Top 3 Best Free Coloring Apps for Adults in 2023

Best Free Coloring Apps for Adults

Best free coloring apps for adults: In today’s technologically advanced world, coloring has transcended from traditional paper and pencil to a digital experience. With a stylus and an iPad, coloring apps now provide a realistic and immersive coloring experience that feels just like using real art supplies.

Among the plethora of coloring apps available, finding the right one can be overwhelming.

Top 3 Best free coloring apps for adults

Here, we’ll explore some of the best free coloring apps for adults and why we believe these coloring apps stands out for the best.

3. Recolor

5000+ Unique Coloring PagesEnjoy a vast collection of professionally designed coloring pages in various categories.
Largest Coloring CommunityJoin a global community of millions of members to share and view artwork from all over the world.
Import Your Own Photos and DrawingsBring your personal photos and drawings into the app, color them, and share with friends.
Hundreds of Available ColorsAccess a wide range of colors to bring life to your artwork.
4 FREE New Coloring Images DailyGet four new coloring images every day for endless creative opportunities.
Over 70 Palettes and Dozens of Coloring OptionsChoose from a variety of palettes, solid and live colors, gradients, and crayons for coloring.
More Than 80 Stunning Effects and FiltersAdd the perfect finishing touches to your art with a selection of effects and filters.
Participate in Fun and Challenging EventsEngage in events and color images for a chance to be featured in the app.
Share Your Masterpiece on Social NetworksShowcase your artwork by sharing it with friends on your favorite social media platforms.
Recolor Unlimited SubscriptionGet unlimited access to all Recolor features, an ad-free experience, and more through a subscription.
Easy Subscription Management via iTunes AccountControl your subscription settings conveniently via your iTunes account.
Flexible Subscription OptionsChoose the subscription plan that suits you best and manage it at your convenience.
Easy Cancellation and No-Renewal OptionsCancel a subscription or free-trial anytime through your iTunes account settings.
Forfeit Unused Portion of Free-Trial upon SubscriptionAny unused free-trial period will be forfeited once you subscribe to Recolor Unlimited.

Recolor is an impressive coloring book app that offers four free daily pages. However, users must subscribe to access higher-quality images and gradient color options. While it’s a great option, remember that the full experience requires a subscription.

Available for Android and iPhone.

2. Color Therapy

Color Therapy
Social CommunityJoin a vibrant social community of coloring enthusiasts. Interact, inspire, and participate in coloring challenges.
Extensive Coloring Page LibraryAccess over 5000+ coloring pages with diverse themes like mandala, animals, quotes, fashion, and more.
Color Palettes LibraryEnjoy a wide range of beautiful solid colors and gradients, with regularly updated palettes for various moods.
Realistic Coloring ToolsChoose from a variety of realistic brushes, including airbrush, oil painting brush, and flat brush, for manual coloring.
Diverse Line Colors and EffectsSelect from different line colors like black, white, gold, and more. Add special finishing effects like galaxy and metallic.
Smear ToolUse the “Smear tool” for precise color blending, creating a realistic and seamless look.
Calming Music and Sound FXRelax with beautiful calming music and sound effects while coloring. You can also listen to your own music if desired.
Diverse Music ChoicesChoose from a selection of free and premium music options like Fur Elise, Jazz, Ocean, and more.

With cool drawings and fun coloring palette options, Color Therapy also provides free coloring options. However, to unlock more pages or color palettes, users can purchase them individually or upgrade to a pro version for free.

Available for Android and iPhone.

1. Pigment

Largest Artwork CollectionOver 7,000 professionally illustrated pages available, with 600 pages free for users.
Regular UpdatesNew coloring pages added daily, and new books introduced every week.
Exclusive Marvel ContentAccess to exclusive Marvel-themed coloring content.
Realistic Coloring ExperiencePigment simulates pencil, markers, and paintbrush strokes for a lifelike coloring experience.
Extensive Coloring ToolsMore than 25 coloring tools, including markers, pastels, watercolors, glitters, and more.
Tap-to-Fill & Traditional Coloring ModesChoose between “tap-to-fill” automatic coloring and traditional coloring modes.
Infinite Color OptionsAn unlimited number of colors available through the color wheel and shade control slider.
Professional Color PalettesAccess professional color palettes or create and save your own for quick coloring.
Premium AccessSubscribing provides unlimited access to the full library, premium brushes, and color palettes.
Pigment GalleryGet inspired by others’ work and share your own creations in the Pigment Gallery.
Easy Sharing OptionsShare your completed work through various platforms, including email, social media, and more.
Multi-Device CompatibilitySupports finger, Apple Pencil, and third-party stylus inputs.
Customizable Stroke AdjustmentsAdjust pressure, direction, and size of stroke using Apple Pencil for precise coloring.

Available for Android and iPhone.

Among these apps, Pigment stands out for its versatility and user-friendly features. With over 8,000 coloring pages and the ability to import and color your own photos, Pigment offers an extensive collection to unleash your creativity. 

Its intuitive tools simulate a real coloring experience, making it feel like you are using traditional coloring supplies. The Pigment Gallery is a vibrant community where users can connect, share, and inspire each other with their artwork.

Modes for All Skill Levels

Pigment caters to both beginners and advanced colorists. For those who prefer a color-by-number approach, the Automatic Mode provides smooth and easy coloring without going outside the lines. The Freehand Mode offers precision and creative freedom for a more controlled and advanced digital coloring experience.

Tools to Ignite Your Imagination

Pigment boasts an array of coloring tools to suit every creative desire. From tap-to-fill tools with a variety of fills like metallic bloom and nebular to brushes such as nebula and spray paint, users can easily add dimension and life to their creations. The app’s multiple undo feature ensures that creative experimentation is stress-free.

Turning Your Pictures Into Coloring Pages

Pigment’s import tool makes it effortless to turn your favorite pictures into grayscale coloring pages. Whether you wish to import images from your gallery or other apps, Pigment simplifies the process and lets you bring any image to life through coloring.


If you’re seeking a free coloring app for adults that goes beyond the ordinary, look no further than Pigment. Its vast collection of coloring pages, realistic tools, and customizable experiences make it the ultimate choice for your creative journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a newbie, Pigment offers an unparalleled coloring experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and fulfilled. Happy coloring!