7 Best Free Ringtone App for iPhone of 2021

7 Best Free Ringtone App for iPhone of 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

The Best Free Ringtone App for iPhone: When we get an iPhone or an Android phone, we find some default ringtones. These standard ringtones are used by most iPhone or Android users. To show your personality, you can set up your popular interesting or cool ringtones. But where and how can you download a special ringtone?

Top Best Free Ringtone App for iPhone

There are many Best Free Ringtone App for iPhone and ringtone maker apps in the App Store. In this article, we will introduce you to the best ringtone apps that will allow you to download desired ringtones on your iPhone or Android phone or even personalize your own Ringtone.

1. Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers

Zedge is one of the best ringtone apps for iPhone and Android that offers you a lot of free content to personalize your phone services. The best free ringtone app for iPhone picks up thousands of ringtones with high quality.

Free ringtones are well organized in this Zedge ringtone app. You can find different categories of ringtones in this free ringtone app like top-ranking, most downloaded, and latest.

This app can be viewed as an iPhone / Android ringtone app and provide iPhone wallpaper or Android wallpaper.

2. Audiko Ringtones for iPhone

Audiko Ringtones is the best free ringtone app for iPhone and Android. This app offers many ringtones and notification tones like pop, rap, classic, party, rock, etc.

Android and iPhone users like to create ringtones from the media library for seconds with this Audiko Ringtones app. After that, you can share the created Ringtone with your friends on iPhone or Android.

This best free ringtone app for iPhones is well known for the community where you can share ringtones with others and make songs, videos, or other sound files.

3. Myxer Free Ringtone App

Myxer Ringtone App is a smart and popular app for downloading ringtones to iPhone or Android.

This is the best iPhone ringtone app that allows you to download unlimited MP3 ringtones from the library. As a ringtone app, it lets you set up and even upload your own Ringtone.

4. Mobile9 Free Ringtone App

Mobile9 is a top-ranking ringtone app for Android. With a fresh and varied user interface, you can get free high-quality ringtones that you can get from this Android ringtone app easily.

Every day this app is updated and recommends thousands of ringtones for you. Play the ringtone demo, and the download process will take a few seconds.

This best free ringtone app for iPhone also allows you to share ringtones with friends on the social network.

5. Ringtones for iPhone

In fact, ringtones for iPhone are a popular ringtone app for iPhone 7 / 6s / 6. With this best free ringtone app for iPhone, you can create your own iPhone ringtones with recorded voice.

The Ringtones for iPhone app allows you to share ringtones on Twitter and Facebook, and it supports the latest iOS 10 iMessage, SMS, text tones, etc.

6. Ringtones Free

Ringtones Free is an integrated iPhone ringtone app. The app offers you several ways to add new ringtones on iPhone 5 / 5s / 6 / 6s / 7.

This best free iPhone ringtone app enables you to get high quality, licensed ringtones from many categories like pop, rock, and set contacts / SMS / notification/ringtone.

Also, this app can record your own tones and set them up as Ringtone.

7. Songify

Songify is a free ringtone app for Android. This is a fun app that allows you to define and set your own Ringtone.

As soon as you speak with the microphone, the sound is converted into a music and saved. That is why you can set your recorded voice as your Android phone ringtone.

Plus, this app is totally free and in demand. You can find and download this app from the Google Play Store.

How to Add Ringtones on iPhone / Android

Above, we recommended the best ringtone apps for the iPhone, including other iOS devices such as iPad, iPod. Maybe you care about how to use the ringtone app and add the Ringtone to the mobile phone. Read on, and you will find the short guide.

Add Ringtone on iPhone

If you don’t like the default ringtones on iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c / 6/6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / 7/7 Plus, iPhone offers you an official way to add Ringtone as needed, namely with iTunes. But it’s a little complicated. To add the Ringtone on iPhone without iTunes, you can use the iPhone ringtone app. Here we take Zedge, the best ringtone app, as an example, and we’ll show you how to add the Ringtone to iPhone with a ringtone app.

  • Step 1: Download and open the Zedge ringtone app on the iPhone.
  • Step 2: Select the ringtone category in the ringtone app, and you will find a list of the Ringtone.
  • Step 3: Check out the sound you want to set as an iPhone ringtone. Select the option to save it as the default ringtone. Then the ringtone app will change your Ringtone automatically.

How to make your own Ringtone for iPhone for free

GarageBand can add ringtones to your phone for free using any tracks in your iPhone’s memory! As a new iPhone XS Max owner, I used to buy ringtones from the App Store but miraculously stumbled upon this method.

What need to do

  • 1 . Download and go to the GarageBand app; someone has it as standard.
  • 2 . Select Create New Live Loops, click on the plus sign on the left and add a Loop.
  • 3 . Select the Music tab from the three options at the top.
  • 4 . Go to Songs, choose the composition you like, and click on the square.
  • 5 . Drag it up, putting it in the first place, click done!
  • 6 . Press Record (red circle in the middle), and after 3 seconds, tap on the arrow at the very bottom of the screen, below your Loupe icon.
  • 7 . The recording started. We wait for about 35-40 seconds and press stop.
  • 8 . At the top left, click on the arrow and select My songs.

So, the track was saved. You have to wait 10 seconds. Hold it down until the menu appears. Choose Share. And then select Ringtone -> continue -> Edit the name of the Ringtone (I write the name of the song and the artist). Click Export, then OK. We exit the program.

Go to Basic -> Sounds -> Ringtone and select our track!

Everything is ready!

So you can add any of your songs to the call! Also, through the Export menu, you can send a track by messengers, messages, etc.

I saved it in wav format, transferring it to the social network VKontakte! You can also make a track cover and change the title there.


If you want to make Ringtone yourself, you can use this best free ringtone app for iPhone. The software allows you to cut desired audio clips from an audio file as a ringtone, download music from YouTube, extract audio from the video, etc.

This software is compatible with various devices such as iPhone and Android phones. Therefore, the software enables you to create personalized Ringtone.