6 Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10 of 2021

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So, We are here with the best free backup software for windows 10 for Windows operating system, over the years, has been gaining in reliability and security, the truth is that, either by some internal aspect of the software itself or by an external agent, we must continue to be careful with the data stored by if Windows suddenly stops working.

And there are innumerable reasons why, from right to first, a system like Windows can suffer a serious failure and stop working, so in principle, we can lose access to all personal data stored on that computer. There are indeed several ways to try to recover that data stored on a damaged system, but as they say, “prevention is better than cure.”

Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10

Whether due to a malware attack, a serious error of Windows 10 itself, or the action of any third-party software that damages the operating system. The truth is that there are many reasons why our data can be compromised, which can sometimes represent a serious problem.

Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10

Therefore, as has been said on so many occasions. The best thing to save us future dislikes is to have a backup copy of all our data. In general terms, we can find several types of backups, which will be more or less interesting, depending on each case and needs. For example, we find the full backup, which is done with all the files and folders that we want to store on a computer, although its size is larger than other formats.

At the same time, we can also opt for an incremental backup, where only the new data is copied with respect to the last backup made, so when restoring, it will not be necessary to restore the entire copy. Finally, we will tell you that the differential copy is that which refers to the storage only of the data that has been modified for the last copy, which saves us a lot of time in the process.

That is why we are going to show you some of the most interesting the Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10, all to carry out backup copies of your personal data and thus keep them safe from an unforeseen disaster.


First of all, we will talk about a free proposal to carry out backups that are characterized by their simple use, and that will help us in the type of work of this type that we need to perform in each case. Thus, it has a guide assistant that will help us personalize the backup destination, the original source of information, the type of backup, and when we want all this to take place.

Therefore this is a very interesting proposal for those users who either do not want too many complications. In this regard or do not have too much experience in all this.

Acronis TrueImage 

It is the most expensive of the three, costs about 50 Euros in its Home version, and annual updates are not free. That is, every year if we want the most recent version. It has a backup mode in the cloud, supplied by Acronis, which adds about payments for a year if we do not take it in the promotion. It is an annual payment but allows us to make full backups in the cloud, apart from what we want to do locally, without capacity limit. This, if we work well, we can do it ourselves through other cloud storage services. In fact, this possibility is something that we will demand from all these Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10.

Acronis TrueImage offers a tremendously simple and automated interface so that anyone, for any knowledge they have, feels comfortable and safe when making their backups. It has a really simple interface where it asks us what we want to safeguard and where. The rest takes it for granted but also allows us to adjust it. We allow backup on disk drives, external drives, FTP, shared folders, NAS, etc. It is very powerful in this regard.

The default copy scheme is incremental. That is, progressive copies are only made on the changes between each copy, not from an original copy as the differential mode, nor complete. This saves time and disk space. We can establish how many incremental copies we want before each complete copy, and it has an automatic cleaning system so that we do not fill the disk with unnecessary copies.

It also has a notification system, which can send emails and also an exclusion system to avoid copying unnecessary or temporary files.

In its advanced options, it also has everything that is essential for us in a good system image backup: password protection with quality encryption levels such as 256-bit AES, division of backup copies to make them manageable. Validation of the copies and reserve copy with double location (we can leave one in local and upload another one by FTP to another side, for example).

Additionally, we can have automatic error management, selection of the system load during copying, and something exclusive to Acronis such as the configuration of external drives so that the recovery system can be started from them without the need for the original operating system.

Among its extra tools, we find things like disk cloning, the creation of optical or Pendrive boot media. Restoration without dependence on hardware (it allows us to recover our system without problems on machines with different hardware on which we made the copy) or access and control of our copies through a mobile phone or tablet. Acronis TrueImage also allows us to create isolated areas of a hard disk for backups or install a bootloader on the disk that allows us to load the restore and copy system in case the operating system fails to boot.

This is a very capable system, it is the most expensive, but perhaps it is the best of all, now we will see it.

Uranium Backup Free

In these lines, we will talk about Uranium Backup in its free version, a program of these same characteristics to which we refer that will allow us to make copies of the 3-types defined above, that is, complete, incremental, and differential. In addition, it has its own planning function so that we can schedule these backups, reporting system, event notifications by email, and even has its own FTP client.

Although, on the other hand, the program also has a paid Gold version, we can even try it for free for a period of 21 days, although we can always opt for the Free version.

AOMEI Backupper Professional

AOMEI is the most recognized Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10 for its disk and partition management applications. They have really powerful versions in this segment of security applications. Your Backupper Professional app lives up to the reputation of this developer. We will focus on your paid version, but it has an entirely free one that is worth mentioning because it has the most important bases for a good zero-cost backup.

The professional version is more capable and is also economical. The system will accompany us throughout the life of our PC and will always be updated. Two PCs, indeed.

We are looking much simpler and classic. Nothing to do with the modern interface and care of Acronis. But useful because it will always make it clear to us what we can and what we want to do. In three steps, we can have the copy made. It allows us to make copies on external disks, network disks, etc. We miss the possibility of making copies via FTP or other means.

The copy profiles are the same: Full, incremental, and differential. It allows the compression of the images, the encryption (although it does not allow us to choose the level of encryption), notifications, and division of the images into manageable portions. Programming is more basic, for times, but not for events. Nor does it have an automatic image cleaning system, although it is a very interesting utility that is the fusion of incremental images into a single total image.

It has, of course, a system for creating boot units for restoration or copying without the need for an operating system, checking backup images, etc. It is a simpler but powerful and reliable, fast, and effective application and is the most economical of all.

Its star function, which we will not find in the other two of this comparison, is the possibility of making copies by synchronizing folders. It is an additional addition that we can program, but that lacks launch by modification of files, something essential in any application of synchronization of folders that boasts.

It is the cheapest option, and its results are good. It is a renowned developer, and we can rely on its results. Even so, it has important deficiencies with respect to Acronis, for me, the most important is to be able to restore in hardware different from the original, and the third contender is also a reference.

Now we will talk about a simple application to use and with an interface that focuses on trying to make things easier for us. This makes it available to us functions such as the ability to synchronize files, create custom disk or system images, clone entire disks, or create a rescue disk in case we cannot access the computer.

On the other hand, it offers us a task planner that we can configure depending on our needs when making automated backups. This will allow us to perform them daily, or only those days of the week that we indicate.

EaseUS All Backup Free

This is one of the most popular proposals of this type that also has a free version, valid for most non-professional users. We say this because the free version has all kinds of functions such as file backups, independent drives, the entire system, disk cloning, boot recovery disk, or backup planner.

At the same time, it is worth noting that it has its own data encryption, or we can choose between incremental and differential copies; all this quickly and easily configurable.

EASEUS is known for its the Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10, well known. The paid version, which we will analyze here, adds important benefits to what is a regular backup. Just the benefits that we are looking for in this analysis. It is very cheap, less than 29 dollars, but does not include updates, and EASEUS is responsible for having at least two large updates, which must be paid, every year. Problem corrections and other minor updates are included in the license.

Version 8.6 has been specially designed to improve Windows 10 support. The interface is quite well worked. It is clear and accessible and with a very aesthetic interface to Windows 10. All functions are close and quickly recognizable. It has an even an intelligent copy analyzer that judges what type of copy is best for our system and also has an email backup system — something we only usually find in professional versions.

The backup creation wizard is complete and also sets the guidelines for making good copies. It has advanced programmability with event systems, such as shutdown or user login, with the possibility of even turning on the PC if it is turned off.

The backup options are extensive. It allows us to select the level of compression, the division of the image into segments of fixed size. The encryption of the copy (although without method selection), the priority of use of hardware in the copy, email notifications, secondary opia in FTP (only in FTP), and also allows us to exclude unnecessary files.

The EASEUS Todo Backup also has an automatic disk image cleaning system with a good image reservation strategy system. We can do it for days, for a number of copies, or even by the method of merging incremental images.

The copies are well organized and accessible. We can mount the images without making restorations, create a bootloader to be able to perform restorations in case of damaged Windows boot, etc. The system also allows us to verify the copies, check the history, etc.

It is very powerful and economical. It has a version 10 dollars more expensive, without taxes, 44 Euros with taxes that will open us the benefits that could really compete with the Acronis TrueImage. This version “Workstation” will allow us to restore in different hardware and has a module of conversion of images to virtual machines that can be very useful. The price of this version is already very close to that of Acronis.

Areca Backup

Finally, we are going to mention Areca Backup, Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10 for these same tasks that focus on serving the most specialized users in these areas and with specific knowledge in the field. And it is that among the customizable functions that we are going to find in this case, we can filter the copying of data by sections such as the extension, its size or date, also being able to make local or network backups.

To say that due to the user interface that it makes available to us and because of the options available, this is a somewhat more complex alternative than previously seen, more focused on the home user.


The three programs that we have shown you today are reliable options to backup your PC. They work well, are fast and efficient, and their engines give life to much more complex applications for server environments. They are economical if we think about the time and problems that can prevent us and, even if it is the free version, we should install one of them yes or yes on our PCs.

Our Verdict
  • Acronis TrueImage Home does not have a free version, only a trial for 30 days, but it is of all the applications that we have tested here the most capable and powerful. It is modern, effective and if we have some more money to spend the copy version in the cloud, it will guarantee us to have our copies safe and available in an external place where we normally store our PC. The copy in secondary sites, outside our usual premises, is an excellent way to guarantee our data even in the face of the most serious events such as fires, floods, etc.
  • The EASEUS Todo Backup Home may also be a good option but in its Workstation version. The bad thing is the policy of updates of this brand, two per year, which gives us the feeling that in the end, the product is not as competitive in price. Otherwise, technically, it is as much or better than Acronis.
  • The AOMEI Backupper has become old. It is a powerful and efficient copy engine and a great program, but it has not evolved as it should — nothing to do with other software of this developer.