What is CQATest on Android and is It Needed?

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What is CQATest: Today in the issue, there will be a debriefing about the android application CQATest. I will try to find as much information as possible by writing everything here in simple words. Go!

What is CQATest?

Application icon in the menu:

App icon in menu
App icon in menu

By the way, an interesting interface. It feels like it’s not Android at all. 

CQATest- What is It? Is It Needed?

CQATest is a pre-installed hidden application for factory testing/diagnostics of the phone’s hardware functions (for example, sensor, sound sensor). They are typically used for factory assembly and service centers.

The application is often found on Motorola phones.

To get access to CQATest, you need to go to the bootloader, select the Factory mode. The mode helps to detect hardware faults. apk is here:


CQATest and Slow Android Performance

Users write that the application leads to the brakes of the phone:

  • Screen response is very slow, sometimes completely unresponsive.
  • The notification panel slows down, and sometimes you need to wait 5-10 seconds for the action to occur.
  • Facebook also opens for a long time; while it opens from notifications, the same 5-10 seconds can pass.
  • The camera worked with a decent lag – photo/video worked with a delay.
  • The smartphone can reboot itself, and it happened a couple of times a day. Interestingly, there may be glitches even when turned on – sometimes it takes a couple of minutes until the main screen is displayed.
  • It can pop up when the service cable is connected.

Possible Solution:

  1. Open the Application menu under All Applications.
  2. Stop CQATest forcibly, then disable it. Additionally, you can try to erase the cache, clear data.
  3. Please reboot.

After that, the smartphone can work faster, and freezes can disappear.

By the way, this application can cause huge problems with the Motorola Moto G4 Plus phone model.

Think. Perhaps the freezes have something to do with a hardware problem that CQATest is trying to warn about?

True, other users write that they have never had problems with CQATest. But other applications slowed down Android, for example, Amazon Shopping, Connect, Message, Mobile Hotspot.

It happens that if there are glitches related to CQATest, then upon reboot, a notification about CQA testing may be displayed. There can also be requests; for example, CQATest wants to access. Most likely, to calm this test – the application should be disabled.

As you can see, the application can be opened with a combination:


After – the application may appear in the list of programs (after entering the code). If it asks for rights, then all permissions must be given.

Perhaps the CQATest application contains a shutdown function? Worth checking out. I almost forgot – the instructions above are intended for Motorola Moto X Style, Motorola Moto G models (maybe it is also suitable for other Motorola models).

By the way, CQATest can also show the resolutions of the available cameras in points. For example, on Lenovo S5, it shows – external 4160×3120 and internal 4608×3456.

The Comm Server has started notification

When the phone is discharged to 0%, the following message may appear on the screen:

The Comm Server has started

When you click on which CQATest is launched.

One user wrote a solution – you need to try to connect the bodies to a USB computer. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. It will charge a little – try to connect it to the charger (it is better to use the original one).

CQAtest may appear in the phone test application menu. To remove – you need to turn off the bodies and turn it on normally, meaning CQAtest appears if you press BP Tools in the fast boot.

You can also try to freeze CQATest using Titanium Backup (you need root rights).

Here is the menu itself (litter for the quality):


And this is probably something that can be tested:


As you can see, you can test the battery, audio, Bluetooth, camera, screen – in general, and we can conclude that CQATest is still a useful application. 


The main thing was found out:

  1. CQATest is an application for hardware testing of the main components of the phone.
  2. I think it’s not worth deleting, and it’s better to turn it off or freeze it. The application itself is useful; for example, it can diagnose hardware when buying a used smartphone. You just need to figure out exactly how it works.

I hope the information was helpful. Good luck and good!