Is Upside App Legit? – [Honest Review]

Have you ever stumbled upon an app promising cashback on your everyday expenses and wondered, “Is Upside App Legit?” Today, I’m here to provide an updated and honest review based on my research and experience with the app.

Upside App Legit


  • The app’s offerings depend on local partnerships, so users may see different locations and services.
  • While gas transactions usually process within 48 hours, dining rewards might take up to a week, determined by the restaurant.
  • You can often bypass the need for receipts by entering your credit card details in the app.
  • Referring others to the app can significantly boost your earnings, making it a valuable tool for saving on routine expenses.

Join me as we explore the highs, the lows, and the undeniable legitimacy of Upside. This app promises to put money back in your pocket, from gas stations to grocery stores and dining out. So, let’s get together and discover whether Upside is the real deal or just another digital illusion.

What is Upside?

For those unfamiliar, Upside is a free app designed to help users save money on gas, groceries, and dining out. The app partners with local businesses and larger franchises, offering varying cashback percentages depending on your location and the participating establishments.

Issue #1: Limited Locations

One common concern is that users do not see all the locations and services featured in videos. This is due to Upside’s partnership with specific businesses, resulting in location-dependent availability. It’s not a scam but rather a reflection of local partnerships.

Issue #2: Cashback Processing Delay

Some users complain about delays in receiving cashback, especially after dining out. The app claims a 2-4 day processing time, but my experience showed variations based on the establishment.

Gas transactions are usually processed within 48 hours, while dining rewards sometimes take up to a week, dictated by the restaurant’s processing speed.

Issue #3: Unable to Scan Receipts

Another concern is users are unable to upload receipts, particularly when a physical receipt is unavailable. Interestingly, entering your credit card details in the app can often bypass the need for a receipt, as it matches purchases with the associated card.

Issue #4: Data Selling

One curious claim is that Upside sells user data. While some may have reservations about data usage, the app compensates for information other platforms use without offering financial returns.

How Much You Can Earn?

Now, the question you’ve been waiting for – how much can you earn? Over 18 months, You can accumulate over $100 in cashback, primarily from everyday activities like filling up on gas, dining out, and grocery shopping. Referral bonuses significantly contributed to this total.

My Verdict

So, Upside is not a scam and is a legit app. The app has consistently provided cashback on routine expenses, contributing to a positive financial gain.

While individual results may vary, the app’s free nature makes it worth exploring to see how much you can save on your daily expenditures.


Is the Upside app really free to use?

Yes, Upside is a completely free app to download and use. There are no upfront costs or subscription fees for accessing its cashback offers.

How does Upside determine the locations and businesses it partners with?

Upside forms partnerships with local businesses and larger franchises. The availability of locations and services is influenced by the willingness of businesses in your area to partner with Upside.

What if I can’t get a physical receipt from an establishment?

If a physical receipt is unavailable, entering your credit card details into the app can often match purchases without needing a receipt, facilitating cashback processing.

Does Upside sell user data?

While there are claims that Upside sells user data, it’s essential to consider that other platforms like credit card companies, Google, and Facebook also use your data without providing financial compensation. Upside offers cashback as a form of compensation for the data it collects.

Are the referral bonuses a one-time thing?

The initial referral bonus is a one-time reward, usually a fixed amount (e.g., $7 at the time of this review). However, ongoing referrals can contribute to your earnings, with a continuous reward for every gallon of gas your referrals purchase.

How do I redeem my cashback?

Upside offers redemption options, including direct deposit to your bank account, gift cards, and even PayPal. Once you accumulate enough cashback, you can choose the redemption method that suits you best.


In conclusion, Upside has been a reliable source of cashback for many users, debunking the initial skepticism surrounding its legitimacy. If you’re intrigued, consider trying it – it might just become a valuable tool in your money-saving arsenal.