11 Best To Do List Chrome Extension in 2021

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by The Soft Best

There are dozens of Best To Do List Chrome Extension and applications that are worth it out there, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. But whenever we look at these types of To Do List Chrome Extension, we look at native versions. What if we want to be able to manage our tasks without having to leave the browser window?

Best To Do List Chrome Extension for Browser

If what we want is just that, we have two options: use the web interfaces of those services (provided they are available, of course) or use an extension that integrates the tasks within the browser’s interface. Let’s see some examples of this in Chrome.

To Do List Chrome Extension

Organize your work and your life with Todoist for Chrome. Classified as “the best To Do List Chrome Extension at this time” by The Verge, 20 million people use Todoist to organize, plan and collaborate with others on projects, both large and small.

1. Todoist for Chrome

Add websites as tasks: Add a blog entry to your reading list. Save an item to your wish list. Add work tasks to track them. Plan your day: Quickly organize your day’s tasks from the extension. Complete tasks from the browser: Once you have completed your tasks, cross them out without changing context. 

Todoist is another very famous task service, although with free plans somewhat more limited than those of Wunderlist. Its extension displays our projects and tasks from the toolbar, so we don’t have to open your web page.

2. Google Tasks

Yes, Google Tasks still exists! Many will have enough with the official solution but unfortunately forgotten that Google has for our tasks, and there is an official Chrome extension to use it.

3. To-do list

The To-Do List allows you to add and remove items or tasks easily. Simply enter your tasks and rearrange them as you wish using drag & drop. The number of items remaining in the list is also shown.


  • Drag and drop things in the rundown 
  • Displays the number of things in the rundown 
  • Add/expel errands or things effectively 
  • Clean UI 
  • Three shading plans
  • Use hashtags or names to feature singular errands

4. Any.do

The any.do To Do List Chrome Extension for Chrome of the well-known service Any.do places the list of tasks in a button directly on the toolbar.

Being able to create them from there even with a deadline. Rather basic, but more than enough for the average user.

5. New Tab Todo List: Checklist, Notes, Outliner

Create Escucha, outlines, tasks, and more. Simply open a new tab with the “New Tab Todo List” Chrome extension to record your ideas, goals, and daily tasks. Do more with Todoist for desktop and mobile devices:

Capture and organize your tasks as soon as they appear in your mind. Remember essential deadlines with reminders and due dates. 

6. Wunderlist

One of the most popular and the Best To Do List Chrome Extension for being free (even with payment plan) and having many options is Wunderlist.

Its web application covers everything, but there is an extension that pre-loads all the content to be able to work offline with the tasks.

7. Prioritab

How about seeing everything you have to do every time you open a new Chrome tab? That is the Prioritab formula, which lists you classified by the tasks you must finish today, this week or this month. In addition, it shows you the percentages of tasks you have done during those periods of time.

It can be an excellent anti-distraction motivator.

8. To Do List

Develop lasting habits with periodic expiration dates such as “every Monday.”

Collaborate with others on projects by assigning tasks. Prioritize your tasks with priority levels. Track your progress with personalized productivity trends.

9. Week Plan

Week Plan is similar to Prioritab, but it distributes the tasks in a drop-down list from the toolbar and mixing events marked by hours specific to a calendar.

Few combine the calendar as a productivity agenda, but this extension may be the best for them.

10. Remember The Milk

This alternative had its golden age a while ago. But that does not mean that it is now in the doldrums.

Remember The Milk has a manager with tasks that can even be labeled or prioritized and form a cloud tag from which to locate something concrete is very easy.

11. Workflow

We end with an old acquaintance: WorkFlowy offers us the creation of tasks from hierarchical lists, which can be written very easily, achieving a high level of organization in a very short time. Its extension offers us to place the lists in the browser to work offline.

For those who do not need priorities, projects, or colors, this way of working is as simple as it is effective.


With access to more than 60 integrations (Google Drive, Dropbox, Zapier, Evernote, and Slack, among others), Todoist will quickly become your headquarters to organize your work and your life. In addition, our Wunderlist importer can help you make the tool change and start in just a few minutes.

Happy organization!