9 Best Intel 1151 CPU of 2022 – (Gaming, Home, Office or Overclock)


The Best Intel 1151 CPU: In this article, we are going to break down all the processors under the Intel 1151 socket under a new 14nm manufacturing process. Is it really worth changing platforms? Is there much difference between Coffee Lake, Kaby Lake, and Skylake?

Best Intel 1151 CPU

Remember that depending on the processor you choose, you will need one motherboard or another. Below we will give you all the information you need. Also, keep in mind that your choice will later influence which graphics card to buy.

We will answer all these questions throughout the article, so make yourself comfortable and draw your own conclusions.

Best Intel 1151 CPU

Before getting into the matter, we leave you a comparison table in which you can see at a glance which is the best Intel Socket LGA 1151 processors. Remember that depending on the processor you choose, you will need a motherboard with a Chipset or another, we will explain it to you below.

Intel 1151 Supported Processor

Also referred to as socket H4, Intel socket, or socket 1151, it has a number of supported processors. Before buying a processor or a motherboard, you must be very clear if it will work correctly or not.

For this reason, we have made the following table with the processors ordered by socket 1151 families. This way, you will not have compatibility problems:

Intel 1151 CPU According to Your Needs

Unlike the Intel 1150 processors, which have a great variety of processors, the Intel 1151 socket has a somewhat more limited catalog, since these processors are new, but they do not stop offering us more than interesting alternatives when mounting a team.

Therefore, we find the low range of Celeron, Pentium processors, the mid-range i3 and i5, and the high range with the i7, all under the Skylake and Kaby Lake architecture we explain the main differences.

Best Intel 1151 CPU for Home and Office

The basic Intel 1151 processors have two models, the so-called Celeron and Pentium, as usual. They are processors with two very efficient physical cores and really low consumption due to the Skylake architecture and a 14nm manufacturing process.

E processors here are perfect for an office or computer home, developing very efficiently tasks such as surfing the Internet, playing movies full-HD, word processors and even play games like League of Legends, CS: GO, and little games CPU-dependent, since, as we have been commenting, the integrated graphics in the Skylake processors and especially Kabylake are really good, reaching 60 fps in the games already mentioned.

1. Celeron G3900

We first find the Celeron G3900, with a frequency of 2.80 GHz and consumption of 35w (very low) and two efficient cores, perfect for office automation tasks, browsing, watching movies. It would be a great option for an HTPC, for example. We find it on Amazon, while in PC Components, we can find it on Amazon.

Celeron G3900
Celeron G3900

Suppose we are looking for an acceptable processor both to play and to work at home. In that case, the Pentium G4440 with a frequency of 3.3 GHz, a consumption of 45w (quite low), and two very powerful cores is a great option, all for a quite price low in Amazon and in PC Components.

Although, without a doubt, if you find it available, the best option is undoubtedly the Pentium G4560, perfect to play and combine with any graphics at a very low price. With a somewhat better frequency and graphics, the older brother of the aforementioned postulates today as the best Low-Cost processor on the market thanks to including Hyperthreading technology, with 4 threads, with a performance similar to an i3.

2. Pentium G4560

We found the Pentium G4560 in PC Components. On Amazon, however, it is not available, although its price is the same.

Pentium G4560

Together with basic graphics such as the GTX 1050 or the RX 460, both processors make it an all-terrain PC capable of running current games, perfect to combine with good and cheap graphics cards. 

Best 1151 Cpu for Gaming

Intel and quality go hand in hand, and a true reflection of this is its presence in the market, being the world leader when it comes to processors. The Intel 1151 goes further in terms of consumption, and all without sacrificing performance. The previous processors, the Pentium, are compatible with any current game since they have 4 cores (2+2), so we will not need to crack games like Farcry 4 to be able to play, but even so, these processors seem insufficient to play an optimal way to CPU-dependent games like Arma III or Crysis.

3. Intel 1151 i3 7100

Intel 1151 i3 7100
Intel 1151 i3 7100

Suppose your budget is low and you want to invest in a better GPU. In that case, we recommend the Intel 1151 i3 7100, which has shown that it handles very well in games like GTA V, The Witcher, Mass Effect Andromeda, or Resident Evil 7, along with any affordable graphics. With a little price, it is the best option for a cheap and powerful PC. You can also find this processor for an attractive price.

4. Intel 1151 i5 6400

Intel 1151 i5 6400
Intel 1151 i5 6400

For our part, we would recommend for a little more, and an i5 is worth it. In our case, the choice has been the Intel 1151 i5 6400. This processor has a frequency of 2.7/ 3.3 GHz, but do not be scared, that frequency does not indicate power, or at least in these processors, since they are 5 to 10% faster and with a 15 % lower consumption.

This, coupled with the fact that it measures up with high-frequency Ram memories as an APU, makes it the perfect processor for any gamer who does not want to spend more than 200 Dollars on the processor. It is also an option if you want to buy your PC in installments, since, with the integrated graphics, you can play current games with low details.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fast, low-power processor that will last you for years, the Intel 1151 i5 6400 is the most suitable option. You can find it on Amazon. Note that today’s processor is one of the best options to play for the price/performance range.

5. Intel 1151 i5 7500

Intel 1151 i5 7500

If you feel like short on power, we can find two more models that suit your needs. If you need more frequency for tasks that are not gaming, for example, using the PC to work or converting video, we recommend the Intel 1151 i5 7500 CPU with a frequency of 3.4/ 3.8 GHz. Its price also makes it a choice Logical, we would have one of the best processors to play today.

6. Intel 1551 i5 7700k

Intel 1551 i5 7700k
Intel 1551 i5 7700k

Finally, if what we want is to have a powerful processor and that, if in the future it falls short, to be able to overclock it without heating our heads, we find the Intel 1551 i5 7700k, with a base frequency of 3.8 and a turbo of 4, 2 this is the most powerful processor in the i5 range. If you are willing to pay what it is worth (it is not expensive), you will have a computer ready to last for years.

Together with graphics equal to or greater than the 4 GB RX 480, these processors become one of the best gaming PCs to play, and you have more information in this post.

Best Intel 1151 CPU to Work

Working is synonymous with Intel core i7, although, of course, Intel has been in a comfort zone for years, so all its processors are very similar from one generation to another. Intel 1151 core i7 processors follow the same trend as their predecessors under the Devil’s Canyon Intel 1150 architecture as well as Skylake four physical cores and four virtual cores, which make a total of eight cores. Intel has to open its eyes to the new processors of AMD Ryzen to work.

Before starting to say that there are platforms within Intel for the most advanced works, it is the Socket 2011-3, which we will not name.

That said, we find two clear options Skylake, launched last year, and Kaby Lake, launched this year. Our point of view is that both have their good things and their bad things. Our decision is clear:

Best Intel 1151 CPU to Overclock

7. i7 6700

i7 6700
i7 6700

If you do not need to overclock and you need a balanced team to play and work, the best option is, without a doubt, the i7 6700 based on Skylake. Since it is cheaper than its equivalent of Kaby Lake, which is around 200+ dollars, it is an exorbitant price for a 2% performance improvement.

8. i7 6700

i7 6700
i7 6700

The i7 6700 offers us 4 cores and 4 threads that make a total of 8 “cores” at a frequency of 3.4 GHz in normal mode and 3.8 GHz in TURBO mode, which makes it a perfect machine for photographic editing, video editing, streaming, playing at very high resolutions, etc.

Best Intel 1151 CPU to Overclock

We can find it at a fantastic price for all the possibilities offered by this processor.

9. i7 7700k

i7 7700k
i7 7700k

If you need to overclock, things change. The Kaby Lake model Overclock, in this case, the Intel i7 7700k offers us greater stability and frequency in the face of overclocking (at 5 GHz with ease), as well as lower temperatures and a performance improvement nucleus compared to the 6700K.

It should be noted that this processor’s choice must go together with a competent motherboard compatible with socket 1151. We recommend one with the Z270 chipset, and you have more information in this article.

You can find the amazon, an acceptable price for most enthusiasts.

Why Choose the best 1151 CPU?

It is the million-dollar question without a doubt, and everything will depend on your needs, that is if you are going to build a new best 1151 CPU PC. It is worth mounting an Intel 1151 processor since, with its manufacturing process at 14nm, they offer a performance slightly higher than the previous generation of processors with lower consumption.

However, the counterpart of the processors under the Intel 1151 socket is the price. That is, if you have an Intel i5 3330 processor under the 1155 socket (an already old processor) and you compare it to an i5 under the Intel 1151 socket, it is the difference in FPS when playing may be approximately 10 FPS. So, if you are thinking of changing platforms to renew your pc, it is possible that these new processors do not attract you too much if you already have one based on Ivy Bridge or higher.

So is the leap really worth it? From better in PC, we recommend that yes, if you come from a socket like 1155 or earlier, since, in consumption, stability, and power of cores as a whole, they are superior. Also, it means adapting your PC to DDR4 memory, so which, in general, will mean a performance improvement on your PC and lower consumption. In this regard, the Intel Socket 1151 is a good choice.

The Best
  • Good performance both by individual core and as a whole.
  • Low consumption.
  • The variety of Skylake, KabyLake, and CoffeLake.
  • Integrated graphics card at the level of AMD APUs.
  • Ideal for playing and working.
  • Same models i3 2/4 cores, i5 4 cores, and i7 4/8 cores.
  • Similar performance to socket 1150 Devil’s Canyon.
  • Need to change Ram memory if you come from socket 1150 or earlier.
  • Minimal differences between Skylake and Kabylake.

DDR4 RAM on Intel 1151

The great novelty of Intel’s platform change is undoubtedly the use of DDR4 ram memory, which directly influences gaming performance. As we can see reviews, an extra 8 fps is achieved at a higher frequency, which is great news, since, combining the extra performance of the processor with the power of the ram memories, we can achieve very competitive FPS rates. Without the need for a high-end graphics card.

It should be noted that these new memories are still in the process of evolution/improvement, so this, together with DirectX 12 is likely that these new Intel 1151 processors will give a great result in Windows 10 in the coming games that will work under said API.

Therefore, it is a point in favor to change the platform, since a better performance thanks to these high frequencies does not hurt, and more considering that in previous generations, RAM with higher frequency does not imply greater performance (at except for APUS AMD ).

Important, you must consider that the motherboard you mount is compatible with high-frequency ram memories, so it is important to take into account the chipset you use. t.

In Conclusion

As we have seen, these Intel 1151 processors offer significant improvements over previous generations. Higher performance, lower consumption, new platform, use of DDR4 memory are some of the attempts that can make us think about changing platforms.

As we see in the graph, with the Skylake 1151 processors, rates close to 60 FPS are obtained with a quality superior to consoles, it should be remembered that the R7 370 graphics cards are very economical and powerful. If we look closely, the difference against AMD is more than obvious, with more than 15 fps of difference. In addition, this difference grows according to the frequency of the RAM. The settings we have used have been all high except shadows in the middle, low population density, and low scaling distance. We have left the FXAA filters disabled and the MSAA filters we have left them at x4.