9 Best Singing Apps for iPhone & iPad of 2022

9 Best Singing Apps for iPhone & iPad of 2022

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The Best Singing Apps for iPhone: Apple mobile devices are ideal for listening to music. With the help of numerous Best Singing Apps for iPhone in the App Store, you can find your favorite tracks at any time, collect them into playlists and keep up with music updates.

Best Singing Apps for iPhone

In this article, we’re going to highlight three of the best singing apps for iPhone.

The best singing apps for iPhone

Today the AppStore offers a variety of the Best Singing Apps for iPhone for both professional performers and music lovers, and elementary music school students. We offer you an overview of the most useful ones. Let’s make a reservation right away that the selection is purely subjective, author’s, but all programs included in it were pre-tested in the conditions of rehearsals and concerts of professional musicians.

1. Tempo

Metronome with the ability to create setlists. An extremely popular application, as evidenced by its consistently strong sales in over 30 countries.

Among the advantages are high accuracy, 35 options for sizes, including complex ones, the range of tempo change is from 10 to 800 units, 9 rhythmic patterns, and the ability to place accents to create your own complex rhythms independently.

The app also allows you to compose, store, and play tempo lists, which is convenient during performances when songs follow one another. Works in iPhone lock mode too.

Price: $ 1.99

2. Tunewiki

Synchronously displays the text of the currently listening song on the screen. It makes life much easier for vocalists while learning songs, and for others – and performances, for amateurs, it works more like karaoke.

Has an extensive database of songs and is capable of displaying lyrics in more than 40 languages ​​of the world. Difficulties can begin when you want to find the words of a classical aria or a musical composition.

Special music cards allow you to see what people around you are currently listening to and the top 50 national charts’ function – what they are listening to anywhere else in the world. Also included is traditional for many Best Singing Apps for iPhone functions of watching music videos and listening to Internet radio.

Among the shortcomings – the lack of a search function, which is why every time you have to scroll through the entire list of songs, as well as the need to constantly activate the screen so that the iPhone does not go into sleep mode. And ubiquitous advertising, of course, but this, unfortunately, is the fault of many Best Singing Apps for iPhone, so it would be incorrect to write it down as TuneWiki’s shortcomings.

Price: Free

3. Megaphone

Everything is simple here. This application turns your iPhone into a microphone or megaphone. You just need to connect your iPhone to the mixer using a minijack.

During performances, it can be used as a backup microphone for, for example, a presenter. Good for speech, but not good enough for vocals or instruments.

Price: $ 1.99

4. Shazam Encore 

Programs that are essentially the same, each of which has enough laudatory reviews and complaints from users.

But in general, it is the dream of many musicians and music lovers. You bring the iPhone to the sound source, and in a few seconds, you know what composition sounds, who is performing it, and from which album it is.

And if Shazam recognizes songs performed in the original, then SoundHound, among other things, is able to identify melodies that are crookedly played, uncleanly sung, or even whistled by ordinary iPhone users.

Shazam Encore Price: $ 5.99

5. SoundHound

However, do not delude yourself: they are still unable to determine 100% of the songs, but at least 80% – yes, and this is already a lot. This 20% will include rare remixes, some specific music.

In addition, these applications allow you to:

  • Buy your favorite songs
  • See the dates of the upcoming concerts of a given artist and buy tickets for them
  • Find lyrics, videos, share them with friends
  • Compile ratings of your favorite songs and receive recommendations for music similar in style.

Among the disadvantages is the risk of losing already recognized music compositions when switching to more complete/new versions of applications.

SoundHound Price: $ 4.99

6. Cleartune

Tuner. Indispensable for rehearsals or before a concert. It works in two modes: determines the note played or, conversely, sets the tone for tuning. It functions well even in conditions of noise and the presence of extraneous musical sounds.

It works without problems in middle and lower registers, but difficulties with upper ones can arise.

In any case, in terms of its functionality, in general, it is quite comparable with traditional counterparts costing several tens of dollars.

Price: $ 3.99

7. Your Song

Just like TuneWiki, it can make it easier for vocalists to work on a song, but in a slightly different aspect. This application allows you to quickly record live vocals with backing/accompaniment sounding at this time on the iPhone. You can listen to the finished composition right there.

The big advantage is that the recording results in two independent soundtracks for voice and accompaniment. This is convenient for further work on the composition, in particular, for identifying inaccuracies and shortcomings in vocal performance.

Price: $ 1.99

8. Music scales

A fairly simple and convenient application, the idea of ​​which lies on the surface. The user sets the scale or scale, and the program shows the steps included in them.

On the screen, designed in the form of a piano keyboard, those steps that correspond to a given scale or scale are highlighted in color. Of course, you can listen to their sound right there.

The application also works in the opposite mode: according to the steps you set, it can easily determine its scale or scale.

Price: Free

9. Everyday looper

Simple and handy application for creating your own compositions. At your disposal are 4 music tracks filled in turn (each sounding up to 45 seconds), on which you can record vocals or live instruments.

When the first track is full, the phrase recorded on it begins to repeat itself, and you can record the second track in the background, and so on. Directly in the course of recording, you can delete unnecessary tracks, change the volume level, add/subtract a metronome.

I must say that ED Looper itself does not contain ready-made samples, but it allows you to import your favorite tracks from other applications. Individual tracks or an entire track can be saved and then transferred, for example, to Logic, where you can continue working on them.

If 4 tracks are not enough, you can free up space for new recordings and enrich the composition with new sounds by combining the already filled tracks into one. Other advantages are clear track synchronization, user-friendly interface, help information is already built into the application, so there is no need to search for it by clicking on endless links.

Price: $ 5.99