7 Excellent Ways to Explore Macbooks Efficiently

How can I make my Mac more efficient? 7 Excellent Ways to Explore Macbooks Efficiently: MacBooks are one of the best Apple products available today, with immense popularity and big market size. These laptops are advancing rapidly with each new generation, giving you the best features and functions for an improved user experience. 

7 Excellent Ways to Explore Macbooks Efficiently

Excellent Ways to Explore Macbooks
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Apple laptops are powered by the best features, making them a productivity device. The article explains some helpful tips that will help you explore how to use MacBooks differently to get the most out of them. 

1. Take a Screenshot in Multiple Ways

MacBooks equip keyboard shortcuts that allow you to complete a specific task quickly. If you want to screenshot an object, macOS gives you four different ways. You can capture a particular part of the screen or an entire screen using the shortcut keys. 

In addition, Mac allows you to capture a video screenshot if you want to create and share tutorials of any particular task with a colleague. For example, you can make a video on how to install snipping tool on mac and share it with your team so that everyone can do that properly. 

2. Enjoy the Best Audio Quality

MacBooks laptops produce high-quality sound that makes your gaming or binge-watching experience outstanding. Connect AirPods to the MacBook for improved audio performance and enjoy music in the best way possible.

Most users do not know the right way to use AirPods and keep them under-utilized, which doesn’t justify the high value of these earbuds. Hacks such as using one earbud at a time for longer battery life and Siri for reading messages can make AirPods more efficient. 

3. Sign A PDF Online in Mail

If You think signing a PDF will require downloading the file, getting a hard copy, signing it, and then scanning it to upload, you have a quick way to do that. On your MacBook, all you need to do is open the PDF you need to sign in the Mail app and e-Sign the file. 

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You can either put a new signature or use existing impressions you used in the past. If you wonder how to put your signature, you have three dynamic options. Sign on the trackpad, sign on your phone, or sign on a paper and place it in front of the webcam. 

4. Use Spotlight for Simple Tasks 

Using Spotlight is easy, and this multi-functional app can make you more productive at work. If you are using Spotlight only to locate files on your MacBook, it’s time to learn several new and potential ways to utilize this app in the best way. 

Open the Spotlight app by pressing down the Command + spacebar keys together. Now you can use this amazing app for unit conversions, arithmetic calculations, currency conversion, and more. So, next time you want a quick answer to any of these calculations, use Spotlight. 

5. Share Files Wirelessly with Any Device

If you want to share a file or a photo from your MacBook to your iPad or iPhone, use AirPlay. You can share data with your existing or new contacts using the feature. Before sharing the content, make sure to find the rectangular sharing item or select Share displayed in the options menu. 

The app works flawlessly most of the time but sometimes becomes problematic. If AirPlay is not working, disable BlueTooth and then enable it. Ensure the BlueTooth option is enabled on other devices you want to send data. 

6. Hide the Menu Bar for More Screen Estate

By default; the menu bar appears on the top section of the Mac screen. You can change the settings so that the menu bar appears only when you hover over the screen. This will make your screen look wider and you can work uninterruptedly. 

Hiding the menu bar is easy. Open System Settings by tapping on the Apple icon displayed in the top left section of the screen. Click Desktop & Dock, and select the appropriate option available next to the “Automatically hide and show the menu bar” option. 

7. Enable Hot Corners to View Apps Quickly

Most users are aware of this productivity feature; Mac allows you to set all four corners of the screen as Hot Corners. When you click on a corner, the predefined action triggers, and the feature of the app opens up quickly.

By setting up Hot Corners, you can eliminate multiple steps you must follow to perform a particular action. So, you can set the left corner to open a photo editing app while utilizing the right corner to open the Spotlight app, and so on. 


So, these are some proficient ways to utilize your MacBook’s features and functions to the fullest. Apart from that, some methods allow you to multitask for better productivity. 

For using all these features effectively, it’s important to optimize your MacBook frequently and declutter items you don’t require anymore.