8 Best Otome Apps for Android & iPhone of 2023

The Best Otome Apps for Android & iPhone: Anime is a popular type of animation created in Japan. In this article, we have collected the best otome apps for Android and iPhone, which can be downloaded for free.

The Best Otome Apps for Android & iPhone

Anime (from the English animation “animation”) – Japanese animation. Unlike cartoons in other countries, intended mainly for viewing by children, most of the anime produced is designed for an older audience, and due to this, it is very popular in the world.

Otome Apps

Anime is distinguished by a peculiar manner of drawing characters and backgrounds. Plots can describe many characters and differ in various places and eras, genres, and styles.

1. Webelinx Love Story Games – Anime Love Story Games: ✨Shadowtime✨

A romantic best otome apps Android game in the style of Japanese anime. Create your character and go on exciting adventures with him.

According to the plot, the main character, a high school student at school, cannot decide with whom to start dating. Various tests await you in the development of this story, where the girl’s fate will depend on your decision.

2. Sweet Flirting: Otome game

Sweet Flirting: Otome game is one of the first dating sim games in which the scenario is completely lined up, depending on your choice for a unique love story.

New episodes are released regularly. Collect outfits and posters, flirt with your favorite character, and participate in events.

3. Is It Love? Drogo – Vampire

Is It Love? Drogo Vampire is an interactive otome game in Russian on Android. If you love romantic, mystical, and interactive adventures, then this game will be a real find for you. Your task is to help the main character in making important decisions that entail certain consequences.

4. Midnight Cinderella: Otome Anime Game

Midnight Cinderella: Otome Game – high-quality role-playing anime simulator with quest elements from the famous developer Cybird. In the scenario, you became a princess, whose primary task is to choose your prince.

5. WizardessHeart – Shall we date Otome Anime Games

WizardessHeart: Shall we date Otome Anime Games – plunge into an exciting adventure with the plot of a real anime-style novel. The game is a text adventure.

You have to make a decisive choice more than once, which will change the whole course of events. The main character enters the school of magic, where various events take place with him.

6. A3! Otome Anime Game

A3! Otome Anime Game is a high-quality role-playing anime toy for Android, combining a dress up game and a visual novel.

In addition to being able to play through the storyline, you can compete with friends and take part in inventories.

7. Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is an otome game developed for smartphones and tablets on the Android platform, released by the Korean company Cheritz. Text messages, chats, and calls almost entirely represent the gameplay in this anime game.

Also, there is a visual novel mode. The toy is designed in the style of the messenger used by a company called RFA, which organizes charity parties. You are going to join RFA and help them organize their next party.

8. Chocolate Temptation: Otome games visual novels

Gorgeous game, love line with Aoi Ibuki is very interesting and exciting!) Despite the fact that spelling errors come across, this does not spoil the impression of the game!) Unfortunately, I give 4 stars because of the fact that in another language, only one story has been translated.

This is really such an awesome game !!! And I hope that soon you will be able to translate the rest of the stories. Everything is wonderful, of course, the drawing, the plot, the turn of events. It is very interesting to play; it takes your breath away, in the literal sense of the word.

What is Otome Game?

Otome game(Japanese 乙 女 ゲ ー ム / Otome gēmu / Otome ge: mu) is a genre of computer games intended for a female audience. The game’s plot and goal in games of this genre is to build a romantic relationship with one of several young men surrounding the main character of the story. Some games, such as Fatal Hearts and Heileen, include the ability to develop lesbian relationships. In any case, the playable character is a girl. Otome games are the most popular in Japan. By genre, they are usually visual novels or dating simulators.


Angelique, released in 1994 by the Japanese company Koei and intended for the Super Famicom platform, is considered the first otome game to combine strategy and romance simulation. A female development team created it.

Originally aimed at younger girls, the project unexpectedly gained a lot of popularity with older girls and women. Angelique set the standard for otome games: easy controls, romantic scripting, and more. In 2002, Konami released the successful Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side, which drew attention to otome games.

Top 20 Best Selling Famitsu Romance Simulators in 2006already included seven such games. The early games relied heavily on the stylistic and storytelling of shoujo manga, in particular the pure, sexually cold, serene romance and friendly, stable world.

In the future, new elements of the gameplay, battles, and other borrowings from adventure games, plots appeared, during which the heroine could simultaneously save the world and conquer the guy. Due to the focus on a young audience, there is practically no eroticism in otome games.

Nowadays, otome games are traditionally presented in the form of visual novels, containing moments of choice and leading to certain endings. Many otome games are presented in the form of simulations, and some may include other genres.

For example, one of the most famous series – “Harukanaru Toki no Naka de“, published by Koei, contains RPG elements, and in the “Kiniro no Corda” series (also released by Koei) you need to learn different melodies and participate in music competitions, and romance is often matched genres such as fantasy, history, etc.

Most otome games are designed for a teenage audience. Therefore they do not contain scenes of erotic content. They are released mainly on consoles, although there are also for PCs. Probably already there for phones. Progress does not standstill. If there is demand, there will be supply. You can also download games for Samsung galaxy s i9000 and something else. How about an otome game for your phone?

But there are also representatives of the genre, designed specifically for an adult audience and containing scenes of an erotic nature. These games are released exclusively for PC, but the most popular of them are then re-released on consoles in the form of versions with cut erotic scenes, and often with augmented storylines.

So what is it?

Otome games have outlined a very clear category of consumers for themselves, thereby finding themselves in a rather narrow framework. If you think about the combination “girl + anime + gamer”, then we can conclude that this is a rather rare combination in our society.

o_O Maybe that’s the only reason why otome games are not translated in Russia? Otome games have already reached the peak of their development: they are made, they are played, they are known about.

This, perhaps, is all that this genre can hope for. The seventh-generation consoles, of course, will not touch the visual novels. X-box and PS3 prefer monstrous games, which are tens of gigabytes in size. However, otome games continue to be released on PC, PS2, and Nintendo DS, and there are most of them.

Anyway, but Otome games can still be pulled from the Internet and played.

General Terminology Used to Refer to Otome Games

Many alternative names have been coined for Otome games, some of which are more common than others, but most of them are considered “ correct ”. Usually, the term otome is used to refer to more traditional reverse harem visual novels such as Hakuoki or Code Realize (an otome visual novel video game created for the PlayStation Vita).

However, ” dating sims”, “visual novel “, and ” otoge ” are generally accepted as the correct terminology. However, when you are just starting to comprehend this kind of entertainment,so I have compiled some of the most common words along with a short definition.

  • Otome game: As I mentioned above, this is the most common term used to refer to story-based games aimed at a female audience. Usually, the plot focuses on building a romantic relationship with one or more male (or female) characters. Although, in some video novels there is a storyline that is completely unrelated to romance.
  • Otoge – This is simply an abbreviation from the phrase “Otome gemu”, OTO me GE mu.
  •   Visual Novel: Like everything, this is a general term for any story-driven game. The phrase is often shortened to VN.
  •   Dating Simulator / Dating Sim (simulator dating): The meaning of this game is in its name. While these games may borrow some elements from other game genres, the ultimate goal of dating is a successful romantic relationship with one of several male (or female) heroes. The plot of these games, as a rule, guides the players through everyday romantic exploits, allowing you to feel yourself in the lead role, and find, albeit a virtual, but a lover.
  • Mobage – Short for Mobile Game: These games are exclusive to mobile devices (e.g. cell phones and/or tablets). There are several options (i.e. free to play, freemium, pay to play, etc.), but the differences really come down to cost and type of gameplay.
  • Fandisk: Also known as Fan Disk or FD, is essentially additional content released to complement an existing game. FDs can include additional storylines, CGs, music, minigames, and more.
  • Ports: Games available for one platform (i.e. console) that have been adapted for a new platform.

For example, the mobile version of Amnesia Memories is a port of the Vita version.

General Terminology in the Game

  •   CG: Computer Graphic: An image of a reward usually presented to players after completing or fulfilling some specific requirements in the game. These images are highly stylized, featuring the MC and her loved one, and maybe in a particular pose or special situation.
  • MC: Main character, the heroine of the game, game avatar for the player. As a rule, MC has almost no personal identity, so players can easily imagine themselves in her place. Recently, some game developers have started to create heroines with more extended bios than in earlier versions.
  • Love Interest: Romantic characters, usually male, but some games included female and other unconventional love affairs. Typically, these characters fall into one of many general character archetypes.
  • Sprites ( graphical object in computer graphics ): in-game characters, some are drawn the whole body, while others (for example, MC) are not given any in-game sprites or only partial body rendering data.
  • BGM: Background music is music that is played throughout the game.
  • Routes: storylines/situations specific to a particular young person or ending/outcome. Some games have multiple routes, each with their own branching storylines, while others have a more linear storyline.
  • Good End / Bad End: The end results for the game or route. Some games/routes may have one end, while others have multiple achievable endings ( Good, Bad, Normal, One, etc.).

If there is anything in this article that you think should be expanded or needs more clarification, please let me know and I will update this post accordingly!


After reading this article, you have found out what Otome games and a list of the best otome apps mean, and now you can decide for yourself whether it is worth playing them, or is it more like mortal boredom.