12 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android & iPhone of 2023

The top Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android & iPhone: Until a few years ago, virtual reality seemed to be still very far from our reach, but with the rapid technological advance and domestication of exclusively used products, we now have access to it from home. Learn a little more about how it works through these virtual reality applications that will undoubtedly amuse you.

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android & iPhone

Virtual reality has not quite taken off the way many expected, but it is still a very attractive format. A couple of years ago, it was undoubtedly fashionable technology, reaching the climax at the presentation conference of the Samsung Galaxy S7 in which Mark Zuckerberg strolled through a sea of ​​attendees decked out in Gear VR on their faces.


Enjoying the best content in virtual reality does not require specialized, complex, and expensive devices. With a modern phone and plastic, nylon glasses, such as the new Daydream glasses, even cardboard, today’s terminal technology (accelerometers, gyroscopes, and high-resolution displays) can bring the immersive experience that makes so attractive virtual reality.

Virtual reality applications or how to immerse yourself in other worlds

To be able to enjoy these virtual reality applications, it is necessary that you obtain a Cardboard. You can buy the one offered by Google or some generic option, and there are even tutorials on the internet for you to do it yourself.

1. Cardboard

What better way to start than with the Google Cardboard app itself? In it, you can travel through Google Earth, visit museums that are on the other side of the world, watch videos, and spherical photos.

2. Sites in VR, cultural tours from any angle

Traveling without leaving your home armchair: this is the premise offered by Sites in VR, a platform that offers high-quality 360-degree images to visit monuments and architectural jewels from around the world, adapted to the viewer you have, whatever the model of Google Cardboard, Gear VR and others.

After about 30 seconds of calibration, a process that only requires you to leave the phone on a flat surface, you will enter a world full of interesting Islamic architectural samples. Such as tombs, sultans’ palaces, towers, parks, squares, and mosques of Arab and European countries, including the Egyptian pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, and the planet Mars.

3. Vrse

The award-winning studio Vrse.works launched this application to the market that includes several projects made in collaboration with other media or artists, such as The New York Times newspaper or the band U2. In it, you get the best of 360 ° video, and you can find concerts, documentaries, or horror movies.

4. Google Spotlight Stories, beautiful virtual reality

Spotlight Stories is a team within the ATAP group, Google’s incubator for advanced projects, which develops 360-degree cinema-quality audiovisual pieces. They have a very good selection of really nice VR videos, both visually and audibly.

They are responsible for bringing the first 360-degree video in history to be nominated for an Oscar. It is an animated short, Pearl, also available on YouTube like the rest of his proposals. The last one was Back to the Moon, a beautiful story in virtual reality, the first to star in one of the famous Google Doodles.

5. House of terror VR

If you do not have a weak stomach and like strong emotions, you will like the most in virtual reality applications.

It is an app that takes you to a house of terror from which you have to escape. To take advantage of it to 100%, you need a Bluetooth remote control because you need a total action and movement field.

6. Within VR, documentaries, and concerts with spatial sound

Formerly known as VRSE, this application includes very good examples of virtual reality where entertainment and information are mixed to bring short but intense experiences in which we can enjoy a new way of consuming relevant content. Within brings together international professional creators’ work, with pieces from Apple, Vice, or NBC.

Within has experiences set in series, such as the popular Mr. Robot or Walking Dead, and The Possible, a series of videos that the same people in charge of the application have created and touch on different technological topics. The catalog is renewed often, and the documentaries are of great invoice.

7. VR Roller Coaster

The offer of virtual reality applications that are located on a roller coaster is very varied in the Google Play Store, but without a doubt, this is one of the best because it has very striking landscapes and fun circuits that, although in reality, you are not moving from your place will surely make you feel a little dizzy.

8. NYT VR, the best 360-degree journalism

Taking you to places where you would not normally have access is one of the objectives of the renowned New York Times publication’s editorial team to delve into the possibilities of virtual reality. One of his first 360-degree documentaries took a group of journalists behind the Iraqi conflict lines in the operations to capture the positions taken by ISIS in Fallujah. From there to the highest part of Manhattan, the World Trade Center tower in New York, passing through the mysteries of the controversial dwarf planet Pluto and the meditation days with Professor Mark Coleman.

The videos can be consumed in streaming, but NYT VR also includes download options to enjoy its contents accompanied by spatial sound (a sound technique with which the brain is tricked into imagining distances, directions, and depths) without being left half with none of its relevant content.

9. In Mind VR

There will be those who find it particularly unfortunate that they do not have the ability to travel in their own brain to see what happens there, and it is precisely for them that this marvel is dedicated, without a doubt, one of the best virtual reality applications.

Mind VR allows you to navigate through the brain, not only to know it inside but to eliminate the parasites that lodge in the neural network, so you must keep an eye on the sight to shoot when necessary.

10. Fulldive VR, the collaborative virtual reality

Self-defined as a social virtual reality platform, Fulldive VR accumulates more than a million videos and images generated by users of the same application from different parts of the world. They ensure that 100% of the content has been shared by individuals, although it also offers channels with 360-degree content that has been uploaded to YouTube, and allows you to follow what your friends have uploaded, seen, or commented on at any time. It is a virtual reality with social media networking features.

From the first moment, Fulldive VR offers a complete virtual reality experience: the 360-degree navigation menus surround the user in all their viewing angles. There is a ” Discover ” section where you can find out about the available content to the users’ community. Each piece of content can be commented on and rated and includes reactions in the form of smileys. In addition, it includes 500 game titles in its own market, although it is rather simple games.

11. YouTube VR, the largest 360-degree video platform

The 360-degree videos arrived on the YouTube application for Android in 2015. Since then, the platform has not stopped receiving new content recorded in this format, and the number of examples is enormous. The quality varies a lot since anyone with a 360-degree camera can upload new videos, but the user experience is very good. The search for videos, for more comfort, you can do it with your voice.

Regular, long-standing rectangular videos can also be viewed within the app with the Theater Mode, movie theater-style, in which the video is presented to you from side to side of the viewer: a large virtual screen. All YouTube functions are included: playlists, favorite videos, history, subscriptions. 360-degree videos are often accompanied by spatial sound, also supported by this Google application.

The application does not have a version for iOS devices, although it must be said that the YouTube application for Apple phones supports 360-degree videos and is compatible with Cardboard viewers, so it is possible to use any viewer with the official application to view content from Youtube in virtual reality.

12. LIFE VR, immersive reports from Time Inc

Every month, the editors of LIFE, of the conglomerate Time Inc (mass media that includes names such as Time, Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated. Life itself and many other renowned publications), select the best immersive content they have published to present them in this application where users can consume professional-looking virtual reality for free.

Reports, trips, long articles, infographics, some of the best recent stories published in this group of North American media with international importance are presented before the eyes of any user eager for information treated with excellence both in its narrative structure and in its appearance visual. An essential application to enjoy high-level virtual reality.