6 Best Password Managers for iOS or iPhone of 2021

6 Best Password Managers for iOS or iPhone of 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

The best password managers for iOS: In recent years, our iPhone and iPad has become a fundamental element in our daily lives, since it is our main means of communication, whether at work or in the personal life of each one. In addition, we also use it to check our email account, access our bank, search the Internet.

Due to the fact that its use has practically become a substitute for the computer, many are the users who have the need to store the access codes to all its services, keys that we must always keep safe by stopping using the Notes application to store them. It is the best password manager for iOS to use password managers. If you think it is time to make the change, then we show you the best password managers for iOS.

Top Best Password Managers for iOS

Best Password Managers for iOS

Password managers not only allow us to manage, through a single best password managers for iOS, all the access codes to the Internet services that we use the most, but they also allow us to create strong passwords. So that we do not choose to use it in all services or we stop using the keys most used by users every year, among which we find 123456789, password, 00000000 among others.

In addition, thanks to this type of best password managers for iOS, we can also stop using the name of our pet along with its date of birth, the name of the city where we were born, our date of birth together with the name of the street. If the person who wants to access our data knows us, it will not be very difficult to access them. If, in the end, I’ve managed to convince you to start using password managers, read on to find the best options currently available on the market.

All the best password managers for iOS that allow us to manage our passwords in addition to being all of them protected by a code, our fingerprint or face if we have a device with Face ID. Store all our data with AES-256 security encryption, which means that if someone could access them could not access the stored content.

1. iCloud Keychain

The iCloud Keychain, also known as a keychain, has become one of the best app tools that we have at our disposal natively, making it free to administer and manage all the access keys to the web pages that we regularly use. Also, some best password managers for iOS are compatible with this Keychain, so that we can automatically enter the data without having to access the registry where they are stored.

The iCloud Keychain is synchronized with our Mac, so that every time we want to access a web page, we will have at our disposal the same passwords that are also available on both our iPhone and iPad. This type of best password managers for iOS/service also helps us in the task of establishing passwords when we register for a new service so that once and for all, we always stop using the same passwords for all services.

Disadvantages of iCloud Keychain

The iCloud Keychain is only available for devices manufactured by Apple, so if you do not have a Mac, you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits of synchronizing that data on a Windows PC.

Another negative aspect depending on how you look at it is that the management of passwords, as well as the query. It is not intuitive or comfortable since it forces us to go into the Settings menu, where we can consult both the username and the password previously identifying us with our fingerprint, our face, or the access code that we have established on our device.

2. 1Password

1Password was one of the first password managers to reach the Apple mobile platform, which has allowed it to become one of the most used. 1Password not only allows us to store user names and their respective password. It also allows us to store software licenses, credit card or bank account numbers, email accounts, databases, and ID cards.

In addition to being one of the most complete, 1Password is cross-platform, so that we can use it both on a Mac, on the Windows platform or on terminals managed by Android. The integration in iOS is done through an extension that allows us to access it through any browser that we have installed on our computer.

The iOS application allows us to store the passwords in both iCloud and Dropbox, and each time we run the app, and we have to enter the access code that we have previously established or use our face or fingerprint to access the data.

Disadvantages of 1Password

For a little over a year, AgileBits has chosen to stop selling its applications and offer them only through a subscription system, a model that can be somewhat expensive for many users depending on the number of applications we want to use.

3. RememBear

One of the last to reach the Apple mobile platform is Remembear, a simple application manager that we can find in the market since we only have the option of entering the web, the username, and their respective password.  Therefore, its limitations can be great in this sense if we want to get the most out of an application of this type.

Remembear is available for iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android in the form of an application, so we can access the passwords stored on both our iPhone and Mac at any time since they are kept synchronized at any time. At the moment, it is in the beta phase, so both applications are free, but it will offer us a very low fixed price when it ceases to be.

Disadvantages of Remembear

The main and only drawback that Remembear offers us is the limitation that it offers when entering data that we want to keep safe, as I have commented in the previous match since it only allows us to add web pages together to your username and password. Nothing else. We cannot add credit card numbers, account numbers, create protected notes, software licenses.

4. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass offers us practically the same functions that we can currently find in 1Password, being one of the best alternatives that we can currently find on the market.

Thanks to LastPass, we only have to remember a password, with which we can protect the application. In this application, we can store everything from credit cards to secure notes, including purchase profiles, account numbers, membership cards.

LastPass is available for all platforms, both mobile and desktop, so if we change platforms at any given time, we will be able to continue using it without any problem. It also allows us to generate strong passwords so that we are not forced to always use it on all web pages.

Drawbacks of LastPass Password Manager

For all users who want to pay and forget about an application, LastPass Password Manager is not what they are looking for, since like 1Password. LastPass offers us a monthly subscription system to be able to use the different applications that LogMeIn, developer of the application, puts at our disposal.

5. OneSafe 4 – Password manager

The main advantage that OneSafe 4 offers us is that it is one of the few applications that does not require a monthly subscription to be able to use the application, is one of the main options that we must take into account if we want to have a powerful password manager, a manager that allows you to synchronize data through iCloud or Dropbox at all times.

OneSafe 4 is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch, as well as Windows, Mac, and Android, ideal for when we are forced to change platforms or use different platforms on a daily basis. This application allows us to store everything from passwords to documents, photos, credit card or checking account numbers, PIN codes, software licenses.

Drawbacks of OneSafe 4

Being an application with a set price and that does not opt ​​for a subscription system, Lunabee Pte, the developer of the application, periodically releases new versions of this manager, new versions that force us to checkout (approximately every two years), although We consider the price to be 4.49 dollars, it is one of the most complete password managers on the market and that less money forces us to invest.

6. Dashlane

Dashlane is another interesting alternative that we have at our disposal in the market, an application in which we can store the login data of the services or web pages that we usually cripple and also allows us to store card numbers credit, secure notes, identification documents. All in one place and protected with a single password.

The main advantage that Dashlane offers us compared to its competition is that it is available on all mobile and desktop platforms, including Linux, being the only service that offers an application for this operating system. Dashlane has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 after receiving more than 130 ratings. Dashlane allows us to take advantage of all the potential that this application offers us completely free of charge ONLY ON ONE device. If we want to expand its use to more ecosystems, we will have to make use of a subscription.

Dashlane drawbacks

If you are looking for an application that does not force you to pay for subscriptions Dashlane is not the one you are looking for, that the only way to be able to take advantage of all the power it offers us is through the annual subscription system, a subscription that has a price of 39, 99 dollar for one year, 109.99 for 3 years and 169.99 euros for 5 years.