Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini Review: A Budget-Friendly Super Light Mouse

The gaming mouse industry has been abuzz with excitement over the Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini, and for good reason. These mouse promise to deliver a stellar performance on paper, boasting features like a newer sensor, an improved shape, and a more satisfying click feel—all at a lower price point. But do they live up to the hype? In this article, we’ll dive deep into the Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini review to find out just how good they are.

Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini Review

Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini Review

Let’s take a closer look at the Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini reviews to see how wonderful they are:

Design and Build

Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini Design and Build
Design and Build

The Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini may share the same name, but they differ in terms of size and weight. The X2 weighs in at around 57 grams, while the X2 Mini is a bit lighter at 54 grams.

Both mouse feature a sleek and clean design with no visible cutouts on the shell, giving them a premium look. Notably, Pulsar pays attention to detail, even down to the color of the PCB, which matches the mouse’s color—a small but appreciated touch.

Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini
Design and Build

When it comes to shape, the X2 and X2 Mini offer comfortable designs suitable for various grip styles. The regular X2 is ideal for claw grip and larger hands, while the X2 Mini caters to claw and fingertip grip users, making it versatile for different preferences. In essence, the X2 series offers a unique blend of the Jeaper Superlight and the Zowie S2 Plus, with some additional refinements.

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Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini Performance
Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini Performance

The Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini demonstrate solid performance, thanks to the inclusion of the 33-95 sensor and motion sync technology. However, click latency out of the box is a weak point, as they lag behind competitors like the Logitech G Pro Superlight.

The debounce algorithm causes an initial delay in registering clicks. Fortunately, you can reduce this delay through the software, though it still falls short of the fastest mouse on the market.

One notable feature is the ability to toggle motion sync on or off. Motion sync enhances cursor input by providing more consistent USB polling, leading to smoother tracking and a better overall gaming experience. While it can slightly increase sensor latency, the difference is not noticeable in practice.


Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini Playtesting
Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini Playtesting

In practical usage, the X2 Mini stands out as a solid choice, particularly for fingertip grip users. It may take a bit of time to adjust, but it eventually feels natural and comfortable. The X2 and X2 Mini excel in claw grip scenarios, offering precise button placement and pronounced button grooves that enhance the clicking experience.

However, some may find the Kailh GM 8.0 switches used in these mouse to be a bit too snappy and inconsistent. A softer switch option might have been preferred, but that’s a matter of personal preference.

The side buttons on the X2 series and the scroll wheel are notably better than their Logitech G Pro Superlight counterpart. The glide performance is smooth out of the box, providing a pleasant feel during use. However, the X2 series falls short in terms of coating compared to the G Pro Superlight, which offers superior grip.


When it comes to value, the Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini shine. Priced significantly lower than the G Pro Superlight, these mouse offer a competitive alternative for gamers looking for a lighter mouse with excellent shape and button placement. The trade-off is availability, as Pulsar mouse can be challenging to find, especially for non-reviewers.

The key Differences Between the Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini Mouse

The main differences between the Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini gaming mice are their size and weight, grip styles (X2 Mini is suitable for fingertip grip), click feel (X2 Mini is snappier), button placement, coating (G Pro Superlight is grippier), lower price, and availability.

WeightApproximately 57gApproximately 54g
Ideal Grip StyleClaw, Larger HandsClaw, Fingertip, Smaller Hands

Last Words

The Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini deliver on their promise of providing a budget-friendly alternative to the G Pro Superlight. While they may not outperform Logitech’s offering in every aspect, they offer solid performance and comfortable designs.

These mouse are a testament to the innovation emerging from smaller companies in the gaming industry, and they’re sure to find a dedicated following among gamers who appreciate quality, value, and unique design.

In summary, if you’re seeking a gaming mouse that combines the best of a super light design with an improved shape, the Pulsar X2 and X2 Mini are worth considering. Just be prepared to jump through a few hoops to get your hands on one.