How to Use Instagram Broadcast Channels? – (Full Guide)

How to Use Instagram Broadcast Channels

How to Use Instagram Broadcast Channels? Instagram is constantly evolving to provide its users with new and exciting features. One such feature that has recently been introduced is Instagram Broadcast Channels. This feature enables creators to engage directly with their followers in an entirely new way.


  • Instagram now has Broadcast Channels for creators and followers.
  • Creators can engage directly with their followers, creating a closer bond.
  • Broadcast Channels offer direct engagement, updates, and versatile communication.
  • Creators send messages in a group format, similar to WhatsApp groups.
  • Tap notifications to join or create your channel in your inbox.

If you’re curious about how to join a creator’s broadcast channel as a follower or a creator looking to set up your own broadcast channel, you’re in the right place.

What is a broadcast channel on instagram

A broadcast channel on Instagram is a feature that allows creators to share updates, messages, and content directly with their followers more interactively and engagingly.

It enables creators to create a dedicated space for communication and content sharing with their audience, fostering a closer connection between them.

Followers can join these channels to receive notifications and stay updated with the creator’s latest posts and messages.

What are the benefits of broadcast channels on Instagram?

The benefits of broadcast channels on Instagram are:

  • Direct Engagement: Broadcast channels provide creators with a direct means of engaging with their followers on a larger scale.
  • Latest Updates: Creators can use broadcast channels to inform their followers about the latest updates, events, and behind-the-scenes moments.
  • Multimedia Communication: They offer various communication options, including text, photos, videos, voice notes, and polls, making it versatile for content delivery.

How do Instagram broadcast channels work?

Instagram broadcast channels work by allowing creators to send direct messages to their followers in a one-to-many group chat format. It’s similar to a mass WhatsApp group text, but followers can’t reply. Any Instagram user with a Creator account can access and create their own broadcast channel, enabling them to engage with their followers more effectively.

How to Use Instagram Broadcast Channels?

To use Instagram Broadcast Channels, as a follower, tap notifications to join a creator’s channel, or as a creator, open your message inbox, create a channel, and engage with your followers through messages and polls.

Here, I’m Rokon from, and I’ll guide you through the process step by step.

How to Join a Creator’s Broadcast Channel

Receive a Notification

Receive a Notification

When a creator you follow decides to create a broadcast channel on Instagram, you’ll receive a notification about it.

Tap the Notification

Open the notification to view a list of broadcast channels hosted by creators you follow.

Select the Channel

Select the Channel

Choose the broadcast channel you want to join from the list.

Join the Channel

Join the Channel

At the bottom of the channel’s page, you’ll find a “Join” button. Tap this button to become a member of the channel.

Access Updates

Access Updates

After joining a broadcast channel, a new “Channels” tab will appear in your Instagram message inbox. Whenever a broadcast channel you’ve joined has a new update posted, you’ll receive a notification and be able to check out the update there.

How to Create an Instagram Broadcast Channel

Open Instagram

Launch the Instagram app and go to your message inbox.

Start a New Message

Tap the new message icon located in the top right corner.

Create a Broadcast Channel

Create a Broadcast Channel

From the options presented, select “Create a broadcast channel.”

Get Started

Get Started

Instagram will guide you through the setup process. Tap “Get Started” to begin.

Name Your Channel

Name Your Channel

Add a name for your channel, and keep in mind that, by default, only your followers can join.

Visibility Settings

Decide whether you want your broadcast channel to be visible on your profile.

Create the Channel

Create the Channel

Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information, tap “Create Broadcast channel.”

Notify Your Followers

After creating your channel, all of your followers will be notified that you’ve made a broadcast channel. This makes it easy for them to join.

Start Engaging

With your channel set up, you can start sending messages to your channel members, run polls, and more.

Why don’t I have broadcast channels on Instagram?

You don’t have broadcast channels on Instagram because only creator accounts are currently eligible to create broadcast channels. Personal and business accounts are not able to create these channels.

How do you invite people to broadcast channels on Instagram?

To invite people to your live broadcast on Instagram, tap the Live option in the Feed, then tap the icon to invite your followers and send a request.

Who is eligible for a broadcast channel on Instagram?

Anyone on Instagram, whether regular followers or paid subscribers, can create a broadcast channel. These channels can be configured to be accessible to either followers or paid subscribers and displayed publicly for promotional purposes or kept hidden.

Wrap up

Instagram’s new broadcast channel feature opens up exciting opportunities for creators and followers alike to connect and engage more interactively. Whether you’re joining a creator’s channel or starting your own, the process is straightforward and user-friendly.