Why is Cupertino on My iPhone? How to Get Rid of?

If you’ve ever checked the weather on your iPhone and found a city called Cupertino staring back at you, you’re not alone. Many users wonder why this seemingly obscure location is featured prominently in Apple’s products. The answer lies in Apple’s deep-rooted pride for its hometown, Cupertino, California, where the tech giant’s headquarters are nestled.

Why is Cupertino on My iPhone


  • Cupertino, California, is where Apple’s story began, and it holds a special place in the company’s heart.
  • Cupertino is part of Silicon Valley, where groundbreaking tech companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook were born.
  • Apple stays in Cupertino despite challenges, showing its loyalty to its hometown.
  • Cupertino’s name appears in Apple products as a way of saying, “This is where we come from.”
  • When you see Cupertino on your iPhone, it’s a nod to Apple’s humble origins and the journey to become a global leader in technology.

Where is Cupertino and Why is It on My Iphone?

Cupertino is a city in California, home to Apple’s headquarters. It’s on your iPhone as a tribute to Apple’s origins and pride in its hometown.

Why is Cupertino on My iPhone Weather?

Cupertino appears on your iPhone weather because it’s where Apple’s headquarters are located. It’s a nod to the company’s pride in its hometown and Silicon Valley heritage.

Cupertino isn’t just a random city chosen by Apple; it holds significant historical and sentimental value to the company and its founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Here’s why Cupertino consistently makes its way into Apple’s digital ecosystem.

The Birthplace of Innovation

Cupertino is more than just a dot on the map; it’s synonymous with innovation and technological advancement. As the birthplace of Apple Inc., Cupertino occupies a special place in the annals of Silicon Valley history. It’s where the magic happened – where visionaries like Jobs and Wozniak set the stage for the digital revolution.

Silicon Valley Legacy

Cupertino’s significance extends beyond Apple. It’s part of the Silicon Valley narrative, a region that has shaped the modern world through its concentration of tech companies and brilliant minds.

heart of Silicon Valley
Heart of Silicon Valley

From IBM to Google, Silicon Valley has been the cradle of innovation for decades, and Cupertino played a pivotal role in its rise to prominence.

A Testament to Dedication

Apple’s decision to remain in Cupertino speaks volumes about its commitment to its roots. Despite challenges such as limited land availability and rising costs, the company chose to stay true to its origins.

Steve Jobs himself expressed pride in Cupertino during a city council meeting, highlighting the company’s efforts to preserve its presence in the area.

Cultural Significance

Beyond practical considerations, Cupertino holds cultural significance for Apple. The company’s attachment to its hometown is evident in various aspects of its products and branding.

From featuring Cupertino in weather and clock apps to naming its Mac operating system after California landmarks, Apple celebrates its heritage in subtle yet meaningful ways.

Hometown Pride

Ultimately, Cupertino’s presence on your iPhone reminds you of Apple’s roots and its unwavering pride in its origins. It’s a tribute to the city that nurtured a fledgling tech startup into a global powerhouse.

While you may not physically be in Cupertino, Apple wants you to know where it all began – in a small city with big dreams.

How to Get Rid of Cupertino Weather on iPhone

To remove Cupertino weather from your iPhone, open the Weather app, swipe left on the Cupertino location, and tap “Delete.” Alternatively, tap the “+” button, search for your preferred location, and add it to replace Cupertino.


So, Cupertino’s appearance on your iPhone weather app isn’t a random anomaly; it’s a testament to Apple’s rich history, enduring legacy, and deep-seated hometown pride.

So the next time you glance at the weather forecast and see Cupertino, take a moment to appreciate the story behind the name – a story of innovation, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.