8 Best Phone Number Identifier Apps of 2023

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The best phone number identifier apps: There are two types of people: those who pick up the phone even though they do not know who is calling, and those who hang up and search the Internet for who just called. If you are in this last group, today we present you best phone number identifier apps and web pages that you can use to see who just called you.

best phone number identifier apps

The best Phone Number Identifier Apps

If your mobile tells you that someone has called you and you have no idea who the number belongs to, there are many websites and applications that you can use to get more information. Then you choose if you want to block the phone number or not.

Applications or websites?

In order for you to discover who is calling you, we will recommend the best phone number identifier apps and five other web pages to do reverse searches so that you can choose what suits you best. If you want an integration directly with the system, then the best for you is an application.

Now, keep in mind that many of these best phone number identifier apps use your data to feedback their services or, in other words, they obtain your contact list to add them to their database. It is best to read the usage policy carefully and, if it is not something you agree with, use web pages to look up phone numbers manually.

1. Truecaller

With over 500 million downloads on Google Play, Truecaller is the most popular caller ID best phone number identifier apps on Android. This huge user base is the main driver of its success since it is the users themselves who evaluate the phone numbers, marking them as spam.

With TrueCaller, you can obtain information about who is calling you, automatically block numbers recognized as spam, and even record calls. Of course, not all functions are free, and to take full advantage of it, and you need to buy Truecaller Premium.

2. Whoscall

Another veteran best phone number identifier apps for identifying phone calls on Android is Whoscall, with more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. In the same way, as in the previous case, you will be able to know who is calling you in a window before picking up the phone.

You can use its database to filter spam calls, and curiously automatically, it has an offline database to search for phone numbers from the free scammer phone number lookup application itself.

3. CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

CallApp is another popular all-in-one best caller id app, which tries to display a complete profile of who is calling you, including their latest social media posts (if they are public and linked to that profile).

In addition to identifying who is calling you, you can also use CallApp to record calls, although you will have the same problems as in other applications if you use Android 9 Pie or higher: the recording uses the microphone, and the other person will be heard very quietly in most of the best phone number identifier apps. The cases.

4. Showcaller: Caller ID, Call Recorder & Blocker

ShowCaller has an icon very similar to the previous application, and if we talk about functions, there are not too many differences either. In this case, the database is built thanks to the collaboration of its base of 15 million users.


ShowCaller shows you who is calling you and allows you to block a number directly from the screen to pick up the phone. An interesting fact is that caller identification does not require an Internet connection.

5. WhoCallsMe

Another simple website that you can use to identify callers thanks to reverse free phone number lookup is WhoCallsMe. Being an international page, you may have better luck if the caller is from another country.


Users can add their own comments, although the page will at least try to decipher the country and area. You can also add your own comments on a phone number.

6. Who’s Calling?

Another minimalist best phone number identifier apps to check who has called you receives the predictable name of whois called. The website in question only has a phone number search engine to carry out reverse phone number searches.


The app will try to give you some information about any phone number – such as which area the prefix is ​​from – in addition to showing you the reports of other users. You can fill out a report yourself, marking if the call was from telemarketing, a contest, aggressive advertising, or others.

7. tellows – Caller ID & Block

Tellows is a caller identification service through its website with which you can look up any phone number to see what its user community has to say about it.

As a reverse suspicious phone number lookup free website, it includes some more details than others, such as statistics on how many searches have been made for this number in the last month and a graph comparing scores and searches. Users can rate the call in a range of 1 to 9.

8. Phone by Google – Caller ID & Spam Protection

Suppose you are not much about installing applications unless it is extremely necessary. In that case, you will be happy to know that some Android mobiles’ phone applications integrate caller identification, as is the Google phone application case.


The Google phone application will show you who is this number registered to and who is calling you in some cases (for example, a business number) and will protect you from spam calls, with the possibility of automatically blocking them. The downside is that you can’t look up numbers on your own. It only applies to those who call you.

How to Find a Person by Phone or Cell Number? (Step by Step Guide)

In the past, before the Internet took such a boom, there were the famous white pages or yellow pages (in some countries) that were handled legally to find the owner of a landline phone line. Therefore, performing this type of search was very simple.

However, now with the Internet and the large number of mobile phones operating worldwide, this has changed, and well, searching for a person by their phone or cell number is no longer so easy since such a directory was never published.

But, although it may seem somewhat difficult, it is possible to locate anyone by mobile phone number, thanks to various tricks that the Internet itself provides today. Therefore, here we indicate the best methods that exist in order to execute the one that seems best for you.

Steps to Find Out Who Owns a Phone Number and Find the Owner

As we indicated, searching for a person through their mobile phone number can seem like a very difficult task that involves hard work. However, the network offers you several tools that you can use for this and, without a doubt, it simplifies this process as much as possible.

This is considered very advantageous when an unknown number calls you and you cannot answer. To know who is the owner of said telephone line and with this, specify who wanted to communicate with you, but anonymously. Sometimes these methods can even be used for security purposes since many of these kinds of calls can be SPAM. But well, whatever the reason, it is necessary to know several tricks to find an individual by his cell phone number.

Fortunately, there are several ways to do it. Through a Google search, either through social networks, on websites that are specifically dedicated to this, and even some that allow a reverse search. Like, with some tools of interest and even making use of the IMEI of the mobile device.

Search Google for your phone number

In general, when it comes to searching for anything, Google is the main way users turn to get all kinds of information and specify that search quickly. Therefore, it also applies to use said web browser to find a specific person using their phone number in these cases. Taking into account that, it is the simplest trick of the entire scammer phone number list, but the one that can guarantee the least satisfactory results.

In the same way, below, we indicate the step by step to follow to carry out this type of search on Google:

  • To start, enter the Google home page through your computer or using your mobile and go to the search bar.
  • In this bar, you must enter the phone number to search and make sure you enter the area code correctly.
  • After that, click the ” Search ” button or press the ” Enter ” or ” OK ” key on the device keyboard.
  • Later, they will show you the results available for that phone number. Sometimes you can get lucky and find the name and even the address associated with the owner of the phone line.

However, in most cases, you can locate few results (as it gave us in this search) and well, find the person as a user of any web service, which can help you to locate the individual through these sites where he is registered.

On the other hand, on some occasions, Google results will send you to certain services that claim to charge you for searching for a person based on their phone number.

Find using Facebook

Another of the most used methods to search and find a person is to use Facebook using their mobile number. Since, fortunately, it is possible and very easy to find Facebook accounts using your mobile number. In other words, the method will be satisfactory if the person’s account on this platform is linked to their phone number only.

Here are the steps you have to take to carry out this type of search on Facebook:

  • First of all, navigate to the official website of this social network and access your active account.
  • Once you locate in the ” Home ” section of your account or, in ” Recent News, “proceed to locate yourself on the search bar that contains the platform at the top.
  • Now, in the said search bar, type the mobile number to be located, and you must also make sure to enter the corresponding area code. So, click on ” See results for… “.
  • Finally, they will redirect you to a new window within the social network, and if the search was successful, you will be able to locate the profile of the person who has associated their Facebook account with their mobile phone number. Otherwise, the trick does not work because the user has not provided his phone number to the social network (as we did in this procedure).

It is worth noting that this method is very useful to get people who call you from a phone number. Unknown and with this, you can protect yourself from any kind of SPAM calls or fraud.

Using Instagram

Nowadays, another of the most used social networks around the world is Instagram, and thanks to this, it can be an excellent alternative to locate a person, known or unknown, with the help of their phone number. Taking into account that, through its function of recommended friends or people you may know, it is considered a very useful application to achieve this task.

You can see everything about how to search for people on Instagram. The process to be carried out in this trick is much simpler and faster than the two that we have indicated previously.

In such a way, you simply must do the following:

  • First of all, add the phone number in question in the contacts application of your mobile. Said mobile must be from which you access your Instagram account.
  • Second, go to Instagram and go to your profile. From there, click on the option “Discover people.”
  • Subsequently, go to the ” Contacts ” tab, and if the number you are looking for belongs to a user with a profile registered on this social platform, you will be able to see the suggestion in this section. That’s it.

Locate a cell phone number by satellite

Thanks to mobile devices’ technological advancement, nowadays, all Smartphones have a GPS system and even low-end ones. Luckily, this system offers the possibility of locating a mobile phone number by satellite, and for this, the network contains several tools that facilitate the process and provide good results. Which, for added benefit, they do it for free.

However, if you search for a tool of this type from any browser, you will see that several of them are no longer working, even when the website opens normally. For this reason, we will focus on one that simplifies this process, offers quick results, and is very precise, known as ” How to locate a mobile online, “which is kept updated.

Before starting with the steps you have to follow to locate a mobile number by GPS, it should be noted that this trick only serves to know the location of the person who handles said mobile and does not allow you to know their name example.

Now, the procedure to follow is this:

  • To start the process, you must enter the following URL.
  • Thus, the web that we will use to achieve this task and can be considered one of the best today.

With reverse lookup services

Another of the easiest ways to find or track a phone number is by the reverse search. Generally, it consists of looking for a specific telephone number that can be fixed or mobile. Only with that information you will receive the most important information related to the said telephone line owner.

In this sense, reverse search services allow information such as the person’s full or partial name, address, social media accounts (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to be known, as well as their email address. And in some cases, they give you information about their relatives or related people. Also, with these services, you can easily carry out a criminal background check of the owner of the telephone line.

One of the greatest advantages of these services worth highlighting is that their databases are updated day after day to provide completely truthful information whenever a user performs a reverse search by cell phone number.

But, despite the fact that there are many free online services of this type, we will use one of the main ones currently; to perform this simple search.

For its part, we emphasize that this website does not require any type of registration to be able to use it, unlike other similar services. It is also a completely useful tool for making SPAM phone reports that want to take advantage of you.

Search on ad and service websites

Performing this method can also be very helpful, even when most users do not even think of going to an advertisement and service website to search for a person using their cell phone number. But, as with the rise of the Internet, most people have posted an advertisement in their lifetime; this trick can work perfectly in many cases.

In this sense, to find out who owns a mobile phone through this type of website, you must make sure to go to the page that can offer you the most benefit. In other words, it must be a service with great coverage worldwide and especially, that it is widely used in the country in which the person resides. Since, even when it is a stranger, you can specify the origin of the call from the area code that corresponds to each nation.

For its part, in this case, we will make use of the famous website, where there are more than 13 million classified ads and therefore has many users around the world. However, to obtain good results, it is required that the person has made an announcement on this site specifically and also proves that the phone in public. To perform the search, you simply have to do the following:

  • Enter any ad providing a website and go to the search bar on the home page.
  • In this search bar, you must enter the phone number (landline or mobile) that you want to specify and then click on the ” Search ” button.
  • Finally, in just seconds, the web page will indicate all the matches found with that number,, and from each ad, you can know the name of the person and even the company; that makes use of said telephone line.

With call location tools

Currently, there are several tools that allow the location of calls. This works similarly to the services that allow locating a mobile phone through GPS and, in general, most of these have identical characteristics and practically the same operation. Next, we present two types of tools that you can use to do this, just by entering the phone or cell number to locate:


It is a free online tool that allows you to locate calls or track mobile numbers from an unknown call that has been made to you. Therefore, it works like a mobile number tracker, that is very easy to use and is compatible with millions of telephone numbers thanks to its excellent database.

Additionally, it is a website compatible with all devices, where you only have to enter the phone number when entering the main page, and in a matter of seconds, you can obtain good results. Also, it works to obtain the location of a vehicle, landline, among others.


This is not a call tracker, specifically. However, it allows you to know some information about a certain person by entering their phone number into this website’s search engine. Which is estimated as a service with the world’s largest search engine for people.

This, in addition to allowing you to carry out this type of search, also supports these processes based on information such as the name of the person, their email address,, and even the location, in case you know it. In other words, it has many other very useful alternatives.

Using the phone’s IMEI code

In case you didn’t know, the IMEI refers to the 16-digit code with which a mobile device can be identified. Since this code is unique for each cell phone and thanks to this, it can be used for a wide variety of things, such as searching for a person through the IMEI of their mobile.

However, in order to carry out this type of tracking, it is known that the only one with the absolute power to carry it out is the company to which the cell phone in question is linked. Obviously, it cannot be the only trick to get a person, since due to these companies’ privacy policies, they do not help you carry out this type of search. So you must resort to other methods.

These methods are based on some applications that allow tracking a mobile through its IMEI, which were created to locate those lost or stolen devices. However, they can also be used for these processes that aim to get a specific person.

Thus, it is worth noting that the main advantage of this trick is that even when the mobile phone is removed the SIM card or it is disconnected from the Internet, in the same way, the IMEI remains operating and as long as the device is turned on, it can be traced.

IMEI Tracker – Find My Device

It is a free application and available on the Play Store only. With this, it is possible to locate a certain mobile through its IMEI number, just by activating the search tool of this app, and that’s it. Which makes use of a state-of-the-art GPS tracker, with which it manages to provide excellent results in most cases.

Through specialized websites to find out who has called you

In reference to the main specialized websites to find out who may have called you, we find several alternatives that offer a good service and provide you with very specific results. However, we located a completely advantageous website among all these solutions that you cannot stop using to search for a person through their telephone number.

In this sense, it is “ WhoCalledMe.net ” that was created and designed as a security option so that its users can know who has been calling them when it is an unknown number. Thanks to this, the site has avoided or reduced the number of SPAM calls from many users.

Regarding its main characteristics, we highlight that it has a significant database of telephone numbers from many parts of the world, and in addition to this, it presents more information of interest about find owner of cell phone number free of the said line is.

It even shows various comments from other users that could help you find out everything about who a certain cell phone number belongs to. There, you simply have to enter the combination of numbers, click on ” Search,” and with this, get the available results.

Is It Illegal to Know the Data and Information of a Person Knowing Their Phone Number?

Once you decide to undertake a search of this type, that is, using a person’s mobile number to find them; you will wonder if it is a legal or illegal practice on the Internet. Taking into account that, to specify said legality, it basically depends on the method you use for it. Although it is true, in this post, we indicate several tricks that you can use to your liking, depending on its degree of ease or the tools you prefer to access.

Thus, we indicate that when searching for a person by their phone number through Google engines, using a social network such as Facebook and Instagram,, or using services such as Milanuncios. It is not considered an illegal practice since these searches have been specially designed for these platforms to simplify the user experience.

On the other hand, we also recommend that you use certain websites, services, and online tools that facilitate these search processes and are specifically dedicated to it. For which, we can specify that its legality is still in question.

Given that these web pages use updated databases where they gather diverse information about the vast majority of people worldwide and with this, they can be considered potential hacker platforms that, at some point, will use said data to usurp private information. However, the websites listed here show a good track record and are recommended by qualified people.

Finally, we refer to the search method based on each mobile device’s IMEI code, and this, perhaps, is the trick that you criticize the most in the online world. Since, as we indicated, companies related to mobile phones are the only ones that can have access to tracking using the IMEI and only in dangerous situations such as theft or loss of it.


However, these best phone number identifier apps has also been created that also facilitate this process, but they are not considered completely legal for these searches since they are only allowed to locate a mobile if it was stolen or has been lost.