Is Saikou App Safe? Or Legal!

Is Saikou App Safe

Is Saikou App Safe? In the fast-paced world of digital entertainment, where anime enthusiasts are constantly looking for convenient ways to access their favorite shows and manga, the emergence of new streaming apps is exciting and intriguing. One such app has been creating waves in the anime community is the Saikou app.

 As its popularity grows, questions arise about its safety and legality. Are users venturing into a gray area by using this app, or can they rest assured that their anime-watching experience is secure and within the law?

Here, we delve into the Saikou app’s safety and legal aspects, shedding light on what users need to know.

Is Saikou app Safe? Or Legal?

Yes, Saikou is generally safe to use. Users have expressed their satisfaction with the app, highlighting its potential as an alternative to Aniyomi. While minor issues are reported, such as difficulties in smoothly transitioning to the next chapter while reading manga and the app not marking read chapters, minor inconveniences can be improved over time.

The app is still relatively new, and the developers are expected to continue to enhance the user experience and introduce new features to make manga reading even better.

Saikou anime app Review

Saikou anime app Review

Here is a short review of the Saikou anime app; I’ll break down my experience into different aspects, focusing mainly on the anime-watching features while touching on manga and light novel sections.

1. App UI and Fluidity – A Glimpse of Excellence

The first impression of the Saikou app is nothing short of impressive. Its user interface (UI) is a breath of fresh air and reminiscent of the glory days of apps like Shiro and Anyme X. Navigating the app is intuitive and smooth.

However, certain sections, like the settings page, currently need to be added due to their newness. Despite this, I’m compelled to give it a solid 8/10 for the UI and fluidity.

2. Sources – Quality over Quantity

While Saikou might not boast an extensive range of sources, the ones it does offer are of commendable quality.

With well-known platforms like Zoro, Gogo anime, 9anime, and the recent addition of Twist, the diversity of sources available is sufficient for an enjoyable anime-watching experience. (8/10) (Manga sources include: Mangadex, mangapill, mangasee, and mangabuddy)

3. Video Player – A Work in Progress

The Saikou app’s video player is functional, lacking groundbreaking features. It presents basic controls like play, pause, skip forward and backward, and video speed adjustment.

While it’s slightly above average, my hopes are lifted by the promise of future updates that could elevate this aspect. As it stands, I’d rate the video player a 7/10.

4. Tracking Services – Seamless Anilist Integration

Saikou offers integration with Anilist for tracking services, which suits my needs perfectly. Despite the initial adjustment from MAL to Anilist, it is satisfactory.

However, the absence of MAL might be a drawback for some users, so I’d rate this aspect an 8/10.


As users, it’s crucial to approach platforms like the Saikou app with a discerning eye. Engaging in online activities always comes with a specific responsibility, especially concerning copyrighted content. Adhering to legal guidelines and respecting the creators’ rights should be at the forefront of our minds. So, the Saikou app presents a remarkable opportunity for anime enthusiasts to indulge in their passion.