20 Best Video Call App for Android of 2022

20 Best Video Call App for Android of 2022

Last Updated on January 6, 2022 by The Soft Best

The Best Video Call App for Android: We are going to bring you an extensive list of what are, in our opinion, the best apps to make video calls on Android. With these alternatives to proposals such as Apple’s Facetime, you can communicate both in a group and with any friend, family member, or partner individually. All the best video call app for android that we are going to list as the Best Video Call App for Android are free, so you will not have to go through the box.

The Best Video Call App for Android

Although we will focus on video calling apps for Android, many of them are also present on iOS and PC, so it will be quite easy for these best video call app for android to be compatible with everyone.

1. WhatsApp

The application that you probably have more at hand on your Android is WhatsApp. This live video call app allows you to make video calls with your contacts, and you just have to click on the video call icon within the conversation with your contact.

If you want to make a group video call of up to 8 people, you can also simply add your contacts to a group. Also, WhatsApp video calls are coming to WhatsApp Web soon, so PC integration will be good.

2. Telegram

Telegram, like WhatsApp, has the option of video calls. They work quite well, and the feature is available on both Android and PC platforms.

We can’t make group calls yet, but it’s a great tool for person-to-person communication.

3. Skype

The classic among classics. Skype is one of the most traditional best group video call app on the web and Android and other platforms. It allows group and individual calls and has a fairly complete interface, as well as multiple call settings. 

“We make Skype” is already becoming one of the most common expressions to say “we make a video call,” whatever the app is. And it is that Skype is one of the most popular apps for making video calls. Microsoft’s alternative that allows you to make group video calls, make phone calls over the Internet, and much more.

4. Google Duo

Google Duo is Google’s application for making video calls. It is compatible with Android and has a web version to be able to use it from a computer.

It can also be used on Google Nest smart displays and a low light mode when we make video calls when we are in the dark.

5. Microsoft Teams

It is another Microsoft tool for videoconferencing, although in a more business environment.

It has options to create workgroups and make quick calls from the chat, selecting the entire group, or an individual member. All this in an interface very much like Outlook, which gives it a very professional appearance.

6. Discord – Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends

Discord has become the reference app in the video game world. It is a free video call app that allows you to create channels in which we can chat, in addition to making group video calls with up to 50 users. The app allows us to share our screen, has a desktop version, and is compatible with multiple bots to have more options within the server we create.

Of course, you cannot make group video calls. Or video call or individual call or group call, but not video. But you can also have servers where everyone posts what they want, and it is easier to find players.

7. Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is a free and open-source alternative that allows group video calls without a maximum number of participants. It is compatible with Android and has a web client, so it can be used on the web and PC. You do not need to create an account, and you just have to access the client to create the video call.

Its great accessibility makes it very easy to start a video call. Since you do not need registration, just create a room with an ID and share the link to share with the rest of the members. The rooms themselves are locked with passwords, and the encryption of communications is activated by default.

8. Google Meet

The latest Google product that has seen some effervescence in recent months, as it has served as a tool to connect people from a distance in times of pandemic.

In addition, it has been widely used in the academic field, as a means of connection between teachers and students, due to its spaciousness in the conference rooms and its security of access.

9. Zoom

Zoom was one of the main protagonists during the confinement, and it is still a good proposal when making video calls on Android. Here we create a video call to which the rest of the participants will join, up to 100. In the free mode, calls can be up to 40 minutes, which is a point to consider.

One of the most successful not only in recent months but already since last year. Its ability to accommodate a large number of users on the call and not have the need to create an account or register makes its ease of use much greater. Of course, their security issues have always been present, although it already seems to have been remedied.

10. YeeCall – Video Calls

A free video calling platform with built-in Crystal Clear Voice to clearly hear the voice on the other side of the video call.

We only have that way since the calls have been eliminated, the security being, of course, maximum, with end-to-end encryption automatically once the call starts.

11. Instagram

Instagram has been integrating the video calling option for some time, being able to invite up to three more people to the call.

The process is carried out through Instagram Direct, and the operation is quite similar to that of WhatsApp calls. In this case, there is no compatibility with the web version, so we have to limit ourselves to using it with the mobile phone.

12. Facebook Messenger

The Facebook text messaging app has been integrating video calls for some time. The maximum number of participants is 50, and they are compatible with both Android and the web version of Facebook Messenger.

If you have a Facebook account, it is very easy to use, and like the rest of the video call online in this compilation, it is a completely free service.

13. LINE – Free call and message

Another well-known free calling app is LINE, an Asian best video chat app with strangers that allows us thousands of things, including calling and video calling. Another app to be able to have everything centralized in one.

14. Cisco – Video Calling Apps

A platform also with a more business focus. Customizable video layouts, meeting planning from within the best video chat app for groups, command support for Google Assistant and Google Home, etc.

The interface is really minimalist but attractive, although some functions like ‘Feel & Look’ have some room for improvement.

15. BlueJeans videoconference

It promises to offer a premium service, with a capacity for 150 conference participants, an audio experience with Dolby Voice, and with functions to share and receive files in real-time.

We can also add the calendar to synchronize the conference events with the platform so that it acts as a reminder.

16. RingCentral

It allows you to share screens and send files with the rest of the workgroup members. Also, what stands out the most is the integration with other third-party apps as important as Trello, very essential for productivity at work.

The management of the conference’s communication is total, as the filtering of messages, notifications, and alerts by mentions.

17. JustTalk – Play with your video calls

Without a doubt, JustTalk is a curious app. Yes, you can make video calls, but its main asset is to draw or put doodles (drawings or similar ones around you or on the screen of the call) to make the video call, to make everything more fun, that life does not have to be so serious.

Although if it has to be and you have to work with people, you can make video calls with up to 16 people.

18. ICQ – The most fun

And finally, we have ICQ. This app is designed so that you have the most fun experience possible.

Here you can make group calls, create stickers, put filters on as if it were an Instagram story and a long etcetera. Discover its possibilities.

19. Houseparty

One of the best video call app for android that has games to make the conference with family or friends more enjoyable.

He already has several games, with the initiative to continue increasing that record, such as word races, one for trivia, another for drawing similar to Pinturillo, among others. Also, it notifies users when a friend is already home to initiate the call.

20. Azar-Video Chat

A very particular platform since it deals with sporadic video calls with unknown people. Users of the language we have chosen will be displayed, without limitation of distance, although it can serve as a place for appointments. That is, you can choose the genre that we want to find in those video calls, with absolute security in the app.


And these are our recommendations for the best video call app for android to make video calls. What are your recommendations? Are they on this list the best video call app for android?