Is the Apple Watch Se 2 Waterproof?

The Apple Watch has long been a frontrunner in the market, offering various features that cater to various lifestyles. With the release of the Apple Watch SE 2, the question arises: is it waterproof? The answer is a resounding yes, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Apple Watch Se 2 Waterproof


  • The Apple Watch SE 2 is waterproof, allowing users to swim with confidence.
  • Activating water lock before swimming ensures the device remains functional underwater.
  • While swimming, the watch tracks metrics like calories burned and stroke type, though accuracy may vary.
  • Avoid activities like scuba diving or waterskiing to prevent potential damage.
  • Rinse the watch with fresh water after exposure to saltwater to maintain longevity.

At first glance, the Apple Watch SE 2 may not seem drastically different from its predecessors. However, its most notable upgrade lies beneath the surface – quite literally.

While the original Apple Watch boasted splash-proof capabilities, the SE 2 takes it a step further by earning Apple’s blessing for aquatic adventures, whether in the pool or the ocean.

Is the Apple Watch Se 2 Waterproof

Yes, the Apple Watch SE 2 is waterproof, allowing users to swim in pools or the ocean. It features a re-engineered speaker system and a water lock feature for enhanced water resistance.

What makes the Apple Watch SE 2 waterproof?

What makes the Apple Watch SE 2 waterproof
Apple Watch SE 2 waterproof

Apart from sealing most ports and openings, Apple had to re-engineer the speaker system to handle water exposure. Instead of traditional methods, the speaker utilizes a series of vibrations to expel excess water, ensuring the device remains functional even after a swim.

But how does this functionality translate into real-world use?

Before taking a dip, users are advised to activate the water lock feature by swiping up from the main screen or initiating a swim workout through the Activity app.

For pool swims, inputting the pool’s length and setting fitness goals is recommended, allowing for more accurate tracking of metrics such as calories burned and distance covered.

Once submerged, the Apple Watch SE 2 remains responsive to raise-to-wake gestures but disables touch functionality to prevent unintended interactions.

After exiting the water, unlocking the screen and ending the workout session is as simple as turning the digital crown. Users can then review their swim data, including pace, stroke type, and heart rate, through the Activity app on their paired iPhones.

Apple acknowledges that underwater tracking may not always be flawless despite its impressive capabilities, especially when relying on arm movements for activity detection.

Activities such as swimming on a board may not register accurately, though the watch utilizes GPS for open-water swims, akin to tracking a run.

Apple Watch SE 2 waterproof

It’s worth noting that while the Apple Watch SE 2 is waterproof, certain activities like scuba diving or waterskiing are not recommended due to potential water pressure issues. Additionally, exposure to saltwater necessitates rinsing the device with fresh water afterward to prevent corrosion.

The Apple Watch SE 2 stands out for its versatility in a market inundated with dedicated fitness trackers. While it may not excel as the ultimate swim tracker, its ability to seamlessly transition from fitness companion to everyday accessory is unmatched.

Whether tracking workouts, managing notifications, or simply telling time, the Apple Watch SE 2 is reliable for all-day wear.


while the Apple Watch SE 2 may not revolutionize the waterproof wearable landscape, its seamless integration of water-resistant features underscores its position as a versatile and dependable smartwatch for active lifestyles.

So, whether you’re hitting the pool or tackling daily tasks, rest assured that the Apple Watch SE 2 has got you covered – even underwater.