24 Best VR Apps of 2021 5 Best VR Apps for Kids and Teenagers of 2021

5 Best VR Apps for Kids and Teenagers of 2021

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The Best VR Apps for Kids: As we already advanced at the beginning of the year, this 2016 aimed to become the one of the take-off and popularization of virtual reality in the world of children’s digital products.

Best VR Apps for Kids

Although I have some doubts about whether that prediction has really occurred at this point in the year, it is undeniable that 2016 is assuming an acceleration in terms of children’s proposals related to virtual reality.

The 5 Best VR Apps for Kids

We usually insist on the importance of adults’ involvement when children use technology, but in the case of virtual reality, this interest and support should be even greater.

The use of glasses that create an immersive environment causes in the little ones a slight distance from the real world for which the best company will be that of an adult who guides and accompanies them in their experience. Using them in a safe environment, without objects around and for a reasonable time are some of the recommendations that the manufacturers themselves make when using their devices. 

It is also important to pay attention to the recommended age of use since brands such as Playstation, Oculus, or Samsung warn that people should only use them over 12 or 13 years old. View-Master from the toy maker Mattel and Google is a starter pack that recommends using only from 7 years old.

These are the Best VR Apps for Kids that you can use with your little ones:

1. Cardio VR

One of the first virtual reality apps for children that offers a fun game in which to learn different parts of the human body.

Children will enter the doctor’s office and experience how some diseases are diagnosed and how doctors prescribe medicine or remedy.

2. Froggy VR

In this app, we will become a frog that lives in a pond that we will have to guide through its ecosystem to feed on insects.

Although the graphics are not too good, it is a simple application with which the little ones can make their debut in the world of virtual reality.

Available for AndroidAvailable for Apple.

3. Google Expeditions

Perhaps one of the best projects for virtual reality applied to teaching that exists today.

Thanks to this application, children have a really different way of learning geography and moving immersively to Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, or Buckingham Palace.

Available for Android & Available for Apple.

4. Lamper Cardboard: First Flight

A fast-paced game to enjoy the virtual reality experience for all audiences.

Transformed into Lamper, a small firefly, we will run through tunnels collecting coins and adding points to solve all the routes that the app proposes.

Available for Apple

5. Snow Strike VR

A snowball battle without damage, cold, and nasty surprises. In this game of aim and skill, balls can come from anywhere, and we will have to defend ourselves by throwing snowballs at our attackers.

Is Virtual Reality Bad for Kids?

According to experts, it has its restrictions, but there is no evidence that it affects them at a certain age.

However, instead of talking to scientists, it is the lawyers who have in these restrictions their best allies to avoid problems in the future because children are developing with adolescence. And that is why xSamsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift are recommended from age 13 and PSVR at 12 — the child is no longer fully developing, so it is safer to use Virtual Reality.

The children can develop myopia, just reading or using your smartphone too close, but the technology of Virtual Reality is much more complex. To define objects through Virtual Reality, they have to focus on distant things, which seems less harmful than a book or a smartphone.

The Reality Virtual and Apps

In fact, the tests carried out by an ophthalmologist with some instruments are based on Virtual Reality. So Virtual Reality can be used to diagnose vision problems in advance. Do not forget that in the firmware health warnings 3.5. PS VR already indicated the minimum age to start using this technology.

What is clear is that Virtual Reality is in its most recent stage. Its long-term effects are unknown, and that its defects – such as dizziness, visual and motor incoordination, and diminishing the lack of ability to multitask. Yes, they are documented in adults, but not so much in children.

On the other hand, not having control of the room’s objects is not the same as a child colliding with a shelf as an adult would.

Against all this, Virtual Reality, in addition to a new way of playing and new functionalities for devices and even new forms of advertising, can also bring numerous benefits for everyone.

According to a study carried out by the University College of London, patients with depression have significantly reduced their symptoms through Virtual Reality therapies. It can also bring benefits for people with vision problems, thanks to Google cardboard glasses that allow projecting stereoscopic images.

As always, when there is a technological advance, a range of benefits and opportunities to enjoy opens up, but we have to be careful. Like everything, abuse of use can have consequences. Nor should we forget that the bad guys are always there to misuse it and thus achieve their always fraudulent goals.


Virtual Reality should be used at the discretion of an adult when a child is involved. If there are the Best VR Apps for Kids on it, it is because there is a scientific basis to believe that it can affect a developing child’s health.