10 Best 3d Modeling Software of 2021

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The Best 3d Modeling Software: A later step in 3D printing is that you want to make your own designs, or improve them, but what is the best 3D modeling program?

If you have reached this point, likely, you are not sure which program to use, and it is normal, with guides of 30 or 16 different software it is difficult to clarify.

Then I leave you the factors that I have taken into account to choose the best 3d Modeling Software and a small survey to find yours. And I’ll take care of the rest.

The 10 Best 3d Modeling Software

Within this table, you can find all the selection of the Best 3d Modeling Software I have made for this post.

Best 3d Modeling Software

What is the Best 3d Modeling Software to create in 3D today?

This is a very recurring question in general, and it is something that I love since it means that you are finally encouraged to generate your own 3D models.

The answer is that it depends, it depends on your previous level, since it makes no sense that if you have only used TinkerCAD, you get into a program like CATIA, since it will consume a lot of resources from your computer. You will only be able to use 1%, go slowly.

Top Best 3d Modeling Software for Beginners

Therefore, if your question is, what is the Best 3d Modeling Software?, first, we have to see what level you have, and from there, advise you on a program that fits your needs, and therefore I am here to help you.


The Best 3d Modeling Software:

Who is this 3d Modeling Software for?

This program is designed for those who do not have much idea of ​​3D design and want to do very cool things very quickly in a very short time.

What can be designed with TinkerCAD?

Any object that can be created with basic shapes: Cube, Cylinder, Pyramid, Tetrahedron, Prism, Cone, Toroid (Donut). When you put all these elements together, and you can change their dimensions and colors, you can make from a simple cup to replicate the ancient hawk.

Why I think it is one of the Best 3d Modeling Software

TinkerCAD is very versatile, powerful (you can easily modify STL files), online, and also free. You will only need an account in Autodesk, and you can make your 3D models without a problem.

It is the one that many people use in 3D printing to make basic shapes or modify already created models. In addition, it has an external module to work with basic electronics with Arduino. A marvel.

3D Paint

Who is this 3D design program for?

This software is focused on designers or artists, or children who want to take their first steps with their new tablets.

What can you get to design with Paint 3D?

In addition, the best thing is that you have a database of 3D figures and a large community behind that share their designs for free. You don’t need to know how to draw to make a 3D drawing.

Why I think it is one of the best 3D design software

First, for their community and then for their possibilities. This 3D design program is perfect for making your first semi-complex designs.

In addition, even if you see that they are only collages, you have an option to export your models to 3D formats so you can print them on your 3D printer afterward.

Best 3D design software for intermediate users


Who is this 3D design program for?

It is focused on those people who want to create simple 3D objects without difficulty or complex 3D mechanical designs, with defined dimensions, matrices, machining, or surfaces.

What can be designed with FreeCAD?

Any complex mechanical design with restrictions that you can think of. FreeCAD is not focused on artistic design as such but is focused on the accuracy of a measured and calculated plan, with concrete measures and with the possibility of parameterizing (measures from other measures).

Why I think it is one of the best 3D design software

Because it is free and because it is very versatile. FreeCAD has a multitude of very interesting and very powerful modules, with which you can design anything without much difficulty.

To put a catch, it is a mid-level program, so certain operations take more work than other software that cost thousands of euros. This is done to guarantee more in-depth learning of each of the operations that are carried out.


Who is this 3D design program for?

For all those who want a reliable and easy to use program and do not need as many modules as FreeCAD (Surfaces, dimensioning, and others).

What can you get to design with SketchUp?

With SketchUp, you will be able to design objects with concrete measures without difficulty or even interior design thanks to its wide range of available materials. It is a program between mechanical and constructive design.

Why I think it is one of the best 3D design software

Because it is focused on a user who does not need to have as many modules as a Pro design program, but which in turn gives the ability to make complex and versatile designs.

SketchUp has a very friendly interface, and the amount of materials to use is immense, it is a program prepared to make complex 3D objects and to design buildings in a very versatile way and with a multitude of options.


Who is this 3D design program for?

For a very specific user, one who wants to design through code. This means that instead of hitting a button and creating a sphere by changing the properties X, Y, Z, you write “sphere (X, Y, Z).”

What can be designed with OpenSCAD?

What you want. The versatility of code that OpenSCAD has is wonderful. The number of commands available will allow you to do what you wish to, yes, with a learning circuit a little longer than other software.

Why I think it is one of the best 3D design software

OpenSCAD is an excellent program for technical designs. Imagine having to create a cam curve with a complex mathematical function. Here you can.

Other software you have to design through complex geometries, dimensions, restrictions, and others, here, knowing the commands and with a little practice, you can design everything in a mathematical way and chopping code. It is something worth trying once in a lifetime.

Best 3D design software for advanced or professional users


Who is this 3D design program for?

It is focused on those users who want to make mechanical designs and assemblies professionally with a very powerful program and that many companies use.

What can be designed with SolidWorks?

Here, apart from being able to design any object, we can design complex surfaces such as cars from sweeps, plot points, and skeletons. It complements one more level to the designs of all the life from simple figures or sketches.

Why I think it is one of the best 3D design software

Dassault Systemes is a company dedicated to professional 3D Design software and what they do they do very well. SolidWorks is a high-level program with which you can design mechanisms and simulate them without a problem.

One of the things I like most is its simplicity and degree of intuition. Moving from one 3D program to another usually takes a while, with SolidWorks it won’t cost you. On the other hand, many companies use it so that it could be a plus for your resume.

Fusion 360

Who is this 3D design program for?

It is focused on those users who want to make complex designs in a super simple way. The program of advanced designers of being at home (in fact, it is the one that I use most of the time )

What can be designed with Fusion 360?

Extending what can be done with intermediate 3D software, Fusion allows you to modify surfaces and dimensions in a different way and with great ease. In addition, it includes the materials module to be able to do your own behavior analysis.

Why I think it is one of the best 3D design software

First of all, because if you use it with a user license (which is common to 3D printing enthusiasts that you go through of3lia), you have a super powerful and free program without having to crack anything.

It is one of the most popular software for freelance designers and artists and people who want to go a step further within their 3D designs — one last.


Who is this 3D design program for?

For those who want to make the art 3D design as a professional, it already features figures for video games or replicates Yoda’s face.

What can be designed with Blender?

Blender is focused on complex artistic designs, so any character that comes to mind or imaginary objects you have in your head can be done.

Why I think it is one of the best 3D design software

Blender is a pass, and I’m in love with him. It is free, and one of the most powerful 3D software on the market is used in professional studios, and many films and animations have been made with it (yes and being free).

The downside is that its concept is based on artistic design, nothing to do with technical design. There are no dimensions, tolerances, or sketches, only your imagination and an interface with many properties. If you want to do this, you can start watching tutorials.

Best 3D design software for the industry


Who is this 3D design program for?

For users who need (for themselves or their company) to make mechanical assemblies with many parts and references.

What can be designed with Catia?

With Catia, airplanes, cars, or boats are designed today. Any object with multiple pieces and a giant workflow can be done with Catia.

Why I think it is one of the best 3D design software

Catia is the older brother of SolidWorks, created by the same company Dassault Systemes. If SolidWorks was specialized in making complex objects or mechanisms, Catia (other than that) is focused on the assembly of systems consisting of complex mechanisms.

This program is used in virtually all aeronautical or automobile companies in the world. I learned to use it in engineering, and I assure you that I only touched 1% of its possibilities — a marvel.

Autodesk Inventor

Who is this 3D design program for?

For users who need to carry out intricate designs with many pieces in a simple and very intuitive way.

What can be designed with Autodesk Inventor?

Inventor is prepared to make 3D designs with a multitude of elements and then test their properties: mechanical, fatigue, temperature changes, etc.

Why I think it is one of the best 3D design software

Autodesk Inventor is a cousin of Catia but of the company Autodesk. It also focused on product design for industrial machinery companies or vehicles.


This 3d Modeling Software has made a place in the market for its capacity and analysis and viewing of objects. The only handicap is the price, and it does not have an educational version (even if it were for engineering schools) — a great option to consider.