8 Best Task Manager App for iPhone of 2022

8 Best Task Manager App for iPhone of 2022

The Best Task Manager App for iPhone: The number of task managers in the AppStore exceeds every conceivable limit. Therefore, we have selected the top Best Task Manager App for iPhone and are in a hurry to share them with you!

Best Task Manager App for iPhone

It is the task managers in the AppStore that are usually most popular. Except for the games, of course. Lifehacker has many reviews of a wide variety of task managers apps, and in such an abundance, it is not difficult to get lost. Therefore, we decided to select the top apps in this category and share them with you.

The Best Task Manager App for iPhone

It would seem that among Task Manager Apps for iPhone, it is already difficult to come up with something. But every week, there are more and more new Best Task Manager App for iPhone with new interesting features. Local reminders, activity timers, syncing with anything, and so on. Some people simply focus on their speed, simplicity, and design, which is also important.

In this article, you will not see the usual Wunderlist and Any.Do, since everyone already knows about them. We will look at alternative task managers. Whether they are superior to eminent competitors is up to you.

1. Due

A wonderful task manager, which, in addition to the Best Task Manager App for iPhone (sorry for the tautology), also has very convenient timers.

For example, they can be useful when boiling eggs or an afternoon nap. And if you are using a Pomodoro system, you can schedule Due work intervals. The only thing that might put off the Due is the price, which is slightly higher than the competition.

2. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is one of the most popular Best Task Manager App for iPhone at the moment. Has clients for all platforms and has a standard functionality for a good task manager: it supports various lists (you can even combine several lists into one folder), subtasks, notes, and tags.

There is a primitive possibility of prioritization (the most important tasks are marked with an asterisk) and customization of the interface color scheme.

The disadvantages include bold fonts in mobile applications, making it inconvenient to use Wunderlist Task Manager App for iPhone on smartphones with a small screen diagonal (for example, iPhone 5S / SE) – long task names do not fit into one line you need to open the task card to read it.

Another drawback is that the project is actually closed. The development team was bought by Microsoft and is currently working on creating a Microsoft To-Do task manager. Technical updates for Wunderlist are regularly released to this day, but the application will no longer receive functional updates.

Wunderlist used to have a Pro subscription for $ 5 / month, but now it has been canceled, and all premium features are available to users for free.

3. Listbox

New Best Task Manager App for iPhone from a Russian developer. Listbox boasts a minimalistic interface and a lack of unnecessary features. Working with the application is based on the Mailbox concept. Swipe left to complete a task, swipe right to set a reminder.

The application is very easy to use, and the speed of work raises no complaints. Add to that the freebies, backups, and nice design, we have a great candidate for storing reminders and tasks.

4. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is a new task manager from the creators of Wunderlist, developed by them already under Microsoft’s wing.

The functionality and interface are similar to Wunderlist but simplified. I am glad that, compared to Wunderlist, we have reworked the fonts and made the tasks normally display on small diagonals of smartphones.

There is a unique display function, “My Day,” with the ability to generate a list of tasks intelligently.

In my list of the best task managers, I put Microsoft To-Do rather upfront, given that it claims to be part of the standard Microsoft Windows ecosystem.

There are clients for all major platforms. The app is completely free.

5. Checkmark 2

The main feature that sets Checkmark apart from the competition is location reminders. Would you like to receive a reminder with a shopping list upon entering a store or work tasks upon entering work?

No problem. It seems to me that this concept is the future. But so far, she is faced with the only drawback – the battery life. Checkmark cuts device uptime by several hours. If you can afford it, Checkmark is a great choice!


If you want to conduct your tasks in a playful manner, then Carrot is worth a look. For completing tasks, you gain experience and have received enough experience, and you get a new level. The levels open up additional possibilities.

For example, push notifications, deleting tasks, sorting, and more. I bought the application, and all the functionality is not available to me. What nonsense, you say. That’s right, but that’s exactly what Carrot takes. Thanks to the playful manner, you will really want to use the application, and the number of outstanding tasks will be less and less.

7. Clear Todos

The popular task manager, from which the fashion for minimalism and the absence of unnecessary functionality began. However, with minimalism, the developers went too far. There are no reminders, no snooze of tasks, no sorting by priority, no synchronization, and much more.

If this is not necessary for your tasks, then Clear will be a good choice, thanks to its pleasant design and the lack of familiar controls. It can also be used as a shopping list, but it won’t work for tasks, reminders, and projects. Alas.

8. Things 3

Things 3 is another best calendar task manager app for iPhone for Apple technology users, and perhaps the best planner app to look out for if you absolutely don’t need support for Windows and Android platforms.

The first version of Things was released exactly 10 years ago, in 2008. And for 10 years now, developers from the German company Cultured Code have been honing their brainchild, making it more and more convenient within the GTD concept.

Of all the counterparts, Things 3 is most similar to Todoist. But the interface is cleaner and slicker, and there are original solutions (like scheduling tasks for “tonight’s evening” – seemingly a simple solution. But how effectively it separates the primary work tasks from everything else that can be done in passing in your free time), and, the saddest thing is that only macOS and iOS are supported.

Plus, Things 3 is an expensive program. What Best Task Manager App for iPhone do you use?

Signs of a Good Task Manager


A good planner has clients for both desktop and mobile platforms – so that you can write down tasks and notes on the go from your phone and process them on your computer. Therefore, schedulers who work only on phones or only on computers and do not sync with other platforms should not be considered: they are more toys than serious tools.

Convenient Interface

The convenience of the interface is an individual concept. Someone is comfortable with one thing, while others are quite different. However, if the application interface seems unsuccessful or overloaded with details, and it is impossible to add a task to the “Inbox” list in 2-3 seconds, then the task manager will not take root. The brain will sabotage attempts to train itself to use an inconvenient mechanism.

Flexibility and adaptability

Since there is no standard and suitable for all systems of organizing tasks and projects, a good planner should be flexible and leave the user with the opportunity to adapt for themselves. Some people need tags, while others need lists alone. Some people want nested subtasks, while others prefer a linear structure. Someone will want to assign different priorities to tasks and then filter them according to this criterion, while others will not. A good task manager allows the user to decide what he needs independently.


When choosing a task manager, the main thing to remember is that the tool is not as important as the system and understanding how to use it. And planning things shouldn’t take more time than doing those things.

If you want a 100% free option, you should check out Remember The Milk or Wunderlist. For those who are not intimidated by a paid subscription (or limited functionality of the free edition), Todoist is a good option.

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