Wombo Ai: the App That Makes Your Photos Sing

Last Updated on March 28, 2021 by The Soft Best

Wombo AI: the viral app that makes your photos sing: After the brutal success of Deep Nostalgia, Wombo is taking over social networks in the last hours. It is an app that makes our photographs come to life, making us sing songs from said photo. The app is free on both iOS and Android, in addition to being quite easy to use.

Wombo Ai: the App That Makes Your Photos Sing

We are going to tell you how it works, why it is reaping so many successes, and what this curious application allows us to do that is capable of bringing photos to life to make them sing.

Wombo Ai

The App That Makes Photos Sing

The operation of Wombo, for the user, is quite simple: we just have to upload a photograph that is well aligned, that is, in which the subject looks straight ahead. Once we have uploaded the photo from the phone gallery or from the app itself, we will have a small list of songs to choose from.

We upload the photograph to the app, and it returns us a video after having animated it with its artificial intelligence model.

Once the song has been chosen and after a short processing time (the photograph has to be uploaded to the cloud to run a machine learning model), the animated video will be returned to us, in which the subject of the photograph will appear singing the song we have chosen.

“Wombo does not store your data in any way anywhere, nor is it used to train our ML model in any shape or form. We do upload it to our server to run the Machine Learning model on it and return the result, but they are not saved or playable. “

Wombo ensures that they do not store the data anywhere and that the photographs that we upload are not used to train their AI model. The photos are uploaded to the server for the results, but they claim that they are not saved or reproducible.

The app is free and can be downloaded to any mobile. However, it has a subscription service for faster processing, an ad-free experience, and to support its creators.

How to use the Wombo AI that went viral for ‘bringing life’ to selfies

With each passing day, a new application it ends up becoming a ‘fever’ on the internet all of a sudden. The darling of the moment is Wombo AI, an app that brings photos to life, specifically selfies, those clicks of the face. The tool animates the photos by offering voiceovers of songs and dances.

In the past few days, videos have gained a lot of popularity on several social networks and even left some netizens confused. The most famous videos were made with celebrities and politicians and generated a lot of laughter. Many users have compared Wombo’s fame with the Faceapp, which transformed a woman’s photos into a man and vice versa.

In addition to the popularity, the two applications for altering images carry the same controversies about user data due to their privacy policies that collect information from those who use the tool. However, Wombo AI stated that it takes the full name, email, access to the users’ image gallery, and facial features for the purpose of creating the animations and deletes them as soon as the video is ready.

Here’s how to use Wombo:

  • 1 – Install the application on your phone. It is available for operating systems Android e iOS;
  • 2 – Click on the “Let’s go!” Option;
  • 3 – Authorize Wombo to have access to the device’s camera and gallery; The application will ask for authorization to access device data. Image: Olhar Digital
  • 4 – Take your selfie, or choose a photo from the gallery;
  • Frame your face on the dotted line. Image: Olhar Digital
  • 5 – Click on the green button to choose your voice acting;
  • The user can take photos or choose a file from the gallery. Image: Olhar Digital
  • 6 – After choosing the dubbing, click on the platform symbol again; Choose which dubbing you want to perform. Image: Olhar Digital
  • 7 – Choose whether to save the video to your gallery or share it with your friends.

Ready! Now you know and know how to use the Wombo AI app to bring your selfies to life.