How to Share Audio on Google Meet – [Phone & PC]

Google Meet has become a vital tool for communication in the era of remote collaboration and virtual meetings. It has become a go-to platform for connecting with colleagues, friends, and family.

Yet, unlocking the full potential of your meetings might seem challenging, especially when it comes to sharing audio during screen sharing.

However, some users may need help to share audio while screen sharing on Google Meet.

How to Share Audio on Google Meet


  • Tap and share audio on Google Meet mobile by clicking the microphone, accessing settings, and choosing “Share your device audio.”
  • Share audio on your desktop by presenting your screen, turning off mute, adjusting microphone settings, and seamlessly sharing videos or music.
  • Enhance engagement in Google Meet by effortlessly sharing audio content like videos or music with meeting participants.
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  • Follow these easy steps for smooth audio sharing on Google Meet, whether on your phone or desktop, to make your virtual meetings more dynamic and collaborative.

How to Share Audio on Google Meet

Whether you use a phone or a desktop, this guide will walk you through the steps to enable sound during your Google Meet screen sharing sessions.

Sharing Audio on Google Meet via Phone

To share audio on Google Meet via phone, open the app, start a new meeting, join with audio, click on the three dots, select “Share screen,” and enable device audio.

1. Open Google Meet

Begin by launching the Google Meet app on your mobile device.

2. Start a New Meeting


Tap on the new video icon at the bottom of the screen and select “Create a new meeting.”

3. Join the Meeting

Join the Meeting

To share the information with others, tap on “Join meetings.”

4. Enable Microphone

Tap on your microphone icon to join the meeting with audio.

5. Access Settings

Click on the three dots located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

6. Share Screen

Share Screen

Choose the “Share screen” option from the menu.

7. Enable Device Audio

Enable Device Audio

Click on “Share your device audio” and tap to continue.

8. Start Screen Share

Start Screen Share

Your screen is now on broadcast, and audio is enabled for Google Meet screen share.

That’s it! You can successfully enable sound during Google Meet screen sharing on your mobile device. 

Sharing Audio on Google Meet via Desktop

On the desktop, click “Present now,” choose your entire screen, check the mute button, adjust microphone settings in settings, and start sharing audio during your presentation.

1. Present Your Screen

At the bottom of your screen, find the icons and select “Present now.” Then, choose to share your entire screen.

2. Allow Screen Sharing

Allow Screen Sharing

Allow the screen sharing to start sharing with all meeting attendees.

3. Check Mute Button

Ensure that your mute button is turned on to allow everyone to hear you.

4. Adjust Microphone Settings

Adjust Microphone Settings

Go to your settings and click on “Settings.” Switch the microphone connection to an option that supports stereo audio.

5. Share Audio

Once the stereo audio option is selected, both your audio and video will be shared with other meeting attendees.

6. Continue Presenting

Carry on presenting, whether it’s a video, music, or any other audio content you want to share.

Following these steps, you can successfully share audio on your desktop during your Google Meet screen-sharing session.


Now that you have a comprehensive guide for sharing audio on Google Meet, you can make your virtual meetings more engaging and interactive. Whether using your phone or desktop, follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure a seamless audio-sharing experience on Google Meet.