6 Best Remote Access Software for Mac of 2021

6 Best Remote Access Software for Mac of 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

List of the best remote access software for mac: If you are considering the possibility of teleworking or simply want to access your usual computer from another location, at MAD systems. We have compiled a list of remote connection software to help you so that you can begin to test the benefits of working remotely.

The Best Remote Access Software for Mac

Best Remote Access Software for Mac

In addition, this type of tool carries other types of advantages that can improve your business, allowing you to be more agile, effective, and sometimes reduce costs. Many times, these tools even allow us to connect through the best remote access software for mac. These are the best applications. Some are even free, so they won’t even cost you.

1. Chrome remote desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the basic options for remote connections, but it does its job effectively. The only requirement is to have the 2 PCs – yours (client) and the one you want to connect to (host) – with Chrome installed.

Best Remote Access Software for Mac

The software works with an extension installed in the browser. Installing them will give you access to the host through a PIN, and you can take control by accessing Chrome on the client. You can also access the host even if Chrome is not working, or the account is not authenticated. However, it also has its limitations. It has no chat options in case you want to communicate with the other end, and at the moment, it does not allow you to share files, so it is a fairly basic option.

2. Microsoft remote desktop

Microsoft’s remote desktop is similar to Chrome’s. It offers the basic features that are normally suitable for most users, but it has certain limitations that may not be the most suitable software for everyone. With the platform – free from Microsoft – you can remotely connect to Windows computers from other Windows PCs, mobiles, or the best remote access software for mac.

Best Remote Access Software for Mac

It should be noted that you will not be able to connect to a MAC computer from a Windows PC. With this remote desktop, you can work with any version of Windows Windows 7, as long as it is a Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate version. It does not require authentication for your own PCs, but as a drawback, it does not allow you to share files or some options that can come in handy for remote assistance.

3. Teamviewer

One of the most famous applications in remote access environments that offer services for companies in exchange for a cost per license. It has a version for personal use that is completely free.

Best Remote Access Software for Mac

In terms of technology and features, Teamviewer is one of the best. It has a premium backup and allows you to do much more than just remotely connect to computers. There is a wide range of devices to which you can connect remotely using even the IOS or Android applications. Everyone should try Teamviewer at least once in their life if they are looking for one of the best remote desktop software.

4. Anydesk

Best Remote Access Software for Mac

Founded in 2014, Anydesk is Teamviewer’s main rival and is similar in operation. Former Teamviewer workers developed it. It also offers a free version for personal use and various types of business licenses. It is really light software with only a size of 2.8MB. In addition, with Anydesk, you can discover the network, collaborate online, record sessions, and everything with great performance.

5. LogMein

Best Remote Access Software for Mac

Since 2014 LogMeIn no longer has a free version, but it is still one of the best Apps on the market. It is a professional product that includes a high level of security and specialized functions that you will not find in free software. At least not all together. For example, if your device has multiple monitors, you can adapt them to the device you use to control it.

It also offers an online performance guarantee and support with its paid license. So if you need guaranteed remote access for sensitive or critical situations, LogMeIn may be right for you.

6. UltraVNC

UltraVNC works by installing a server and a viewer on 2 different PCs. The server will be the PC you want to connect to, and the viewer the equipment you will use to connect. It will always be working and will greatly facilitate the simplicity of connections by installing the server as a service.

Best Remote Access Software for Mac

To make a mistake, you will have to change the ports of the router if you are going to use UltraVNC. Outside of that, the platform offers useful features such as file sharing and transfers, chat between server and viewer, or copied from the portfolio. Also, the web has a slightly modern aesthetic compared to other options.