictionary That Your Mobile Brings

It is possible to use Google’s secret Dictionary if you manage to find it before. You can even add it to your desktop to make it easier for you to access it in the future.

Google has a multitude of the Best Dictionary Apps for Androids on the market, almost all free, and one of them is the Dictionary. You may have already been using the Google dictionary for many years, but perhaps what you didn’t know is that you can add it to the screen of your mobile phone, initially only on Android.

If you go to the Google search engine and type “Google Dictionary” or search for the “Meaning of X” word, whatever you want, you will see that a little card appears at the top about the meaning of the word. Suppose you have searched for it on your computer. In that case, you will see the definition of the word you have searched for, and also the possibility of translating it into other languages. If you are on an iOS phone, it is exactly the same, and you will be offered the definition of the word and little else.

On the other hand, if you are using the search engine on an Android phone, a pop-up window will appear at the bottom of the interface, where you will be asked if you want to add a dictionary shortcut to your mobile home screen. If you accept, you will have access to the secret Google dictionary on your mobile screen so that you can access it whenever you want.

We have tested it on both iOS and Android, and on iOS, the little window to add direct access to the Dictionary does not appear, although the Dictionary is fully accessible from the Google search engine. On the other hand, through an Android device, the pop-up window does appear at the bottom to add the dictionary application to your desktop on Android.

This is especially useful, because sometimes when we are reading a technical article online, we do not know exactly what a word can mean. In this way, if you doubt a word, you can run the direct access to the Dictionary from the screen of your Android mobile or go directly to the Google search engine and search for the meaning.


Now that you’ve read the full list of the Best Dictionary Apps for Android, download your favorite Android English dictionaries, and you will notice how useful they are and how convenient it is to have a dictionary handy (without the extra weight!). Of course, do not forget that looking for a word once will not make you remember it; always practice!

If you want to enjoy the services of multiple translation systems, try to Translate All. You can translate texts, audios, images, and you can even use your camera to translate what you want. So things may be easier for you if you are visiting abroad without a local guide. After installing the application, just choose the method you want to use and enter the phrase, audio, or image that you want to translate, and in just a few seconds, you will get your answers.