10 Realistic Full Body Avatar Creator Apps in 2023

10 Realistic Full Body Avatar Creator Apps in 2023

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The best Realistic Full Body Avatar Creator Apps for android and iPhone: Today we bring you a small compilation with the best realistic full body avatar creator apps to create avatars and emojis with your face and use them in other apps. Facebook avatars are beginning to have overwhelming success.

Full Body Avatar Creator Apps

Still, they are by no means the first to allow you to create avatars or emojis with your face, and today we are going to propose several realistic full body avatar creator apps for this.

The 10 Best Realistic Full Body Avatar Creator Apps for Android and iPhone

We will have a collection with the most varied realistic full body avatar creator apps, from those that create collections of stickers to others that generate emojis, some implemented in the operating system itself, on keyboards, or in separate realistic full body avatar creator apps that you must install and then download and share your creations.

Today we live connected to the virtual world through social networks. Therefore, the first impression we make of ourselves is based on the profile photo. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or any other, our avatar identifies us.

1. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is possibly the application to create avatars with your most complete face that you can find since it generates a collection of stickers that you can use almost anywhere instead of being limited to only use in certain full body avatar creator apps. The way you can use it is very simple, and you can do it on both Android and iOS.

Full Body Avatar Creator Apps

The way to work is as follows. First, you take a photo, and then you go to an editor where you can see your photo and manually start composing the face you want. The photo will serve as your guide.

Once your avatar is created, Bitmoji will offer you a collection of stickers that you can use in the full body avatar creator apps where they are implemented, but from the app, you can also send it to messages on WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger, or Telegram.

First, you will have to choose between a man and a woman and take a selfie that will guide your avatar. Finally, adjust the details to your likeness: choose the skin tone, hair color, and accessories if you wear them.

Also, you can send it by WhatsApp and turn it into your profile picture. You just have to send it to any of your contacts, click on the file and set it as a profile image.

2. Gboard

Gboard is the official Google keyboard that you can download and use on Android and iOS. It is a very versatile keyboard, and among its options is to be able to create three types of stickers with your face, very much in the style of Bitmoji. In this case, the condition to be able to use them will be to have the keyboard installed and configured as the main one on your mobile.

The way to proceed is the same with everyone. First, you will take a photo, and then Gboard will create emojis and stickers from that photo. They are not always going to be really like you, so you can customize them too.

Once finished, the keyboard will allow you to insert them wherever you want in any application. They will be shared as third party emojis when the app allows it, and if not, they will be shared as an image.

3. Facebook Avatar

Facebook has been the latest to join this trend of allowing you to create stickers with your face through its avatar system. The bad news is that these avatars are currently limited to use in the social network, so beyond Facebook, you will not be able to use them too much.

Its way of allowing you to create them is the same as what we have seen in Bitmoji and other apps.

It does not generate them from your face, but you can take a photo to serve as a guide so that you can configure it to your image and likeness. Once created, you can use them in your posts and comments.

4. Zepetto

Zepetto is an application very similar to Bitmoji, but it allows you to create emojis with your face in 3D. What you have to do is take a photo of yourself with the camera using the app, and it will generate a digital copy that you will be able to modify later to make it look a little more like you.

Zepetto also implements a paid clothing system, with which you can disguise your avatar in case you are willing to spend some money, although it is not mandatory either. Once you have your avatar created, you can choose between different poses and animated poses that you can share in other anime avatar maker apps.

5. FACE2U Avatar Creator

This application has many options to create funny memes or an avatar that is identical to you. Add makeup, tattoos, piercings, and all kinds of accessories such as glasses, hats, or hair accessories.

FACE2U Avatar Creator is an avatar app for Android with which you can customize your avatar with different facial expressions. Make it smiling, sad, funny, angry, whatever you want!

6. FaceQ

FaceQ is an application that has its own personality, as it allows you to create more cartoon avatar maker looking emojis of your face. In this way, if instead of looking for realism, you prefer something more casual, this application can be a great alternative, especially since you will be able to put funny expressions very manga-like.

cartoon avatar maker

In this application, nothing will be pre-generated using your face, and you will have to compose the avatar with your appearance step by step.

Afterward, you can save the images that you create to use them whenever you want or share them directly in other apps. To use it as emojis, you will have to save the image and share it as an image later in other full body avatar creator app.

7. Fam, Funny Avatar Maker

It is a very simple and intuitive avatar maker app to create animated avatars in which you can create personalized characters in your image and likeness.

It has a function to add text, so you can include the phrase or name you want within the image. Once you have it ready, you can share them on your social networks.

8. Face Cam

Face Cam is a concept a little different from the others since instead of creating stickers with your face, you create an avatar that you can use in photos. With the app, you will be able to take photos in which you are seen in the full-body doing whatever you want, but your face will be replaced by the avatar you will create.

In the creation process, you will have to make your face from scratch instead of being generated automatically, choosing all the features and hairstyles you want. In its free version, it is an application that will leave a watermark on the video, although it is not so important in these cases. You can save your photos on your mobile and then share them in the applications you want.

9. My Idol 3d Avatar Creator

It allows you to create an avatar from your photos. The application has software with facial recognition, and through this process, it will track the image that we have selected and create a caricature of it.

This app to make avatars has the option of placing the caricature in different backgrounds and animating them, and adjusting the parameters such as hair color, skin, or style.

10. IOS Memojis

If you have an iPhone, you will not need third-party applications because Apple implements its own system of personalized emojis with your face. Once you have created them, you can use them in any application. They will be shared as third party emojis when the app allows it, and if not, they will be shared as an image.

To create them, you will have to go to an application and open the Apple keyboard, where you will click on the emoji section. There you will find the method to create the memojis. These will be made from scratch, and you can go putting the features you want. Once finished, they will be part of the emojis section of the iOS keyboard, being able to use them wherever you want.

Other Manufacturers Trying to Replicate to iOS

After the success that Apple had with the launch of its Memojis, other manufacturers have also been inserting similar systems in their devices. Samsung has been with its AR Emojis for a long time, while Xiaomi has almost clones of Apple’s called Mimojis. When buying a mobile, always check if the manufacturer implements its own solution.


Today, we have a lot of tools at our disposal to create our digital ‘ I ‘ and thus replace the typical image with a funnier cartoon that represents us. But do you know that there are apps to create your own avatar for free? We tell you which are the best full body avatar creator apps to make avatars.

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