21 Sites & Apps Like Rabbit – Best Alternatives of 2022

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Top Apps Like Rabbit – Best Rabbit Alternatives: This site is all about sharing entertainment with your loved ones. Rabb.It allows users to use the system for watching their favorite TV shows, and in most cases, videos and films with friends, without having to be in the same room or even in the same city. Now you can enjoy the fun, even one of your friends lives across the border. Using this platform, you can communicate and collaborate with colleagues when they are at any other pace.

Site & Apps Like Rabbit – Best Alternatives

One of the best things about is that it supports a large number of websites for collaborative entertainment purposes. It will allow you to watch videos and movies on Twitch, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, and more with your friends.

Apps Like Rabbit

In addition to being available as a website, is now available as an application for Mac OS X operating systems. Both media provide the same level of enjoyment and enjoyment for users. The moment you go to the official website, you will see a lot of live space here that you can also play and have fun in. 

1. BlaTube

BlaTube is a web platform that allows users to watch movies with their friends. This service is intended for those users who want to share their feelings and emotions while watching movies and videos but cannot do so due to the distance between them.

BlaTube is the best way to watch videos harder and share your experiences. The main basic functions and functions of BlaTube.

2. TogetherJS

TogetherJS is a platform developed by Mozilla Labs with real-time collaboration functionality for websites.

TogetherJS allows its users to add a real-time collaboration system to their websites instantly. TogetherJS is completely different from most real-time collaboration platforms as it is a free open source library that adds a collaboration system.

3. &chill

&chill is a new way to enjoy movies and videos with friends. Until now, you have listened to how to enjoy movies and videos alone, but now there is a system over the Internet that allows users to enjoy movies and videos with their friends and other family members. The movie-watching process simply starts with creating a room and inviting.

4. Rabbi

It’s time to get social with Rave, which allows its visitors to watch movies and videos together. It also allows its users to even listen to music together.

Rave is essentially a media viewing hub that allows its users to have a system to combine their mobile activities like watching movies and chatting with friends. This platform contains content from most video sections.

5. Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether is a unique entertainment platform that offers entertainment lovers a system to watch movies with friends.


It is very different from most movie-based websites that only allow them to watch or stream movies from their PC. The difference with Watch2Gether is that it allows its users to watch movies and videos with friends. It allows its users to sync their media platforms.

6. is a new way to listen to music with friends. It will allow you to share what you are listening to at the moment, and even allows your friends to listen to music with you at the same time, sitting in a different place. also offers its users to play songs. 

7. Cytube

CyTube is a web application that provides media sync, chat, and more for an arbitrary number of channels. The server is written in JavaScript and runs in Node.JS.

It uses a MySQL database to store user records, cached media metadata, and data about each channel. The client is written in JavaScript and uses Socket.IO and jQuery, as well as APIs from various media providers. The web interface uses Bootstrap for design and style.

It’s not the prettiest alternative, but it definitely includes a lot of features didn’t have. IMO is nearly perfect, but it doesn’t offer screen sharing; you have to paste in the video URL or upload a file.

8. TogetherTube

TogetherTube is a simple and easy way to watch videos, movies, and music with friends. This site allows its users to enjoy the fun with their friends.

TogetherTube allows its users to sync playback and enjoy powerful moderation and a unique level of voting system. TogetherTube is an easy-to-use application that offers a ton of fun for its users. 

9. provides its visitors with a system for watching movies together with their friends, sitting in several places in front of different computers. differs from most local entertainment programs in that it offers its users several public channels and allows them to create their own movie rooms. By using this site, its visitors can create playlists and receive.

10. Metastream

Watch multimedia streaming with your friends. I’ve used it so far to watch two episodes of Game of Thrones with my friend, just to take a breather from everything that’s going on.

Aside from the fact that you need an extension, and it takes some getting used to the shortcut keys to chat or add the video, it’s pretty good. Note: The episode cannot be broadcast in full screen for some reason, but the features are quite easy to use.

It allows you to access Netflix and Google as if it were Rabbit, while all the other alternatives listed only allow you to view rare or YouTube video files.

11. ShareTube

ShareTube is one of the easiest ways to chat online for watching videos. ShareTube allows its users to watch videos and movies with friends in addition to just watching YouTube videos and movies.

This entertainment website allows its users to create playlists of their shared videos and chats with friends. The movie-watching process just starts by creating a room first.

12. Let’s Gaze

Gaze lets you watch videos with a partner in perfect sync. Any friend, family member, or another important person who lives far away can feel close.

One functionality this Rabbit alternative lacks is that it doesn’t allow random people from all over the world to join.

Let’s Gaze is basically a platform for watching movies from a distance that allows its visitors to enjoy a long nightlife at the cinema. This web program allows users to watch videos with all their friends who are far away from them. Let’s Gaze offers five main features and functions to its users in the form of video calling, syncing video viewing, watching your own video files, getting the most amazing content.

13. Syncplay.

Although it offers a more rigid system for watching movies or listening to music when setting up in different places, its way of doing it differs from all together with videos and movies browsing the websites. Syncplay is basically a downloadable program that keeps a shared media player in sync.

14. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension to watch Netflix remotely with friends, which is presented as one of the best alternatives to Rabbit, for example, for movie nights with that special long-distance someone.

Synchronize video playback and add group chat. It’s a good way to see things with others because it preserves the video quality that Rabbit doesn’t have. The bad part is that all your friends have to have their own Netflix accounts to watch. allows anyone to join your party regardless of whether or not they have their own Netflix account.

15. Togethr.TV

The world of the Internet has opened doors for use. This was once a time when people used to watch online videos at home or anywhere else.

At that time, they could enjoy together if they were in the same place. However, there was no way to watch movies together when people were in different places. But now there are facilities for watching movies.

16. Uptime

Uptime is a unique type of internet website that allows its users to create their own place to share and watch movies and videos with friends, sitting in different places and even across the border.

This website allows its users even to share their favorite YouTube videos and invite friends who are sitting somewhere else to watch, listen, chat, and have fun together.


This website has a chat platform as well as chat with friends while watching movies and videos. This platform also supports listening to music and audio. 

Watch synced videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo with your friends up to 20 years old. Everyone watches the same video at the same time and can control it.

With the Pro version, use advanced professional features to deepen the social experience without limits. Watch videos with your LinkedIn connections, chat via VoIP, connect your personal channels, upload videos up to 5GB, save the history of your invitations.

18. Sync Video

This site is specially designed for watching Vimeo and YouTube videos with friends sitting in front of different PCs.

Sync Video is completely different from most local video sync websites, which also offer users a browser extension system. The direct Sync Video extension is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Using Sync Video is very simple and easy.

19. SynapTop

If you want to enjoy watching movies in the cinema with your friend, but you can’t because your loved one lives in any other part of the world, SynapTop is a web source that will allow you to watch movies and videos for free with your friends only in full.

SynapTop is free. Watch movies together. Listen to music together. Browse the web together. Play games together. Read together. Your free computer in the cloud. While the other programs only allow a few selected things, Synaptop does it all.

20. Showgoers

Showgoers is a site dedicated to watching Netflix movies with friends or loved ones who don’t share the same PC.

It is said to be the perfect entertainment platform that allows its users to watch movies together from a distance, with Netflix movies enjoyed by everyone. Showgoers are available as an extension for Google Chrome users and allow users to view.

21. Wavelengthcreative

This internet entertainment website offers its visitors a sharing feature and allows them to create their own playlists via live chat.

This web site is designed over the Internet to invite its users to watch videos, listen to music, and communicate together, even though they live in different places. The wavelength workflow is very simple. First of all, users need.