10 Best Voice to Text Software in 2021

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The best voice to text software: Technology advances more and more every day, and much of it is now an extension of us. The clearest example of this is the transcription tools, software that is capable of transcribing any Voice to Text.

Best Voice to Text Software

That is, imagine being able to take notes in a class or meeting without writing, or if you want to interview someone again and remember exactly what he said. They can even work for real-time translations such as podcasts.

So today, we want to talk to you about the best software to pass audio to text.

What is the best Voice to Text Software?

There is a lot of software that you can find on the web. However, in TheSoftBest, we have investigated, and we found the tools to transcribe audios to text most recommended by Internet users.


This best voice dictation software to write what you speak can recognize multiple languages ​​such as Spanish, English, French, Italian, among others. Its main feature is to make use of the Google microphone dictation tool. Note that this is a program to transfer Voice to Text online, so it will not store any kind of data you can give it. That is, it will not store your personal information at any time.

Its Best Voice to Text Software is many since you can write emails and complete documents. It comes with a series of commands to enter punctuation, accent marks, and emojis. While it is a tool that understands most of what you dictate, you may have trouble recognizing pauses. Besides, you must modulate the words correctly if you want me to write them correctly.

We invite you to try it for free on its home page from any web browser.

Talktyper allows you to dictate in real-time using its voice recognition tool. To be used, permission must enable in your browser, because as you commented, it is a program to convert Voice to Text e n line. To use it, just press the microphone button and start talking. The text will appear above the instructions provided by the page. You can copy the text with a button directly to paste it into a Word document or email.

Once you finish the dictation, edit the result to avoid some grammatical and syntax errors. In general, this software can recognize punctuation, exclamation, accentuation, and more. But you may have trouble remembering proper names. This program is available for free online. You can access my website in any of its 12 languages.

2. Cloud voice transcription 

This best voice to text software transformer from Google can work with different sound lengths. Its system through voice recognition allows you to recognize 120 different languages, including various dialects and variants.

It is AI technology adapts to your voice in real-time, so you can quickly detect any voice command. As if that were not enough, you can process any kind of previously recorded audio, whether long or short.

It has a voice transcription system dictated by Machine Learning. It is designed to recognize a real conversation style. In this way, you can understand and transcribe data such as proper names, phone numbers, and dates. You can enter your free trial through its main page since once it is finished, you will have to pay to continue using it.

3. Express Scribe

With Express Scribe, you will have a handy program to transcribe some voice to text recording, fully controlled from your Mac or Windows computer. Its interface is easy to use and very professional, similar to that of a typist.

Do not worry if sometimes you speak faster or slower. This program has the advantage of detecting pauses. Besides, you can work with most of the available formats from mp3 to text,  with analog or digital recordings.

You can download it from its website in the free version, but if you want to enjoy more features, you can purchase its Pro edition.

4. Text from Speech

This software to transcribe voice to text software wholly free and online does not require any download or installation.

best voice to text software

Its voice command allows you to pause the dictation, as well as accentuate words when writing. You need a single button to start using this program to record the best voice to text in up to 8 different languages.

And once the text is ready, you can save it in any format. Get it for free by entering this website.

5. Speechlogger

With Speechlogger, it is a free audio-to-text converter in Spanish,  which uses Google’s voice technology in an automated way, recognizing timestamps, scores, numbers, and proper names. This is a voice recognition program typical of Google system browsers, which is ideal for converting audio into text format. In addition, its interface allows editing the text at the time it is converted or after its transcription.

The fact that it is part of the Google system makes it a useful tool if you have a Google Drive since you can export the document once you have finished.

In addition, it allows you to add watermarks in the text format and has automatic saving. We emphasize that you can export text and subtitles. In the design of your command table, you can find a drop-down menu with the languages ​​with which it can work.

Therefore, this program can be a real-time automatic interpreter, perfect for people with hearing impairment. You can also use it to generate subtitles for movies in other languages.

Free, you can try it here on the official website.

If you are looking for how to pass audio to text in particularly tricky languages ​​such as Japanese, Korean, German, or Arabic, this program is undoubtedly for you.

best voice to text software

IBM Watson is a program to transcribe audio through your microphone. Among its highlights is its ability to understand and process colloquialisms as synonyms and keywords.

If you have an audio recording in formats such as MP3 MPEG, FLAC, or WAV, this program can analyze the sound file and write the words. If several people are speaking in the audio at the same time, it will detect and write each voice.

Your information will be protected, since this program does not store data of any kind, and you can use it for free online from this website.

7. Speechnotes – Speech To Text

Speech Notes is another highly recommended Best Voice to Text Software to transfer voice to text via the web. It is simple to use and shows you a legend with the voice commands that you can use, that is, just one click on the screen for the system to recognize any comma or period.

best voice to text software

This is a mobile Best Voice to Text Software directly and serves to convert any audio file into a text format easily. No registration is required to use it and access all the functions it offers.

It has an easy to use interface and allows the adaptation of gadgets as individual microphones for your smartphone. It has autosave, so you can stop at some point without worrying about saving what you have advanced.

It has an app to be used on mobile devices and has a voice recognition system and extremely high conversion speed, making it highly effective for this work.

Access or download the tool here: https://speechnotes .co/

8. Talk Typer

Talk Typer is an entirely free online voice recognition program with an easy-to-use interface, either in Spanish or English. Once you have passed your voice to text format, you can download the transcribed text document easily and quickly.

best voice to text software

9. Voice Texting Pro

With this mobile Best Voice to Text Software, you can transfer any audio file, such as recordings or voice notes, to a text format quickly and from any system, be it Android or IOS.

Besides, it has an option to send the transcription of your audio via WhatsApp, Messenger, or E-mail. It has an easy to use interface and does not take up much space in the storage of your phone or device, which makes it much more useful.

10. Transcribe for WhatsApp

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is currently the most used instant messaging service in the world. For that same reason, there is also a typical Best Voice to Text Software to transcribe to text all the voice memos you receive in your personal or work chats.

This Best Voice to Text Software is ideal for those who receive voice notes at times when it is impossible to hear them. Dial the voice memo and hit the SHARE button. In the menu that will be displayed below, you look for the TRANSCRIBER WHATSAPP icon, and there you can start the audio conversion.

It is worth mentioning that this Best Voice to Text Software has few voice filters and an unreliable grammar system. So you should also check the text well once it is transcribed and not be surprised if it does not recognize any word, product of the noise distortion of the environment where It was recorded.

Access or download the tool here.

How to record speech to text in Word?

To activate it, we can press the Windows + H key combination or press the mentioned button with the mouse. There will be a slight sound that will warn that Word will begin to listen to us to transcribe speech to text.

How to make Word read aloud?

Open Microsoft Word and open the Word document that you want to have read aloud. Or, write some text. Click the mouse in the document to position the cursor at the point from which you want it to be read aloud. Press the green Play button on the toolbar or the F7 key.


Without a doubt, this software is right for tasks that imply that you should record or transcribe anything. Do you dare to try one? If so, tell us which one you chose and how was your experience in the comments. We hope you find them useful!