59 List of Siri Commands of 2023 on iPhone or iPad

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The best list of Siri commands: Little by little, virtual assistants are gaining a greater presence in our lives, especially those of Apple, Google, and Amazon. Both Siri and Google Assistant, and Alexa allow us today to carry out different actions on our mobile, tablet, wearable, or speaker with the simple use of our voice.

List of Siri Commands

List of Siri Commands

In the same way that we have compiled the best commands for the Google Assistant on other occasions, today, we are going to stop at Siri, and more specifically, on all those commands that allow us to get more out of Apple’s virtual assistant on our iPhone or iPad. If there is one that you use often and does not appear on the List of Siri Commands, do not forget to leave it in the comments.

Hey Siri…: the best commands

First of all, we will remember how to activate the Apple assistant in iOS 14. The process is as simple as entering ‘Settings’ and clicking on ‘Siri and search.’ From there, you can select whether you want Siri to activate by saying “Hey Siri” and by pressing the side button. It is also possible to choose the voice, the language, if you prefer -or not- that it is activated with the locked screen and when you want -or not- it to answer you aloud.

Once the assistant is activated, the voice commands that Siri can understand allow us to order it from making calls and sending messages until it tells you how to get to a site. Through setting alarms, adding reminders, checking the agenda or the latest news, play music, start the stopwatch, and a long etcetera. Next, we are going to go through some of the most common classified by categories, but, obviously, the options are endless.

Messages and Calls Siri Commands

  • Call / Make a call to [name or phone number].
  • Reject the call.
  • Write a text message to [name or phone number] that says …
  • Read the last text message / message from [name].
  • Send an email to [name or email address] saying …
  • Check my email [if you use the native app].
  • Send a message from [application: WhatsApp, for example] to [name or phone number] that says …
  • FaceTime with [name or phone number].

System Settings and Applications Siri Commands

  • Activate/deactivate Do not disturb / Drive / Airplane / Power save mode, etc.
  • Enable/disable WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, etc.
  • Increase/decrease the volume.
  • Open/close [application or game].
  • Increase/decrease brightness.
  • Play/play music/song X/something from [group, singer or music genre]
  • Pause/advance / next song.
  • Take a photo/selfie.
  • Show me my photos of [person, place, or date].
  • Show me pictures of [place, food, flowers, animals, etc.]
  • Where is / Find my iPad / Airpods / Apple Watch.
  • How much battery is left in the Apple Watch / Airpods.
  • Search the app store for [app name or category].
  • Turn on / off / adjust lights / thermostat / plug or any HomeKit device.

Transportation and Travel Siri Commands

  • Take me home/work by car/walk.
  • Take me home to [name].
  • Ask me for a Cabify / Uber / taxi.
  • How do I get to [place].
  • Find me a restaurant / Post office / ATM / hospital / pharmacy / gas station, etc.
  • Where have I parked?
  • What is the traffic situation in [my area/place].
  • How long until [destination].

Alarms, Reminders, and Agenda Siri Commands

  • Set an alarm at XX hours.
  • Wake me up at XX hours.
  • Disables the next alarm / all alarms.
  • Starts a countdown of X minutes.
  • Let me know in XX minutes.
  • Remind me of [task, appointment, date, etc.] in X hours, tomorrow, on day X …
  • Remind me of [task, appointment, date, etc.] when I arrive at [place: home, work, etc.].
  • How do I have the day?
  • Read today’s assignments.
  • Show me my schedule for [day].
  • Add [appointment or meeting] on [day and time] with [name] in [place].
  • Create a list called [list name].
  • Add XX to the [list name] list.

Queries and Information Siri Commands

  • What song is playing.
  • How much are / Converts [a metric or imperial currency or unit] into [imperial or metric currency or unit].
  • When is [event or event].
  • How to say [word or phrase] in [language].
  • What is the weather today/tomorrow at [location].
  • What time is it in [country or city].
  • What does [word] mean.
  • Search Wikipedia for [person, place, event, etc.].
  • How it is prepared / What is the recipe for [name of dish].
  • How much is [number] plus / minus / multiplied by / divided by [number].
  • Read the latest news.
  • When is [name] ‘s birthday.
  • How many days are left until [date or event].
  • What is the status of the flight [flight number].
  • What is the price of [company name] stock.
  • What is the result of [party / elections / voting, etc.]

List of Siri commands Pdf

Siri is a widely used digital assistant that can be integrated into your everyday life. It has many useful commands to make your tasks easier and faster. The list of Siri commands PDF provides a comprehensive guide of Siri command shortcuts, enabling users to gain maximum efficiency while using the digital assistant on their devices.


While specific commands may differ between devices, the list of Siri commands PDF will prove a valuable source for anyone interested in mastering the available voice-based technology and making optimal use of it.


However, keep in mind that not all third-party apps are compatible with Siri and that, for some actions, it is necessary to fill in a contact form. Also, remember that, through Shortcuts, it is possible to relate a set of useful and frequent functions with a command.

That way, when we say, for example, “I’m going home,” Siri will send a message with your arrival time, put a list of songs for you and find the fastest route for you. All at once.

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