Most Used Emoji Meanings of the Symbols of 2020

All emoji meanings of the symbols: WhatsApp emoticons are very varied, right? Surely you have wanted to find the perfect icon to describe how you are feeling, but you have no idea which one best suits what you want to express. Just relax! Next, we will tell you the Emoji Meanings of the Symbols of all of them.

Emoji Meanings of the Symbols

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Emoji Meanings of the Symbols

Emojis and emoticons are graphic representations used in online conversations, on social networks and in applications such as WhatsApp. In addition to adding meaning and emotion to our words, emojis can effectively replace short messages. But, due to a large number of emojis, it can be difficult to find the correct one to use in each situation or to understand the double meaning that ended up appearing for some of them. Then see this list with the most used and Emoji Meanings of the Symbols.

Emojis are those images widely used in instant messaging and social networks to express with greater emphasis on the emotions or feelings that are shared with others. They are usually used on WhatsApp, Hangouts, Messenger, Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, among others.

😀 Grinning Face

This popular icon that has been with you since the beginning of instant messaging (perhaps before your birth) allows you to express your liking towards something they have told you. However, you can also use it to express sarcasm or irony. 

 Unicode:  U + 1F600

 😁 Smile Emoji Emoji Meanings

Unlike the smiley face, with the cheerful smile you will express how much you are excited that they told you good news, it can accompany a good idea you have, or simply, show your joy at having passed the difficult math test you had some days ago!  

This emoji means joy, and it is customary to use to express that something was so funny that it generates laughter and laughs until crying. It can also be understood that something caused an attack of unbearable laughter. Not to be confused with the emoji on the face that expresses a much more intense laugh.

Between 2014 and 2018, it was one of the most popular emojis in text messaging, and the Oxford Dictionary classified it as the word of the year 2015.

 Unicode:  U + 1F601

 😃 Smiling Face with Open Mouth Emoji

As well as the happy smile, you can use it in those moments when something surprises you and, at the same time, makes you feel very, very happy. His peculiar face with large eyes and open mouth gives it a friendlier touch than the previous ones. = D

 Unicode:  U + 1F603

 😄 Smiling Face with Closed Eyes

The euphoria is greater and almost on the verge of full happiness. Your joy is more and more evident, and there is no longer a place to express this wonderful feeling. That’s when you can use it! ^. ^

 Unicode:  U + 1F604

 😅 Smiley Face with a bead of sweat

Surely you have used it when you have become involved, you have said something improper, you have forgotten something or, simply, the day is very hot, but still you remain optimistic, with a smile on your lips. ^. ^ ‘

 Unicode:  U + 1F605

 😆 Grinning Squinting Face

When something has made you laugh, but not enough to make you cry, this smiley is good for expressing yourself. It is an excellent solution to avoid the hateful “haha” that ends the conversations. With this, you can do it more elegantly>. <

 Unicode:  U + 1F606

 😂 Laughter with Tears of Joy

It was our first laugh on WhatsApp, with which we have identified more than once. Normally, it is used when you are laughing until you cry, but without wallowing (yet). It is often confused with crying, which deserves beheading by the guillotine. : ‘- D

 Unicode:  U + 1F602

 🤣 Laughter Emoji Meanings

Thanks, WhatsApp! You have given us an emoji to stop typing XD in the wrong way (“Xd” for example) every time something makes us laugh. In English, it responds to the acronym ROFL (rolling on the ground laughing).

 Unicode:  U + 1F923

Smiling and Grateful Face

Shy, sorry, but smiling. This is the face of this, who, unlike the next. Has a more compact smile, with closed lips, as if making a gesture of thanks to someone. Why not use it the same way?

 Unicode:  U + 263A

 😊 Happy Emoji

A broader smile than the previous one, although also with closed lips and flushed cheeks. This icon is the closest thing to the gesture we make when greeting an acquaintance who is passing by on the street, or simply to show our pleasure towards something they have told us.

 Unicode:  U + 1F60A

 😇 Smiley Face with Halo

This has the peculiarity of having many uses: it represents an angel, a good person, and someone not so good who has made a pretty prank and pretends to be innocent. Whatever your intention, remember that we all have some kindness in our hearts.

 Unicode:  U + 1F607

 🙂 Little Smiley Face

With neutral eyes and a smile that barely peeks out, this face is the typical reflection of the dissatisfaction or tension that a certain situation has generated in you. You can use it for these cases or convey that you feel good when you really are not.

 Unicode:  U + 1F642

 🙃 Face Turned

Looking similar to the previous one, but upside down, this face represents your emotions in an embarrassing situation. When you tell someone else what happened and you say “ok v … a damn life”, it is the best time to use it.

 Unicode:  U + 1F643

 😉 Wink

Complicit look and smile, with this you will tell the other person that everything is between you, or that you are only playing a small joke. You can’t confuse it with the perverted look.

 Unicode:  U + 1F609

 😌 Relieved face

Everything is fine; your peace of mind is flowing; you are totally relieved that an uncomfortable or difficult situation has already been overcome. It is time to relax and enjoy the tranquility. This will identify this feeling and should not be confused with self-centeredness.

 Unicode:  U + 1F60C

 😍 Carita Enamorada – Face in love

A face with hearts occupying the place of eyes will accompany all your phrases or expressions of love with that indicated person, the one who is special to you. It also serves to describe that a landscape, event, or situation excites you as much as falling in love for the first time. 

This face means infatuation or romance, which is why it usually accompanies loving phrases or expressions of affection. It can also be used to indicate that the place or situation someone is in is to their liking. On the other hand, it has a variant with the smiling cat face and with two hearts instead of eyes.

 Unicode:  U + 1F60D

 😘 Kiss Emoji

His eyes wink as the face sends a kiss with affection. This design is similar to when you send a kiss to the other person when they are a few meters away, only it serves to do the same with several kilometers between you and through WhatsApp.

This emoticon indicates a type of greeting, farewell, thanks, among others. It is also used as a show of affection or trust.

 Unicode:  U + 1F618

 😗 Carita kissing, blowing and whistling with neutral eyes

This neutral-eyed, forward-facing mouth may be doing three things: kissing, blowing, or whistling. Any of these situations you want to represent, you can use it although I do not recommend using it to send a kiss, it is a bit hateful.

 Unicode:  U + 1F617

 😙 Carita kissing, blowing and whistling with laughing eyes

This smiley-eyed, face-forward-facing little face may be doing the same three things as the previous one: kissing, blowing or whistling. Any of these situations that you want to represent, you can use it. Yes, this kiss is more joyous, but not as emotional.

 Unicode:  U + 1F619

 😚 Carita kissing

Unlike the previous three emojis, this little face is giving a more passionate kiss, because her closed eyes and flushed cheeks show it. You have a true love for the person you send it to.

 Unicode:  U + 1F61A

 😋 Smiley face and savoring food

Smiling broadly, her tongue to one side looks like she is about to eat a delicious hamburger, a hot dog, Cantonese rice, or Ah! Better not go on, I’m hungry already. It can also be used as a smirk.

 Unicode:  U + 1F60B

 😛 Face sticking out her tongue

Make fun of yourself, but make fun of your friends when you play a joke on them, or when you want to strut about something you’ve accomplished. Isn’t it a bit what it causes you to do when you are facing them? Well, WhatsApp makes it easy for you with this emoji.

 Unicode:  U + 1F61B

 😝 Face sticking out tongue with eyes closed

The pillería is your fort, and you have played the best joke. This can serve as a substitute for La Lacajada because its expression is much more similar to conventional XD. Have you ever laughed like this?

 Unicode:  U + 1F61D

 😜 Face sticking out tongue

Like the previous two, this face is typically used by high-ranking pranksters among your friends to express mockery or sarcasm. If none of your friends uses it, but you, then you are the joker of the group.

 Unicode:  U + 1F61C

 🤪 Smiling face with a crazy expression

He has one eye smaller than the other and a half-sided smile. This face represents total madness, and to use it, you have to lose your mind. It is also often mistaken for a wink and a friendly gesture, but to tell the truth, I use it when I’m going crazy.

 Unicode:  U + 1F92A

 🤨 Face with a raised eyebrow

I believe you but not my submachine gun! The face of disbelief or constant doubt. This emoticon is also a symbol of disapproval that you can use when you do not agree with any idea that has been raised.

 Unicode:  U + 1F928

 🧐 Face with a monocle

Hmm… let’s see what we have here. Elementary, my dear Watson! The monocle face is used to describe a fantasy situation or to joke that you are analyzing a situation. Are you keeping track, Sherlock?

 Unicode:  U + 1F9D0

 🤓 Carita Nerd

Energy and emoticons are not destroyed; they transform. Those who are proud of their good grades and of being the best in the class have their emoji. Don’t mess with the class nerd! It could be your boss in the future.

 Unicode:  U + 1F913

 😎 Face with Sunglasses

With this, you will say to the rest, “I am the king of the world!”. You are totally proud of yourself. Despite being cocky, petulant, and quite self-centered, you can also use it to accompany a photo of a day of relaxation, sun, beach, and sand.

 Unicode:  U + 1F60E

 🤩 Face with Star Eyes

You are the star, there is something that excites you, and it is something that you are very close to achieving, in short. Your moment of glory is just around the corner. Haven’t you ever felt that way? Everything around shines, and everything is going well. Now it’s your turn to shine.

 Unicode:  U + 1F929

😏 Suge Suggestive Face

This face is usually used to refer to sexual intentions. His eyes are like the face without grace, but a half-sided smile, which denotes a lot of mischiefs. It is also used when you feel almighty about a situation. It cannot be confused with the disapproving face or with any smile.

This face expresses various intentions depending on the context in which it is used. Therefore it can indicate irony, coldness, mischief, or flirting. There are also people who use this emoji in those moments that feel that they are in control of a situation.

 Unicode:  U + 1F60F

 😒 Carita Sin Gracia

Commonly used to disapprove or to indicate that something is wrong with you. It is the typical bitter look when someone makes a joke to you that may be in bad taste, or you say idiocy.

 Unicode:  U + 1F612

 😞 Disappointed Face

Have you ever been disappointed, right? When you fail an exam for which you have studied so much when the love of your life is not really the love of your life. It usually happens, and the disappointed smiley face reflects the feeling.

 Unicode:  U + 1F61E

 😔 Sad Face Icon

Show regret or sadness for something you did or have happened to you. Her closed eyes and sad eyebrows denote that expression common to sad and repentant people. Because of its expression, it is normally used to express depression.

This emoticon can refer to various emotions. Therefore it can be interpreted as sadness, melancholy, loneliness, depression. It can also indicate regret, frustration, disappointment, or dissatisfaction about something. Even this emoji can be related to a thoughtful attitude.

 Unicode:  U + 1F614

 😟 Concerned Face

This worried-looking face with a saddened mouth expresses that feeling that we humans feel when we have a very sick loved one, or when we don’t know the result of an important examination at school.

 Unicode:  U + 1F61F

 😕 Confused Face

This cannot be interpreted as a sad or regretful expression. Simply, his expression is confused by a puzzling fact or disappointment. It is usually used when something is not going as we wanted.

 Unicode:  U + 1F615

 😖 Confused Face 2

It has a much more noticeable expression than the previous one. His eyes are closed and tight, and his mouth is trembling. It can denote fear, revulsion, or confusion, although it is usually used to express the latter since it is very similar to the old MSN emoticon (: -S).

 Unicode:  U + 1f616

 🙁 slightly sad face

Something makes you sad, but it doesn’t affect you as much as you might think. This fulfills the function of denoting minimal sadness compared to other faces of WhatsApp. It represents a mixture of sadness and disappointment. Do you know that feeling?

 Unicode:  U + 1F641

☹️ Unhappy Face

The unhappy face is the saddest version of WhatsApp’s faces. It is similar to the slightly sad face, but its mouth is much longer and more pronounced. Something has caused you deep sadness, and this emoji is great to express.

 Unicode:  U + 2639

 😫 Helpless Face

This face has its eyes closed and its mouth open, exhaling. She seems to be on the verge of tears because something has caused her impotence, and she has no idea how to drain this feeling. It can be used to demonstrate anger.

 Unicode:  U + 2639

 😫 Tired Face

Expression of total exhaustion. This fatigue can be both physical and emotional, and the face expresses those situations that have you on the verge of insanity, in which you really want to give up what you have fought so hard for.

 Unicode:  U + 1F62B

 😩 Exhausted Face

It looks a lot like a tired face. The mouth and eyebrows are the same, but the eyes are more relaxed. This is because the face is an expression of total renunciation of that situation that exhausted you both physically or in thoughts.

 Unicode:  U + 1F629

 😢 Carita Llorona

The sad aspect of this emoticon is evident, and a tear that flows from his left eye finishes confirming it. This cannot be confused with the sleepy face or the sad but relieved face.

 Unicode:  U + 1F622

 😭 Face that cries very loud

He cries out, and his mouth is open as if screaming. It is the most extreme representation of sadness on WhatsApp. Her tears are from uncontrollable anguish or simply from inconsolable sadness.

This emoji expresses a feeling of deep pain or despair in a particular situation. For example, “I’m so sorry!” “I feel so sad!”

 Unicode:  U + 1F62D

 😤 Frustrated or Very Stressed Face

Flee! Frustration is very close to becoming angry. His appearance is annoying because nothing is going well. The steam that comes out of your nose is the product of a strong exhalation to try to relieve tension. When you see someone like that, it’s better to walk away.

 Unicode:  U + 1F624

 😠 Angry Emoticon

The stage of frustration and stress is behind us. This person is really upset, and anything you say or do can be reversed in a very negative way. It is better to avoid problems. Get as far away as you can and come back when you see fit.

 Unicode:  U + 1F620

 😡 Very Angry Face

If the anger in the previous face was very evident, it reflects ten times more anger. This represents the total transformation of a person due to anger. Where his blood pressure is about to burst his heart. Keep your distances from people when they are like this.

 Unicode:  U + 1F621

 🤬 Face saying swear words

When an angry person starts to swear, it is a very good sign. This is a way to drain the anger that had been contained for several minutes. In this icon, his angry face has symbols covering his mouth.

 Unicode:  U + 1F92C

 🤯 Mind exploding

Something has inexplicably impressed you, there is no way to understand how things have happened, and your mind explodes. Has that ever happened to you? Well, this is the perfect one to discover that feeling.

 Unicode:  U + 1F92F

 😳 Blushing Icon

They have said something unexpected or a very spicy suggestion, and they have caught you out of style. It is the emoji that summarizes the “wait … what?” in a single expression. You can also use it when you have been told something very flattering.

 Unicode:  U + 1F633

 😱 Munch’s Scream

He looks scared: his eyes are totally white and big, a surprised expression, and his hands support his cheeks. It is a parody of the artistic work “El Grito” by Munch. It can be used when something surprises or scares you.

 Unicode:  U + 1F633

😨 Scared Face

This one also looks scared: his eyes are wide open, but they are not totally white, his mouth has an expression of surprise, and his face is bluish on top, like when you get the chills for something that scares you.

 Unicode:  U + 1F628

😰 Anxious Face

It looks a lot like the scared little face, but it should not be confused, although fear also produces some anxiety. This can be used for moments of tension that generate despair and anxiety.

 Unicode:  U + 1F630

😥 Sad but relieved face

His sad appearance, accompanied by a drop of sweat, expresses the result of having overcome a stressful situation. This face cannot be confused with the weeping face but can be used to express confusion.

 Unicode:  U + 1F625

😓 Carita Dejected

You fought to the end, you never lost faith, but the result was not what you expected. Do you know how that feels? Terrible, right? Well, on WhatsApp, there is an emoticon for these situations, which looks sad and a bead of sweat. Not to be confused with the sad but relieved face.

 Unicode:  U + 1F613

🤗 Hug!

Enough of faces with negative emotions! With a wide smile and flushed cheeks, this emoticon extends his hands to the front to send a hug to the person you love so much. Come to that warm hug!

 Unicode:  U + 1F917

🤔 Thinking – Thoughtful emoji

Hmm… Consider your best options before making a decision. What if your choice is not the best? Therefore, thinking is not something that is done so lightly, but does not think too much or you will end up crazy. 😛

This emoji means being in a mode of thought, reflection, or doubt about something. It can also indicate distrust of something. For example, “Could it be that something is not right?” “Why do what you say?” “Could it be that you are telling me the truth?”

 Unicode:  U + 1F914

 🤭 Face with hand over mouth

The mockery is present in WhatsApp with this icon. Do you know when to use it? When something makes you laugh, but it pains you at the same time. You like to play pranks that embarrass others, but they also embarrass you.

 Unicode:  U + 1F92D

 🤫 Carita asking for silence

Shhh! It keeps a good secret. You can use it to entrust someone with your most intimate secret and ask them not to tell anyone, for nothing in the world. Trust is at risk! Also, be careful who you tell your stuff to.

 Unicode:  U + 1F92

 🤥 Lying Face

Every liar grows his nose, or so they made us believe when they were little thanks to the story of Pinocchio. Do you remember? Well, you can send this to someone when you suspect that what they are telling you is a lie as big as a house.

 Unicode:  U + 1F925

 😶 Face without Mouth

This emoticon is speechless! They left him speechless, or they told him a secret that he can’t tell anyone else. Have you ever felt like this in your life? When this happens while with someone, you can use lp.

 Unicode:  U + 1F636

 😐 Neutral Face

A face with neutral eyes and mouth. It does not express any kind of emotion. Also known as the Poker-Face or as a disappointed face. The face can also mean resignation.

 Unicode:  U + 1F610

 😑 Expressionless Face

His face is much more neutral than that of the previous one. Its eyes and mouth are completely flat and neutral. They represent disapproval or disgust, although it is also expressionless in its full splendor.

 Unicode:  U + 1F611

 😬 Face showing teeth without emotion

Oops! You have made a mistake, or you have been caught red-handed. It is the face of the reckless par excellence: totally neutral eyes and smile. It is not a smile of joy, rather of shame.

 Unicode:  U + 1F62C

🙄 Smiley face with blank eyes

Are you bored by the topic they are talking about, or do you want to show contempt because they have told you a person’s name? This emoji expresses those feelings. In popular slang, it is known as rolling the eyes.

 Unicode:  U + 1F644

😯 Surprised Face

His eyebrows are raised, and his mouth is open in a circular shape. This face is surprised and, at the same time, is distressed in a particular situation. You can use it as long as you don’t confuse it with the fearful face.

It means surprise or amazement, inclusive. It can also refer to disbelief. “What you tell me is incredible!”

 Unicode:  U + 1F62F

 😦 Open-mouthed face

As its name implies, it has an open mouth and neutral eyes that indicate surprise, admiration, or a feeling of impact. You can use it when something shocks you.

 Unicode:  U + 1F626

 😮 Surprised Emoji

Another WhatsApp emoji that has been somewhat surprised. There is nothing that surprises you more than what they just told you. So, this is when it must be chosen and sent to the friend with whom you talk.

 Unicode:  U + 1F62E

 😧 Angry Face

Similar to the surprised face, this face is unique and exclusively dedicated to the expression that a distressing situation can generate for you. Use it to express your feelings of distress or impatience.

 Unicode:  U + 1F627

 😲 Amazed Face

This astonished face, unlike WhatsApp’s gaping faces, has the peculiarity that the mouth shows its teeth and its tongue, and its eyes are larger and surprised. It can be used when something surprises you or leaves you in shock.

 Unicode:  U + 1F632

 😴 Sleeping

Are you sleepy or bored by the conversation? Either of these two situations can be represented very easily with this sleepy face that snores very placidly as if… it was… in… Uaaaahhh! Zzzz.

 Unicode:  U + 1F634

🤤 Drooling Face

Homer Simpson would say, “Mmm … Beer” and put exactly this expression, right? You have too when you feel the aroma of a well-seasoned lasagna or a delicious pizza about to be tasted. Mmm … Food … aaaah!

 Unicode:  U + 1F924

 😪 Sleepy Face

This face has just gotten up, and when seeing his watch, he has realized that it is very early. Do not! That is not a tear, and it is a snot! This is a parody of the way the anime and manga represent a sleeping person.

 Unicode:  U + 1F62A

 😵 Dizzy (or Dead) Face

A face that identifies a person who has been tired, sick, or dizzy. Also, this type of emoticon can also be used as “I am very surprised,” but the reality is that it represents someone who feels bad.

 Unicode:  U + 1F635

 🤐 Face with zipper in the mouth

With this, you ask someone to keep a secret or something very personal. On the contrary, you tell them that your mouth is a grave and not precisely because of the smell. It means keeping your mouth shut in any pressure situation so that you can tell what you have been told.

 Unicode:  U + 1F910

 🤢 Face with Nausea

It is the one that serves to show the world how bad you feel physical, either due to indigestion or because a virus has you tied to a bed. Or maybe you are pregnant, or maybe you are a hangover from all the alcohol you ingested last night who knows?

 Unicode:  U + 1F922

 🤮 Carita vomiting

If with the nauseated face you expressed how bad you felt, here there is no remedy to prevent you from letting it all out. It is unpleasant, I know, but take it easy, because sometimes this is the best remedy for you to feel relief.

 Unicode:  U + 1F92E

 🤧 Cold Face

The typical reaction to allergies due to strong odors or unbearable cold and a particular symptom of the common cold also has its emoji. It is a face with flushed cheeks, tightly clenching its eyes and mouth while blowing its nose into a handkerchief.

 Unicode:  U + 1F927

 😷 Carita with Tapabocas

Associated with medicine, the face mask is used as a method of preventing the transmission of diseases and also in the industrial and food world. To prevent our saliva from falling on the products and contaminating them. But you can use this little face to tell everyone that you are sick.

 Unicode:  U + 1F937

 🤒 Face with Thermometer

With flushed cheeks and a listless expression, he has a thermometer in his mouth, indicating that he has a high fever. You can use it when you are sick or feel a little broken if you want to do a little drama.

 Unicode:  U + 1F912

 🤕 Face with Bandage

This sad looking face wears a bandage that covers her head. It can be used when you have injured a limb or joint or to indicate that you have a severe headache that you think can kill you.

 Unicode:  U + 1F915

 🤑 Wealthy Face

This face has a dollar symbol for eyes and for language. His enthusiastic expression is because he has been presented with the idea of ​​getting a lot of money in a practical and fast way. You can use it, as long as it is something legal or we will denounce you -.- ‘

 Unicode:  U + 1F911

 🤠 The Cowboy

Yeehaaa! This little face looks a lot like the cheerful big-eyed little face. Only she’s wearing a hat. Doesn’t that remind you of Woody’s kindness from Toy Story? Well, dedicate it to your faithful friend!

 Unicode:  U + 1F920

 😈 Devil Emoji

A devilish face, with wicked eyes and chubby eyes, that you can use when you have had a sexual proposal or, simply, when you are about to carry out a very prank.

 Unicode:  U + 1F608

 👿 Angry Little Devil

A devilish face, with chunks and an angry face, that you can use when something has bothered you enough to take revenge by your own hands. You’re thinking the worst, even if it is at stake.

 Unicode:  U + 1F47F

 👹 The Ogre or the Namahage

It is a hideous-looking creature with lots of hair, crooked teeth, reddish skin, and chunks. In popular Japanese culture, this monster is known as the Namahage, and it is the tradition of Japanese men to dress up like him to ward off evil spirits in the New Year.

 Unicode:  U + 1F479

 👺 The Goblin

The Goblin is a red mask very popular in Japanese culture, whose most outstanding characteristics are its abundant eyebrows and prominent mustache, which Japanese men also use to disguise themselves during their rituals.

 Unicode:  U + 1F47A

 🤡 The Clown

This smiling face with a lot of makeup, bald and with hair only on the sides, represents a funny clown. Although some may panic. Clowns are known for appearing at circuses or children’s parties doing silly things or juggling to amuse their audience.

 Unicode:  U + 1F921

 💩 WhatsApp shit

A pile of friendly, smiling, and, above all, smelly poop has its icon on WhatsApp. It serves to tell anyone, as a joke, that it is crap. It can be confused with a chocolate ice cream, but, bad news.

 Unicode:  U + 1F4A9

 👻 The Ghost

This friendly ghost reminds us of Casper (or Gasparín). Her peculiar wild face inspires more tenderness than fear. Normally used for times like Halloween, it can also be used when you are telling a horror story to your friends.

 Unicode:  U + 1F47B

 💀 The skull

This is associated with Halloween. It means death, in whatever way you look at it. It is also related to science and medicine and can be used by rock cultures, especially Death Metal fans.

 Unicode:  U + 1F480

 ☠ A skull

It is also associated with Halloween. Although its meaning, in this case, is also related to death, it is widely used in the world of industrial security to indicate danger. Do you remember that scene from El Chavo on the 8th, when Don Ramón teaches it at school?

 Unicode:  U + 2620

 👽 The Alien

We have all wished to hear the following: “Greetings, Earthlings. I come in peace to meet with their leaders. ” Aliens are famous in geek culture, and geeks get excited about UFO and alien life theories (I admit I’m one of them: $).

 Unicode:  U + 1F47D

 👾 The Pixelated Alien Monster

For all the old school gamers, here we have this design. It is inspired by the first arcade video games, where the graphics were very basic, but they were a total revelation for the young people of those times.

 Unicode:  U + 1F47E

 🤖 The Robot

The future has come to WhatsApp. The robot’s face has a metallic head with white eyes and a stretched mouth as if smiling flat. It alludes to the popular Robotina from the cartoon of The Jetsons. How many of you have seen it?

 Unicode:  U + 1F916

 😺 Smiling Kitty

This symbol is the variant to the Smiley Face. It shows a kitten with human features that smiles subtly with neutral eyes. Cat lovers commonly use it.

 Unicode:  U + 1F63A

 😸 Smiling Kitten with Closed Eyes

This is the variant to the Smiley Face with Closed Eyes. It shows a kitten with human features smiling with closed eyes. Cat lovers commonly use it.

 Unicode:  U + 1F638

 😹 Kitten with Tears of Joy

This is the variant to the Face with Tears of Joy. It shows a kitten with human features that smile with closed eyes and tears of joy. Cat lovers commonly use it.

 Unicode:  U + 1F639

 😻 Kitty in Love

This is the variant to the Carita Enamorada. It shows a kitten totally in love with the person who receives this emoji. Two big red hearts replace his eyes, and his face is idiotic. Cat lovers commonly use it.

 Unicode:  U + 1F63B

 😼 Kitten with a suggestive smile

This is the variant to the Suggestive Face. It shows a kitten with an ironic or very mischievous expression, usually eager for a situation to occur where he can accomplish his task. Cat lovers commonly use it.

 Unicode:  U + 1F63C

 😽 Kissing Kitty

This is the variant to the Carita Besadora. It shows a kitten that stretches its mouth to give a passionate kiss. Can you imagine your cat doing this to you instead of constantly scratching you? It would be great!

 Unicode:  U + 1F63D

 🙀 Kitten as Munch’s Scream

This is the variant to the face The Scream of Munch. It shows a kitten looking scared: its eyes are completely white and large, its expression is surprised, and its hands support its cheeks.

 Unicode:  U + 1F640

 😿 Kitten Sad but Relieved

This is the variant to the Sad but Relieved Face. It shows a kitten looks sad, accompanied by a bead of sweat that expresses the result of having overcome a stressful situation.

 Unicode:  U + 1F63F

 😾 Angry Kitty

This is the variant to the Angry Face. It shows a kitten in its normal, natural, and normal state looking angry. This is the last of the humanized kitties! Remember that they are also living beings and you must take care of them.

 Unicode:  U + 1F63F

 🤲 Palms up together

It normally has two basic functions, firstly, it is used to represent an open book according to American Sign Language (ASL), or it is also often used by devotees of the religion of Islam when performing their prayers

 Unicode:  U + 1F932

 👐 Open hands

Sometimes used as a hug, or as a jazz hand sample, however, the most common use of the two open hands comes to be represented as an opening.

 Unicode:  U + 1F450

 🙌 Raising hands

It is commonly used to show emotion for a situation, raising hands is a natural reaction to success or some joyous event that is pertinent to celebrate with euphoria.

 Unicode:  U + 1F64C

 👏 Clapping Hands

As a sign of celebration or admiration, clapping hands is used to demonstrate happiness for a particular situation, and the symbol used several times is also understood as an applause

 Unicode:  U + 1F44F

 🤝 handshake

It is a cordial greeting between two friends. It can also be used as a sign of respect in some type of negotiation or partnership between two colleagues as a sign of respect and commitment.

 Unicode:  U + 1F91D

 👍 Thumb up

It is a friendly gesture of approval, and thumbs up are very common as a sign to show a favorable position before any particular opinion or any eventuality that requires an agreement.

 Unicode:  U + 1F44D

 👎 thumb down

Contrary to thumb up, this gesture usually shows disagreement in a particular situation. It is also used to disapprove some type of query or show rejection of something specific.

 Unicode:  U + 1F44E

 👊 Oncoming fist

Firstly, the approaching fist usually indicates some kind of threat to hit someone or something, a prior warning. In another context, it refers to strength or support for someone.

 Unicode:  U + 1F44A

 ✊ Raised fist

The raised fist in the air is normally used as a gesture of celebration. However, occasionally it can also be used to represent 0 elements because it does not lift any finger; other uses may refer to resistance or challenges.

 Unicode:  U + 270A

 🤛 Fist to the left

By itself, the icon refers to force, although it is usually used with other gestures to indicate a blow or its most common use in conjunction with the Right Face Fist to complement a fist stroke gesture.

 Unicode:  U + 1F91B

 🤜 Right-sided fist

Similar to the left face fist, this refers to strength, it is also used with the left face fist to indicate the punching gesture.

 Unicode:  U + 1F91C

 🤞 Fingers crossed

Showing the index and middle fingers crossed; this gesture is usually used to indicate good luck or to wish something of a favorable result for friends, family, or close people.

 Unicode:  U + 1F91E

 ️ ✌ Victory Hand

This gesture could be considered universal, commonly known as the gesture of “love and peace,” it can also be used as a Hand of victory, so remember to use it when you achieve a goal.

 Unicode:  U + 270C

 🤘 Horned sign

Very popular in American and English culture, this sign indicates a devotion to rock, a kind of celebration, and milestone for this music, so if they are going to rock perfectly, they can use it.

 Unicode:  U + 1F918

 🤟 Gesture of “I love you.”

You love someone. You want to show them that you care, so you can use this gesture to indicate that you care about that person, although it is more common in American culture.

 Unicode:  U + 1F91F

 👌 OK hand

Everything is fine, things are going OK, as a gesture of approval this emoji is usually used to show that you agree with something, of acceptance, yes, that is correct, among others.

 Unicode:  U + 1F44C

 👈 Reverse index pointing left

You want to point out something that has already been written, refer to another emoticon, emphasize a comment, or another gesture. The Lefthand Reverse Index is the right one for that.

 Unicode:  U + 1F448

 👉 A reverse index pointing to the right

Very similar to the Reverse Index pointing to the left, with the only difference that we must use it before the next one, symbol, gesture, comment or any image that we want to refer to.

 Unicode:  U + 1F449

 👆 Reverse index pointing up

We can use it to emphasize something. The difference is that we commonly take the comment as a reference and point it with the gesture; it can also indicate “I” or “my person” in some contexts.

 Unicode:  U + 1F446

 👇 Reverse index pointing down

You want to refer to what will come next, so this will help you emphasize the next thing you put in the conversation. This way, people will pay more attention.

 Unicode:  U + 1F447

 ✋ Raised hand Emoji Meanings

Give me those five. The raised hand usually indicates that, although in other contexts, it can also be used as a gesture to indicate that you must stop, stop, stop, or simply stop.

 Unicode:  U + 270B

 🤚 Palm of the raised hand

Speak with the hand. Someone wants to attract attention, to ask something, or to point out their participation. They are just some of the uses that can be given depending on the context.

 Unicode:  U + 1F91A

 👋 Hello or Goodbye Emoji

Hello! Here I am! Goodbye! Look at me ! are just some of the uses that can be made of it, so stop being ignored and use it to attract attention.

 Unicode:  U + 1F44B

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 🤙 Call me! Emoji Meanings

Look, I need you to call me! This should not be confused with the sign of the horns or the sign shaka, in other contexts, it can be a celebration as Ronaldinho did at some point or to indicate the Swag of something.

 Unicode:  U + 1F919

 💪 Arm making strength Emoji

You want to show strength, endurance, so the biceps are the right ones to represent all the strength you have or want to show, so do not hesitate, use it when you need it.

 Unicode:  U + 1F4AA

 🖕 Middle finger Emoji Meanings

Someone drives you crazy, they made you very angry, you want to be irreverent or rude to someone, so this is the right one. However, you should know that it is a rude gesture and can generate negative reactions.

 Unicode:  U + 1F595

 ✍ Handwriting

You are doing homework, writing a letter, a song, a text, so this is the right one to emphasize it. You can use it when you are inspired, and you don’t want to explain it too much, so you don’t get distracted.

 Unicode:  U + 270D

 🙏 Folded hands

Two hands together held tightly together refer to please or thanks in Japanese culture. However, more commonly in the rest of the world, it usually indicates praying and, in some cases, another form of Hive 5!

 Unicode:  U + 1F64F

 👳 Person With Turban

The turban is a highly appreciated headdress on the Asian continent, which contains various meanings when used, giving it an aura of protection, pride, and superiority in your person. Show your exotic and also dominant side! Think no more.

 Unicode:  U + 1F473

 🧕 Woman with Hijab-Scarf:

This represents a divine woman wearing a delicate and modest veil on her head, originally this outfit is worn by Muslim girls, in which they transmit a symbol of untouchable modesty and privacy.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9D5

 👮‍♀️ Police Woman

Stop there; you’re stopped! This police joust’s mission is to catch the criminals and release security everywhere. Use it if you are willing to help your friends in a case or collect clues to find this unpublished information.

 Unicode:  U + 1F46E

 👮‍♂️ Police Man

Be very careful. The policeman will not hesitate in a second to catch the guilty and release the innocent. Is your friend in a grip? Tell him not to worry; help is on the way! Use it for rushing to the rescue immediately.

 Unicode:  U + 1F46E

 👷 ♀ Working Woman

Build, invent, and prosper: make your ideas come true. Working women and with a fixed purpose every day implement a small act to build their goal, also with the fact that sometimes it emits the desire to put together a goal or desired home.

 Unicode:  U + 1F477

 👷 ♂ Worker Emoji Meanings

There is a rumor that men improvise and accomplish many things with their two hands, which is very true. Do not hesitate to send this emoticon when transmitting the fulfillment of construction, whether material or emotional. They will see the commitment and enthusiasm that you contain!

 Unicode:  U + 1F477

 💂 ♀ Female Guard

He enters the youngest and most loyal British Army in the country, being a significant, honorary, and fighting image for the British grenadier regiment. Their commitment is to fulfill and execute the orders. With this, you can show others that you will follow the directions given to the letter.

 Unicode:  U + 1F482

 💂 ♂ Male Guard

The Welsh Guard is quite faithful to the accomplishment of his given missions. His impressive performance is the example to be followed by all British inhabitants. You can also be someone to admire this incredible cultural and responsible symbol.

 Unicode:  U + 1F482

 🕵️‍♀️ Woman Detective

Be the shadow, be the air, be invisible. What matters is that you are not discovered! When we use this agent emoji in secret, we mean that we are forewarned and determined to get any hidden information without being caught by anyone.

 Unicode:  U + 1F575

 🕵 ♂ Detective man

Lately, things are getting a little suspicious around here. What’s going on? Why are they acting so weird? It will be better to inspect each fact until you put together the extensive information puzzle. Sneakily warn through this, but, shhh! Don’t raise so much suspicion!

 Unicode:  U + 1F575

 👩‍⚕️ Doctor or Nurse

Apparently, a loved one loved by us has become ill, it will be recommended that we go to give them our affection and care so that they feel much better. In any case, send it so that our patient knows that we are going to give him a treatment.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍⚕️ Doctor or Nurse

“Now say: Aaaah” The health specialist has just arrived, I hope that with this you have an idea of ​​the slow but effective process that can finally make our sick patient recover. Hopefully, the support and medication will be useful, in any case.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍🌾 Woman farmer

Agriculture is one of the most beneficial activities, since, by dedicating a great time of effort in the crops, we will obtain numerous nutritious and delicious crops. Send it to one of your acquaintances, so they know the excellent agriculture they have as a friend!

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍🌾 Farmer Man

This symbolizes the activities carried out by a farmer together with the immense love of farm work. Send it to your friends, so maybe they could join this peaceful and interesting rural experience.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍🍳 Chef Woman

“Bon Appetite” Let your guests know that the culinary star will stand out on this day for the magnificent delicacies that you will cook for today with the help of the female chef’s emoticon; Greatly graphic all your knowledge in this culinary art.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍🍳 Chef Man Emoji Meanings

Believe it or not, there are men with that gift of giving an exquisite seasoning in various foods, Show anyone and even your wife that you manage to give appetizing options effortlessly with this symbol! The scent that kitchen with delicacies, champion!

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍🎓 Female student Emoji Meanings

The study is practically the primary stairs in our destiny. Thanks to this, we train both academically and personally. Why don’t you tell your dreams, goals, and objectives to others with this engaging emoji? Dare yourself!

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍🎓 Male student

Is your dream to be a soccer player? Engineer? Or an architect? The career you are going to select implies having maturity, prudence, and responsibility in your academic duties to go a long way. This will give you the favor of capturing anyone who, sooner or later, will be that virtuous person.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍🎤 Female Singer Emoji Meanings

The melodious tones make the heart ignite, and the mind inspires, did you know? That the opinions of others do not seal your lips, without fear or obstacles, let everyone know that you love to sing and share your feelings to the world with this design: Sing to the rhythm of the music!

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍🎤 Male Singer Emoji Meanings

“Do, re, mi, fa, sol …” You just sang it, right? Indeed, using it, you can infect whoever is the artistic and rhythmic side that everyone hides inside. Do you want to go to karaoke, friend?

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍🏫 Female Teacher Emoji Meanings

This gives recognition to the incredible patience, affection, and teaching that contains the teachers of all specialties, those women who always raise unparalleled knowledge in the small dreamy heads of the students.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍🏫 Male Professor Emoji Meanings

Teachers should not be left aside. We must thank them for their demanding and friendly attitudes, they have provided us with advice and knowledge for our daily lives, with this you can tell everyone how important they are.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

👩‍🏭 Factory Worker woman

Welding a piece under intense heat implies a certain physical and practical performance when executing such an activity, which manifests the great potential that arises in these dedicated women.

Unicode:  U + 1F469

👨‍🏭 Factory Worker man

Strength, endurance, communication; They are the desired skills and profile that any disciplined man struggles to reinforce and apply in this hard work. When we use it, we imply that we are working without ceasing. Excuse me. My hands are busy!

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍💻 Technological Woman

Don’t take an eye off yourself! We understand that addiction to enjoying series, watching videos and spending your evenings on the computer, take a risk using it, send that hint that you don’t want to talk to anyone, and you only want to spend the whole day on your pc.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍💻 Technological Man

Show your artificial intelligence, launching strategies in your life; for example, in the emoji of the technological man, pretend you are busy, but you really are immersed in your virtual world. So the opposite will not annoy you again.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

👩 Businesswoman Woman

I need coffee! Meetings, calls, business to be done. Life is not easy, is it? In those moments when time is torturing you, it is recommended to send it as a sign that you are entering work, or you cannot continue the conversation. First is the duty, then fun.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍💼 Businessman

We offer you something: you win if you indicate with the emoticon your flexible and persuasive way of working, you will see that all your clients will be in your favor! Impressive my proposal, no?

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍🔧 Female Mechanic

Entering a world of men is not an easy task; these women in those practical and rough professions demonstrate how warrior they are and what work job anyone can adapt. Finally, a symbol that perfectly describes this!

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍🔧 Mechanical Man

The car is the first object that men consider as: “their precious baby,” which will always put the maintenance and protection of their vehicle first. Obviously, they will send the experts to handle that.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍🔬The scientist

Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, among others, are the clear examples that you have conquered the territory of science, being before a career well studied by men. With this, he honors those and future scientists that we know so much.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍🔬 The scientist

Do you have the same knowledge as Albert Einstein? Well, this symbol will describe you perfectly. Apply that good sense of science to the person you are talking to impress them in the blink of an eye.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍🎨 The Artist

This allows you to emphasize to your contacts that you are so creative that it urges you to bring out your painter’s side and frame in a frame the beauty and originality of your freshest and most significant creations. If everything around us is art. Why don’t you take advantage of it and paint it?

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍🎨 The Artist

Release your inspiration and leave it afloat with this beloved expressive emoticon; It allows you to mark your mark on the countless works that you create with time, concentration, and love. Manage to capture the tiny beauties of life and show them. Let the world know what is being lost!

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍🚒 Firefighter

Fire-Fire! This emoji should never be forgotten when an emergency arises, and you can tell someone that there is a fire approaching or take it like the one in charge of extinguishing the intense flames of gossip. Prevent someone from setting fire to the chat!

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍🚒 The Firefighter

He is a boy in uniform with a firefighter outfit, prepared to face danger, aiming to put out those flames. It can be used as a call for help or in entertainment mode during the conversation.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👨‍✈️👩‍✈️ Pilot

In the next few minutes, the plane will take off, and its destination will arrive! With this, you can demonstrate that you can fly and explore new destinations making passengers have a great time.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👨‍🚀👩‍🚀 Astronaut

Show with this symbol that you can also go to the moon as Neil Armstrong did in 1969, anything is possible, so pack your bags and let’s make history again.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️ Judge

We have many cases to resolve, one decision after another where both parties can reach a positive agreement or condemn those who do not comply with the law, these reflect what it entails to practice this profession.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👰 Bride With Veil and Boyfriend in Tuxedo

And they were happy forever! It is the most important day for a couple who love each other and want to be together to form a family, use them to represent this wonderful moment in your state.

 Unicode:  U + 1F470

 👸 The Princess and The Prince

The castle is our home, where we are children of the King, our life is full of fantasy and love. This couple will make you live a wonderful story. Conquer without fear.

 Unicode:  U + 1F478

 🤶 Santa Claus or Father Christmas

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, nice Christmas, remember to behave well so that Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus can bring you your gift, remember to place them to bring the most anticipated time of year closer.

 Unicode:  U + 1F936

 🧙 Magician

A lot of magic around, we will do the best spells to surprise you. This will make you see that there is a fantastic world to discover, so we are going to learn and practice.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9D9

 🧝 Female and Male Elf

We are fantastic, humanoid-looking small beings, although we seem fragile and delicate at first glance, we have great strength and agility, use it if you consider that you have these abilities.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9DD

 🧛 Vampire

Our favorite moment: the night, where we can go out and feed on the vital essence of the human being, society is afraid of us, but what can we do if we exist, use it to bring out that vampire that you carry inside.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9DB

 🧟 Zombie

We rise from the dead to scare them, but they treat us like slaves, following orders from who brought us back to life, we don’t look nice, we like to eat people, they are very delicious! Use it on Halloween and stand out.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9DF

 🧞 Genie of the Lamp

Before using it, first of all, clean the jar well and then ask for the three allowed wishes, that the genie of the lamp will grant them, yes, think well because we will not know when it will appear again.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9DE

 🧜 The Mermaid and the Newt

Me being the mermaid, With my melodious voice, I attract the sailors, to seduce and enchant them. If he is a newt with his strength and cunning, I will defend the seas at all costs, use these emoticons to shine your skills with these mythological beings, and thus attract the love of your life or the defense of the seven seas.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9DC

 🧚 Fairies

We are magical beings that protect nature, belonging to a fantasy world, we like to build works and arts, you can find us inside the forest, use these symbols if you want to ask for their help.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9DA

 👼 Baby Angel

So adorable, it symbolizes the purity and gratitude that remains in our being. Very similar to that of a baby. It can be used when we want to transmit to the contrary that affection and purification that we give.

 Unicode:  U + 1F47C

 🤰 Pregnant Woman

Nine months of patience, nine months of waiting, and nine months for those unique mothers to receive in their hands the divine children that they have imagined so much from the first day. Indeed, this describes a magical and wonderful experience for anyone.

 Unicode:  U + 1F930

 🤱 Breastfeeding

This feeding process is so complementary for the child that many times it is frowned upon by various people when it is carried out in public areas, which, in this way, supports this so that it becomes something every day.

 Unicode:  U + 1F931

 🙇 Reverence

Reverence, a gesture that shows respect for someone, is used in different cultures around the world, has many meanings when executing them, uses these to show your consideration, greeting, respect, and empathy towards other people.

 Unicode:  U + 1F647

 💁 Inclining hand

Body language is one of the most used expressions, which unleashes all kinds of emotions and maybe saying something important. It can reveal feelings that we do not dare to name or that we do not know how to express, use it to avoid any question, and thus get out of it quickly.

 Unicode:  U + 1F481

 🙅 Gesturing No

This gesturing unintentionally communicates different emotional states, and this process is used in disgust, or there is simply no deal. Use it and make it understood that NO IS NO.

 Unicode:  U + 1F645

 🙆 Gesturing Ok

We continue with the gestures, but this time in the affirmative, implying that everything is in order, everything ¨OK¨, but be careful we know that the answers in real existence have another type of manifestation. So we must be cautious when using them.

 Unicode:  U + 1F646

 🙋 Raising the Hand

Present, President! Remember your entire existence in conversation, and this useful icon will help you notice your presence, which, the other participants will finally listen to your point of view on the topic they are talking about.

 Unicode:  U + 1F64B

🤦 Palm Facepalm

Use it when you experience stress boiling in your system, because of a situation that you can no longer tolerate or simply your partner does not capture the information you are talking about. Ugh. Today seems to be a very gray day.

 Unicode:  U + 1F926

 🤷 Person shrugging

“Eh … I have absolutely no idea what you’re saying to me.” Hasn’t it happened to you that someone’s explanation is as tangled as the train tracks? Use it. With this, you will make him understand that you are flying out of orbit…. Or that you just don’t care what they are saying.

 Unicode:  U + 1F937

 🙎 Person pouting

This loyal icon allows you to show others how much it put you down with discouragement about what they said. It is also very functional when it comes to asking for favors with that sweet and melancholic face. No one resists pouting!

 Unicode:  U + 1F64E

 🙍 Person frowning

“Lately today I haven’t received good results … Uhg …” Hey, take it easy; Take a deep breath and express your melancholy and concern to your closest ones. This will be the most recommended for this occasion.

 Unicode:  U + 1F64D

 💇 Haircut

Leave everyone speechless with the original look you will make yourself, discreetly let everyone know that a new version of you will soon walk the corners of any place with this emoticon.

 Unicode:  U + 1F487

 💆 Massage

Throw responsibilities and bad vibes overboard, take a moment to love yourself and relax. Give a clear example to your coworkers and even family members that you will take the day with this symbol. Hmp! The spa is a good option to start!

 Unicode:  U + 1F486

 🧖 In a sauna

Spend your rest time in the cozy and humid sauna; make your body rest every inch and think about the wonderful things you will do after taking rejuvenating steam. This might tell you on the contrary that you are very busy. Very busy pouring water on the hot stones.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9D6

 💅 Nail Polish

Look dominate, empowered, diva, unique in the crowd, clearly sporting amazing nails! Use it to mark whoever crosses your path that the queen of glory has just arrived, obvious with a lot of styles to envy.

 Unicode:  U + 1F485

 🤳 Selfie

A photo, a photo, please! Tell your friends with this emoji the yearned for wanting to take a special photograph for the moment. The memories will always go to oblivion, but the selfies? Never! Come on, smile at the camera.

 Unicode:  U + 1F933

 💃 Dancing Woman

Dancing is one of those things that fit perfectly with the saying that says: once you learn it, you will never forget it again, you connect with the music, with the moment and begin to live it, with this it lets everyone know that you are going to dance and enjoy.

 Unicode:  U + 1F483

 🕺 Dancing Man

Dancing, we move the body, we connect with music, we connect with our partner. We move physically, but we also move emotionally. Use it to make that girl fall in love and make her feel those butterflies that jump without stopping.

 Unicode:  U + 1F57A

 👯 People Rabbit Ears

They have several interpretations. It is up to you how you will use it. It is in a feminine and masculine version. One of those interpretations that are often used is when friendship, empathy, fun, and we are going to enjoy it, do not regret using it, but Remember it has its versions.

 Unicode:  U + 1F46F

 🕴 Man in Suit Levitating

Levitation called the effect by which a body or object is in stable suspension in space, Magicians ‘trick’ the senses in such a way that a person may appear to be levitating, thus creating the concept of illusion, use it not you will regret.

 Unicode:  U + 1F574

 🚶 Person Walking

Phew! Walking is the best, can I tell you some benefits? Prevents the onset of diabetes, improves your sex life = O, increases vitamin levels, helps you take less medicine, and walking is good for your bones, use it, and invites others to walk.

 Unicode:  U + 1F6B6

 🏃 Running Person

Imagine you, if walking is fully beneficial, now running will be much more pleasant and great for the body, what advantages does it have? Tones the muscles, clears the mind, increases body resistance, increases defenses, and the best? Use them and get everyone running.

 Unicode:  U + 1F3C3

 👫 Holding hands

Who would say that two people liked, understood and assimilated each other, you are happy because you found your ideal partner and do you want to let everyone know = D? Use it to let your friends see that loneliness is a thing of the past.

 Unicode:  U + 1F46B

 👭 Women Holding Hands

Who would say that love is ample, surely the pain or some fear will prevent you from being happy, but what does it matter, people should not get involved in couples so give it without any problem, use it and show your girl that you love her and that you want to take care of her.

 Unicode:  U + 1F46D

 👬 Men Holding Hands

Love has no barriers, there is no guideline, to love that man who surrounds you, you must reveal it, and of course do it without fear, because after all, the relationship is two, it is not three or four, date everything and say yes to equal love.

 Unicode:  U + 1F46C

 💑 Couple in love: Man-Woman

Once you have achieved all the objectives to conquer, it is time to use it to show off and warn others that you got the love of your life, it was surely difficult and complicated, but nothing is in vain. Show and show off your achievements in love = D.

 Unicode:  U + 1F491

 👩‍❤️‍👩 Couple in Love: Woman-Woman

Who would say no? You fought, persevered and reached that peak moment to be your girlfriend, of course, you carried things calmly and controlling those butterflies that you felt in your stomach, but you did it. Let her know with this emoji how in love you are with her.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍❤️‍👨 Couple in Love Man-Man

A cup of coffee, a unique and incomparable cold in the moor, and best of all, with your man, who fills you with satisfaction and full harmony, use it when your feelings are on the surface and ufff with that cold causes everything = P.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 💏 kissing

Ufff this part is the best, you find it, you know it, you fall in love with it, and then you ask it to be your partner for the rest of your life, and that person responds “YES,” sincerely you have to kiss it, show it with this symbol so that your boy or girl falls more in love with you.

 Unicode:  U + 1F48F

 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Kiss from woman to woman

Do you have nerves? Sure your girl will also have it but do not worry, tell her with this design that you want to eat her with kisses, that your nerves paralyze you, but one of the two must take that very important step in the relationship, do it all will be fine = D.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Kiss from man to man

Before seeing it, you leave him a WhatsApp, with pure emoticons crying out for that spectacular kiss, you already want to see it. You want to be with him and above all share, the beauty of love in full skin, shine without fear, and wait for several hours for that SUPER kiss SPECIAL.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👨‍👩‍👧 Man, Woman, and Girl

Caring for an infant takes work and dedication twenty-four hours a day. However, that does not take away from the fact that it is considered the most appreciated treasure for recent parents in love. With this, it will make everyone indicate how happy they are to start forming a family.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Man, Woman, Girl, and Girl

“The family grows, two suckers came into our lives!” Share these feelings of pride and protection towards your family with this symbol, show your acquaintances how well you handle the situation, and especially how much you love them.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍👩‍👧 Woman, Woman, and Girl

Female power to the rescue! Between a loyal and loving female partner, there will never be a lack of unconditional support and fundamental values ​​for the lucky baby who is under the responsibility. On the contrary, it indicates that your dream family will come true sooner or later.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Woman, Woman, Girl, and Girl

If a child is a complicated case. Imagine now having two children in your cozy family in your life; use this affectionate and united emoticon so that everyone knows the abundance that abounds in your family. Invade everyone with an “Awws.”

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍👨‍👦 Man, Man, and Child

“Don’t panic; it’s just a tiny creature! What could happen? ” Send it to your acquaintances when you tell everyone the value of having a playful member in your little family in your life. It will be difficult, but love will never be lacking.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 Man, Man, Girl, and Girl

What a lovely family! Incredible potential and care they offer to that pair of offspring, it is admirable how they fight day by day to see them grow and be exemplary beings in the future. Wear it without fear, with pride, shout out to the world the joy of having your family.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 👩‍👧 Woman with girl

Ignore the comments and negative judgment of others, demonstrate to society that a single mother can take care of her beloved children at her own will, with this emoticon it will be the direct and clear description that you will recite to others.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

  👩‍👧‍👦 Women and children

This will help you comment that having two children is an easy task for you, changing the way of thinking that adversaries have. Show everyone that your time, effort, and mainly love for your boys does not cost anything.

 Unicode:  U + 1F469

 👨‍👧 Man and child

The main objective is always to see him see a wide smile on his lipsticks and fulfill his dreams. For now, all you have to do is give your best and sacrifice many things when you take care of yourself. This will let opponents know how much you love him.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

  👨‍👧‍👦 Man and children

Those hours where one learns to cook, learn to comb them, educate them correctly only for them, maybe it will be simple or difficult, but the result will be beneficial for the future and their way. Use it and tell your acquaintances that you are at that moment to always take care of them.

 Unicode:  U + 1F468

 🧥 Coat or Cloak

The coat is an elegant garment for daily use, practical and comfortable to wear on those dates where the cold makes an appearance. Also, if we can acquire several and combine them to have more Outfits, it would be perfect, do not think twice =D.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9E5

 👚 Blouse

Do you have a party or some important event? A blouse will always be your faithful companion, use it to indicate that you are getting ready for a special occasion, yes, without revealing the details of it so that they are surprised to see you arrive.

 Unicode:  U + 1F45A

 👕 T-shirt

Those days where you are out of the office, it is best to wear comfortable clothes, remember to have a variety of colors so that you can combine without problems, use it when you go out on your days off.

 Unicode:  U + 1F455

 👖 Pants

The pants are the ideal complement to combine and make you feel super original, which will highlight your masculinity and differentiate you from others, use it when you buy a new one.

 Unicode:  U + 1F456

 👔 Shirt and Tie

How handsome! That man is not flattered by those words, a shirt and tie make you look elegant and sophisticated, use it if you go to the office or have a special event where feminine looks will intimidate you.

 Unicode:  U + 1F454

 👗 Dress

Do you have a party or some important event? A dress will always be your faithful companion. You can use it to indicate that you are getting ready for a special occasion, yes, without revealing the details of it so that they are surprised to see you arrive.

 Unicode:  U + 1F457

 👙 Swimsuit or Bikini

Sun, beach, and sand or a swimming pool, but without a swimsuit, how can we enjoy it? This garment is mandatory, with this smiley, you show that you will look beautiful and you will be the center of attention.

 Unicode:  U + 1F459

 👘 Kimono

Use these icons if you are a fan of Japanese fashion or you are in the Asian country and you are wearing beautiful clothing where its colors and beautiful flowers are displayed, adorning the beauty of who wears it.

 Unicode:  U + 1F458

 👠 High Heel Shoe

The heels are beautiful. They will make you look spectacular, accompanied by a formal or informal dress, use this symbol when you have a special occasion, and feel like a diva.

 Unicode:  U + 1F460


 👡 Women’s Sandal

A walk, an invitation to a coffee, with a Jean, a blouse, and some nice sandals, is the perfect outfit for the occasion, use this emoji and highlight your footwear when walking through the most important streets of the city = D.

 Unicode:  U + 1F461

 👢 Cowgirl Boots

If you are in a cold place, apart from the appropriate clothing, you should have boots that protect your feet, so you will have a walk without worrying about having this part of the body unprotected = D.

 Unicode:  U + 1F462

 👞 Dress Shoe

Who says that man does not take care of his personal appearance? Of course, a good suit must be accompanied by casual shoes, use this design when you go to work, or on that occasion where you have to stand out when dressing.

 Unicode:  U + 1F45E

 👟 Sports Shoes

A healthy body is synonymous with exercising regularly, and when you train, you must use comfortable shoes to withstand the hours spent on sport, you can use it, and they will know where to find you and accompany you.

 Unicode:  U + 1F45F

 🧦 Socks

Imagine you, the wide variety of socks that exist, of all sizes, colors, and styles, you just have to choose the appropriate model when combining, they are comfortable, practical. They will always be fashionable, although yes, wash them from time to time occasionally, hahaha = D.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9E6

 🧤 Gloves

I have to protect my hands from the cold. Otherwise, I will die with this sub-zero temperature. Use it when you have them on so you can type the phone and not freeze in the process.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9E4

 🧣 Scarf

It is very cold in this place! I have to put something on to cover my neck, so I will look for my scarf when putting it on it will be known that you are in a place where there is no heat at all.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9E3


 🎩 Top Hat

You can highlight it if you are in a monopoly game, or when you are in a British wedding because it is part of their tradition on that occasion and you will see how handsome you are.

 Unicode:  U + 1F3A9

 🧢 Cap

This useful garment is used in almost any event you can attend, we use it on a daily basis, informal or formal, there are those who risk combining the cap with somewhat more subtle garments, but in the end, they look good = P.

 Unicode:  U + 1F9E2

 👒 Women’s Hat

You have to protect yourself from the sun, so the hat is essential to take care of yourself. Use it when you are at the beach or on a walk on a sunny day and recommend its use for our health.

 Unicode:  U + 1F452

 🎓 Mortarboard

Years of study that have ended and the day of graduation has arrived, in your state, you can not miss this to announce that you have reached one of your goals, so celebrate!

 Unicode:  U + 1F393

 ⛑ Helmet with White Cross Rescue

Heroes, heroines, all of them, are recognized for their rescue work where their life is also in danger, we always see them with their helmets to protect themselves from any danger, use the symbol if you are going to do this work or want to recognize them for their work.

 Unicode:  U + 26D1

 👑 Corona

We know that the king and queen only wear the crown, but you can also feel like royalty, use this emoticon and live your moment even if it is for a moment, but whoever removes it, can it be forever, right? Hehe, =D.

 Unicode:  U + 1F451

 👝 Clutch Bag

If you go to a gala party, you can not exaggerate wearing an accessory that takes away the charm of the dress. A small bag that contains the essentials will make you look spectacular. This icon is ready to appear when you go to an exclusive celebration.

 Unicode:  U + 1F45D

 👛 Wallet

I go anywhere, and when buying I always get coins back, it is necessary to always have a purse on hand to store them and not lose them, this is essential to remember their daily use.

 Unicode:  U + 1F45B

 👜 Lady’s Bag

Women need to carry a lot of things when going out, the bigger the bag, the better because there is nothing left out, this is ideal for women who are farsighted and who never go out without it.

 Unicode:  U + 1F45C

 💼 Briefcase

People who belong to the business world cannot be without their faithful companion, their briefcase. There are all the documents and implements necessary to close any deal when you see this emoji you already indicate that you are in one of them.

 Unicode:  U + 1F4BC

 🎒 Backpack

This emoticon, you can use it, yes, you are on your way to school, and you bring books, notebooks, colors, pencils, among others. Likewise, remember to check it over and over again, you cannot forget anything, or the teacher will scold you.

 Unicode:  U + 1F392

 👓 Glasses

To read, observe, glasses are the necessary accessories for those who have limited vision, you can use it, and others will know that they should not underestimate you in your limitations.

 Unicode:  U + 1F453

 🕶 Sunglasses

This emoticon is ideal for those people who want to protect themselves from the sun or simply hide their identity. However, they may not always succeed, who knows you well, because they will recognize you, so it will serve you better for the first option.

What Does Each Emoji Use in Whatsapp Mean

Using emojis in WhatsApp conversations or other social networks is a very common practice on the Internet. When you don’t know what to write, a happy or sad face, for example, can demonstrate what the person is thinking or feeling at that moment. However, it is important to remember that the Emoji Meanings of the Symbols of some icons may not be clear to all users and, therefore, the interpretation tends to be varied. The misunderstanding can be even greater considering that the emojis for iPhone ( iOS ), Android, and Windows Phone is different.

Unicode publishes standards on what emojis mean, but they are not always used correctly. After all, they can have unique Emoji Meanings of the Symbols within certain groups. The social network Snapchat, for example, has its own unique set of emojis. To make your life easier and prevent misinterpretations in future conversations, TheSoftBest listed the Emoji Meanings of the Symbols on WhatsApp.

The Day of the Emoji (#EmojiDay)

On July 17th, International Emoji Day is celebrated. This date has been celebrated since 2014 and was chosen because it is the day that appears in the calendar emoji that is displayed on iPhones.

On that date, companies take the opportunity to launch new emojis and hold events. Facebook also published data showing the most used emojis worldwide and which are preferred by each country.

Last Words

Emojis are always evolving as a communication tool, and the Emoji Meanings of the Symbols may still be constantly changing. The figures are also surprisingly personal, so you should be careful when using it and make sure the recipient will understand it, to avoid any misunderstanding.

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