15 Best Diabetes Apps of 2023 – (For Android & iPhone)

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The top Best Diabetes Apps: People with diabetes need to monitor their blood glucose levels constantly and the number of calories consumed. In addition, it is necessary to take medications on time, exercise, and reduce your weight.

The main function of mobile apps for diabetes management is to record blood glucose levels. This parameter is measured by special devices – glucometers. Some diabetic apps allow you to import readings directly from the device. If the glucose level is dangerous, the Best Diabetes Apps warns the person about the danger or even sends an SMS to the doctor.

15 Best Diabetes Apps

In addition, programs for managing diabetes allow you to keep track of calories eaten, medications taken, and physical activities. A graph of the change in a person’s glucose level depending on these factors will help the doctor adjust the patient’s treatment and lifestyle correctly.

Best Diabetes App 

Programs for people with diabetes are usually the Best Diabetes Apps so that they are always at hand, regardless of whether the person is at home or somewhere else. But there are similar programs for computers and online services.

Diagnosis of diabetes always confuses those who receive it. A logical question immediately arises: how to live with diabetes further, what to do, how to change your life in order to avoid dangerous complications. In this case, the ideal solution would be to take a course on diabetes mellitus, where you will receive all the necessary answers and find the right strategy for behavior in this disease.

To improve the quality of life in diabetes mellitus, nutrition correction, lifestyle changes, and weight normalization will help. And to make it easier to control yourself on the way to a more comfortable life, leading companies have developed the special Best Diabetes Apps. They allow you to enter data on the level of glucose in the blood and body weight, the amount and regularity of physical activity, as well as dietary habits.

Wellness Consulting Academy experts, who provide training at the school of diabetes, have compiled their TOP of the Best Diabetes Apps that you will definitely like. Rather, read about the possibilities of each of them and choose the one that suits you best.

1. Diabetes Diary – Blood Glucose Tracker

A simple and intuitive application that can be downloaded to devices with Android and IOS. Allows you to enter data on blood sugar levels and well-being control your condition quickly and without problems.

2. Fooducate – Eat better. Lose weight. Get healthy

This mobile system allows you to control blood glucose levels and is one of the best assistants in the correction and treatment of diabetes. It also has an insulin dosage calculator to help you calculate the amount of hormone you need.

There is the possibility of interaction with the attending physician, who, under certain conditions, can provide advice to his patients.

3. Diabetes

In this application for people with diabetes on Android, you can keep a diary of nutrition and blood sugar control to calculate the required dose of insulin. The program also notifies you of a critical drop in glucose levels and a possible attack of hypoglycemia. There is a function of accounting for changes in body weight and physical activity.

All entered data can be exported to PDF or XLS (Excel) files and then printed and transferred to the control of the attending physician.

4. Diabetes:M – Management & Blood Sugar Tracker App

With this application, diabetes will be under your complete control. With it, you can:

  • keep a diabetic diary;
  • import data from various glucometers and insulin pumps;
  • determine trends in blood sugar levels;
  • create reports and graphs on all aspects of diabetes care;
  • analyze statistics and send them to your doctor or school of life with diabetes via e-mail.

5. SiDiary

How to treat diabetes until complete recovery has not yet been figured out, but you can control your condition with the help of such an electronic diary. It allows you to enter all the necessary data quickly.

Designed for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, pregnant women, children and adolescents, and blind people using insulin pumps.

6. Glycemic Index

This application helps control well-being and monitor the blood lipid spectrum by analyzing the cholesterol level in the bloodstream.

All this helps in the prevention of cardiovascular pathologies, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.

7. mySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log

The application for diabetics for iPhone and Android is intuitive to use but has only an English version. It is created as an interesting game that increases motivation to control diabetes and prevent its complications.

You get points that help defeat the sugar monster by entering data on nutrition, exercise, and glucose levels. You can set personal goals for disease control and monitor their achievement.

8. Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker

Using this mobile application, you can save your data about blood glucose levels, insulin dosages, consumed carbohydrates, physical activity. Allows you to create your online account and view the entered information at any time.

9. Diabetes Pal

Unlike the above applications, it allows you to enter data on blood glucose levels and blood pressure indicators. There is a record of body weight and sleep duration.

Another distinctive feature is good analytics and reports in the form of beautiful graphs and charts.

10. MedSimple

The value of this application is that it was developed by Dr. A. Bhargava, founder of the research center My Diabetes Home and Iowa Diabetes & Endocrinology. It helps to keep track of the necessary medicines and remind them in time to take them, shows alternative options for medicines prescribed by a doctor, allows you to store a list of phone numbers of the right doctors and pharmacies where prescribed medicines are sold.

11. Diabetes Studio

Mobile guide for diabetics. Allows you to keep records of insulin levels, workouts, and diet. All foods on the menu can be tagged to make it easier to track their impact on overall well-being and blood sugar levels.

A parental control feature for young users allows you to synchronize multiple devices at once and transfer data between them. Thanks to this, caring parents can track the level of glucose that a teenager brings to his smartphone after self-measurement with a glucometer.

12. Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs

An app for diabetics for iPhone that allows you to quickly find out the glycemic index and glycemic load of basic foods. Serves as a glucose tracker. You can also keep a diary of carbohydrates consumed and control your weight (it provides statistics in the form of beautiful graphs).

With this application, it is easier to follow a low-carbohydrate diet, which is so necessary for patients with diabetes. It helps in food choice when compiling a diet, indicating an increase in body weight. It has a modern multilingual interface and in-app purchases.

13. CalorieKing’s ControlMyWeight – Weight Loss Calorie Counter

Another application exclusively for iOS devices. It helps control body weight, which is extremely important for those at risk for developing type 2 diabetes or who have already been diagnosed with it.

In the program, you can set personal goals for weight loss, control eating habits, and track the results achieved.

14. Fitter Fitness Calculator

Allows you to control physical activity, track changes in weight, calculate the body mass index (BMI) for setting personal goals in losing weight. All indicators are easy to track with the help of special application icons.

The entered data is stored in the cloud service. Achievements about weight correction can be shared with social networks using convenient integration.


Excellent diary for diabetes control. The program helps to automatically develop an individual treatment plan for the user, which indicates a specific pattern of actions for each day. You can monitor the consumed carbohydrates blood sugar levels on an empty stomach and after each meal.

In addition, the application allows you to add your actions to the diabetes treatment plan that are not taken into account by the program. This includes measuring blood pressure, body weight, bad cholesterol, etc. You can set reminders for taking medications and insulin injections to specify their frequency. There is a system of pop-up hints.

As you can see, today, many free and very convenient mobile applications have been developed for diabetics. However, if you want to learn how to live properly with this diagnosis, develop a diet menu for yourself, prevent complications, get advice from experienced experts in the field of endocrinology and nutrition, then pay attention to the Wellness Consulting Academy school of life with diabetes.


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