5 Best Rap Apps For Rappers for Android & iPhone of 2023

5 Best Rap Apps For Rappers for Android & iPhone of 2023

The Best Rap Apps For Rappers: Among the wide variety of music genres, rap is the one that has been dominating the world stage. And thanks to the rapping apps that are on the market, it has gained popularity among millennial youth. Who are the creators of great musical themes when forming their lyrics when rapping.

The 5 Best Rap Apps For Rappers

For this reason, we bring you the best rap apps that you will find on the market. That will make your musical prose all wonder. Making them sound great. Each app that we mention comes with its download link so that you don’t waste time and then proceed to create your musical compositions.

Best Rap Apps

1. BattleMe – Rap Battle Arena & Recording Studio

Rap Fame is a very complete app with a wide variety of bases for freestyle track creations. It adapts to the needs of each user, giving them excellent musical and vocal effects. It is considered one of the most stable and functional Best Rap Apps on any smart mobile device.

Among the most notable features that the app offers you is the creation of your own profile, where other users evaluate your progress. You can also edit your tracks and include the sound and voice effects you prefer. And if you’re good at rapping, then you can take part in freestyle tournaments and win some great prizes.

2. Rapchat ? record music; beats; auto voice tune

RapChat is one of the Best Rap Apps that has more than 100 ways to mix and match your tracks. It gives you the option to create the favorite name through the word generator so that your song is unforgettable. Through the music studio of the app, you will make your rhythm sound like a rap artist.

Likewise, the app allows you to record the tracks through your mobile, using Vocal FX, Auto Vocal Tune, Radio, Chipmunk, among many more. You can also share your finished raps through social networks. Also, participate in contests that will give you excellent prizes and the option to become famous. Available for Android and iOS.

Ideal so that you can put your lyrics in combat and in real-time against freestylers from anywhere in the world. Here you can perfect your ways of rapping totally online and with the help of the best.


It is one of the Best Rap Apps that gives you the option to train your improvisation through cockfights. It has nine (09) battle modes; you can improvise with words according to the levels easy mode, hard mode, extreme mode.

In the same way, you can keep your time timed, use the DJ mixer and perfect your compositions. You can also use more than 200 bases to improvise. Available for Android, and if you want to use it on iOS systems, you must install its APK.

3. Self Rap – Start rap battle & Record hip hop beats

Among the apps for rapping, it is the one that helps us record the best tracks and demonstrate our flow to the whole world. It gives you the option to choose your musical background and mold your base to the rhythm of your lyrics.

You can also share your recordings through social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, among others. Also, enjoy the best freestyle repertoire you can get from freestyle veterans and beginners. The app is available for Android and iOS, totally free.

4. Music Maker JAM – Song & Beatmaker app

Music Marker Jam, with more than 700 thousand downloads. It is considered among the best of the freestyler’s preferred rapping apps. In this app, you will have everything you need from a recording studio on your mobile. It allows you to record and modify the compositions you have created, including the bases and backgrounds.

It is a somewhat complex app, which will take you a little time to master it completely. However, it is worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with the app and being able to compose excellent songs with this app. Available for Android and iOS devices.

5. AutoRap by Smule: Record rap over beats w/vocal FX

It is ideal for those who are starting in the world of rap, and you can record your lyrics and place them on a base—giving a unique and personal style to each composition that you manage to make. In rapping apps, it is considered the easiest to manipulate, thanks to its intuitive interface.

With AutoRap, rest assured that you will create the best freestyle compositions, giving you the option to choose from a large number of great artist rhythms with the quality of Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Nicki Minaj, among many more. Available for Android and iOS devices.


One of the genres that have had the most acceptance among young people has been rap—achieving a unique type of music and being created through lyrics or rhyming phrases. And with a connotation linked to the life of each singer.

Our TheSoftBest editors conducted extensive research on rapping apps. That they are more effective and that they help you achieve the objectives that they set for you. That is why the best apps for rapping that you will find here will be great to practice and create your best compositions. So do not expect more!!! And download the app that suits you best.

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