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GlassesOff App Review: The GlassesOff app is an excellent way to improve eyesight. It is a breakthrough in improving eye vision. This is because it uses an intuitive Read without Glasses method that makes reading much easier and allows you to give up the dependency on glasses while reading.

GlassesOff App Review

GlassesOff App Review

Before using this GlassesOff app to improve sight, read our glasses off app review to learn all about this app.

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Read without Glasses Method

Dr. Ray Gottleib’s book ‘Read Without Glasses Method’ is the inspiration for the GlassesOff app. Read without Glasses Method is the first and only vision exercise program that improves your actual eyesight.

User Experience

Read without Glasses begins with putting your eyes to the test by rotating many rows of the letter ‘E.’ The test requires you to tap the right rotation to pass, and it is repeated numerous times. This was tedious, but I couldn’t wait for the next game. It never arrived, but it might be in the paid section.

I was presented with the fading ‘E’ after numerous rounds of the revolving ‘E.’ The letter ‘E’ was shown alone in various rotations, with different contrasts up to near transparency. It was irritating, but it could be due to my poor vision.

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As you pass the eye test, the Reading without Glasses Method will guide you through a series of exercises to improve your ability to see clearly at all distances.

There are three levels, with level 1 requiring effort to read in bright light, level 2 requiring some work to read in normal light, and level 3 requiring no effort to read in normal light. These levels restore your reading vision and, ultimately, put an end to your dependence on reading glasses.

However, I have completed the classes myself, and now after three months, I don’t need to wear glasses at all. It works like the studies suggest and is really worth avoiding wearing reading glasses!

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I’ve noticed a noticeable improvement in my vision while using this app! Now, I have reached the point where I read anything without my reading glasses unless the environment is extremely dark and the print is relatively thin.

User’s Feedback

According to user feedback, some people’s vision improves from 20/200 to 20/40 when reading glasses are no longer required. 80% of those who attempted the classes said their vision had improved.

And nearly 90 percent of the subjects who completed the Glasses Off program in Berkeley, California, could read the usual newspaper font size without using glasses. They said that they no longer needed reading glasses.

Is GlassesOff legit?

Yes, obviously. Like any other scientifically based technique, this app benefits you by improving your brain’s image processing capacity through ongoing testing. Besides, it administrates individual reading glasses tests of each user. And then, it prescribes unique treatment based on the collected data.

Moreover, a world-renowned team of neuroscientists came up with the concept for Glasses Off. Its patented “Read without Glasses” Method was formed based on study and scientific research on human vision over the years. Besides, this app is supported by multiple top scientific journals also.

How often do you need to use this app?

Glasses Off app is an Android and IOS application that helps you to improve your eye’s ability to function by using 12-minute sessions 3 times a week for 2 months.

How much is the GlassesOff app?

A one-month subscription to this app will cost $9.99. And for 3-months, it will cost $24.99. However, this pricing is for USA consumers and may differ depending on your location. Also, charges are subject to currency conversion.

Furthermore, as a GlassesOff subscriber, you’ll regularly have access to your customized training program. Once a term ends, you will be billed immediately through your iTunes account for the next period. However, if you want to cancel auto-renewal at any time, you can do so from your iTunes account settings.

Final Words

Overall, this app seems pretty good, and you can start using it. You’ll feel like your vision for seeing distant stuff has improved. You can use this app for free by subscribing to one week trial and then can decide whether you’ll go for the paid subscription or not. Moreover, all of GlassesOff’s features may now be more easily accessed and navigated with this new version release’s updated navigation menu. Besides, several bugs have also been fixed in this release.


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