Is Apple Watch Ultra 2 Waterproof? Can You Swim?

In recent years, wearable technology has evolved significantly, and one of the standout devices in this category is the Apple Watch. Renowned for its multifunctionality, the Apple Watch has become a staple accessory for many, blending seamlessly into various aspects of daily life, from fitness tracking to communication.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Waterproof


  • The Apple Watch Ultra 2 can handle swimming, but it might not always track your swim accurately.
  • It gives you basic info like distance swum and stroke type, but it’s not great for more structured workouts.
  • Apple could improve the watch with future updates, making it better for swimmers.
  • It’s not just for swimming; it’s a handy gadget for everyday life too.
  • Whether you’re swimming or doing anything else, the goal is to stay healthy, and the Ultra 2 can help with that, despite its swim tracking quirks.

Among its myriad features, one of the most intriguing aspects for fitness enthusiasts is its capability for swimming tracking.

With the release of the Apple Watch Ultra 2, users have been eager to explore its suitability for aquatic activities, particularly regarding its waterproofing and swim tracking accuracy.

Is Apple Watch Ultra 2 Waterproof

Yes, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is waterproof, allowing you to swim with it. However, its swim tracking accuracy may vary, particularly in open water and structured lap swimming workouts.

Can You Swim With Apple Watch Ultra 2

Yes, you can swim with the Apple Watch Ultra 2 as it is water-resistant and equipped with swim tracking features, but be aware of potential accuracy limitations in distance tracking and stroke identification.

Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming
Open Water Swimming

For those inclined towards open-water swimming, including an Open-Water Swimming profile in all Apple Watch models, including the Ultra 2, is commendable.

Testing the Apple Watch Ultra 2 alongside its predecessor, the Ultra 1, revealed promising GPS tracking accuracy. However, discrepancies in distance tracking were noted, with both models consistently underestimating the actual distance swum.

While this may not render the watch unusable, it’s essential to acknowledge this limitation when relying on it for distance metrics during open-water swims.

Lap Swimming

Lap Swimming
Lap Swimming

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 faces a more structured test by switching gears to lap swimming. A standard lap swimming workout revealed mixed results in terms of accuracy.

Automatic splits, a feature of the Ultra 2, exhibited occasional inaccuracies compared to manually recorded splits on a Garmin 4Runner 965.

Despite some discrepancies, heart rate tracking during swimming sessions showed promising results, albeit with the inherent challenges of wrist-based optical sensors in aquatic environments.

Challenges and Limitations

Several factors contribute to the challenges the Apple Watch Ultra 2 faces in swim tracking. Touchscreen functionality in water, for instance, poses usability issues, highlighting the need for alternative input methods.

The absence of a dedicated drill mode and the watch’s interpretation of different strokes also present further limitations, particularly for structured swim workouts.


Is the Apple Watch Ultra 2 waterproof?

Yes, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is designed to be water-resistant and suitable for swimming activities.

Can I swim with the Apple Watch Ultra 2?

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is equipped for swimming, whether it’s in a pool or open water.

How accurate is the Apple Watch Ultra 2 swim tracking feature?

While the Ultra 2’s swim tracking feature provides useful metrics like distance swum and calories burned, users should be aware of occasional inaccuracies, especially in distance tracking during open-water swims.

Does the Apple Watch Ultra 2 track lap swimming effectively?

The Ultra 2 offers lap swimming tracking, but users may notice occasional discrepancies in automatic splits compared to manually recorded splits. However, heart rate tracking during lap swims generally yields satisfactory results.

Are there any limitations to swimming with the Apple Watch Ultra 2?

Yes, users should be mindful of a few limitations. These include potential issues with touchscreen functionality in water, the absence of a dedicated drill mode, and the occasional misinterpretation of different swimming strokes.

Can I expect future updates to improve the Apple Watch Ultra 2’s swim-tracking accuracy?

Apple has a history of refining activity-tracking features through software updates. While there’s no guarantee, future updates could address some limitations observed in the Ultra 2’s swim tracking capabilities.

Is the Apple Watch Ultra 2 suitable for competitive swimmers or structured swim workouts?

While the Ultra 2 offers basic swim metrics and can be a helpful companion for recreational swimmers, competitive swimmers or those with highly structured swim workouts may need more precise tracking needs.

What other activities can I track with the Apple Watch Ultra 2?

In addition to swimming, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 offers tracking for various activities, including running, cycling, strength training, and more. Its versatility extends beyond fitness tracking to features like messaging, music, and health monitoring.

 How do I care for my Apple Watch Ultra 2 after swimming?

After swimming, it’s advisable to rinse your Apple Watch Ultra 2 with fresh water and dry it thoroughly to prevent any potential damage from saltwater or chlorine. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals.


In conclusion, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 offers solid functionality for swimmers, particularly as a multifunctional smartwatch. Basic swim metrics such as distance, calories burned, and stroke identification are provided, albeit with occasional inaccuracies.

However, for users seeking precise swim tracking for structured workouts or competitive swimming, the Ultra 2 may need to catch up to expectations.

The potential for software updates to address some of these limitations is promising. With Apple’s track record of refining activity tracking features through updates, future enhancements could further improve the Ultra 2’s suitability for swimming.

Ultimately, whether you’re swimming, running, cycling, or pursuing any other activity, the goal remains consistent: to engage in physical activity and lead a healthy lifestyle.

As technology evolves, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a versatile companion on this journey, albeit with certain caveats to consider when diving into the pool.