8 Best Shayari Apps of 2024 – (Hindi and Urdu)

Best Shayari Apps: Do you like listening to poetry? If yes, then this article will be very special for you. Because today I am going to tell you about Shayari App, which will be the best, and you will definitely like it.

Suppose you are fond of listening to poetry. In that case, you must know great personalities like
Dr Muhammad Iqbal
, Mirza Ghalib, Wasim Barelvi, and Parveen Shakir, who were top poets of Urdu/Hindi poetry, and their poetry was famous all over the world.

And now, Rahat Indori was very much in the headlines, and his Shayari was heard all over India, and his lion was heard on every social media platform. It is also available if you use this type of poetry-reading app. 

With its help, you can download both new and old poetry. It is free, and you do not have to pay even a single rupee. Nothing is required to pay. If we talk about poetry, it plays an important role in our life right now. If you want to attract someone’s attention, then you can use Shayari. Because of this, everyone gets impressed by the surprising poetry.

Poetry not only inspires people but also makes them think. Rather one Shayari can change everything in your life. Even today, people use Shayari to get motivated. And now thousands and lakhs of shayar can inspire people to work. So today, I will tell all of you about Shayari Apps.

Best Free Shayari Apps

So let’s know about the best poetry apps; in this way, you will get thousands of poetry reading apps, but after a lot of research, I will tell you about the top apps in the Google Play store.

Best Shayari Apps

Which I have used myself, and I will also tell about my favorite app, which I use the most to read poetry.

So friends, let’s know about downloading the Best Free Shayari Apps, which will show you different types of Shayari, where you will find Shayari about things like Love, Friends, Parents, and Teachers, which you can download for free. So let’s know without wasting time Hindi Shayari Apps:

1. तेरे संग यारा – Hindi Shayari

The New Hindi Shayari app has been around for a long time and has a lot of users, which is being used by millions of people right now. You will find this app very helpful as this app lets you view different types of Shayari from all over the world.


If we talk about it, the most unique thing about this Shayari Wala App is that it is updated on time. Because of this, you get to see new poetry. Which you can download easily and for free.

2. Hindi Attitude status shayari

If you are also looking for Best Hindi Attitude Shayari, then Hindi Attitude Status Shayari app is for you. This app has different types of Shayari, which can be downloaded very easily. This app has more than 20 different categories, and each one is different.


If you are fond of writing poetry, then you can also use this app to write poetry. You can also share Shayari through this app. Users of this service can download this app for free. This app does not charge you even a single rupee for this.

In this, you will get to see many Shayari like Royal Attitude Shayari For Boys, Love Shayari, and Quotes For Girls, which you can easily share on your WhatsApp.

And talk about its features; in this, you have Cool Fonts, Clear Design, and Attractive Text with emojis, which makes it different, and it is only 5.4 Mb, fully lightweight; if you want, you can download it from the link below.

In this, you will get to read the poetry of more than 20 categories, and you will get to see not only text poetry but also photo poetry, which will increase the fun of poetry even more.

 Hindi Attitude Shayari App Features – 

  • Cool Font
  • Clean Design
  • Attractive Texts With Emoji
  • love Attitude Quotes With Hearts
  • Quotes For Girls
  • Royal Attitude Shayari For Boys

3. Romantic Shayari – रोमांटिक शायरी – लव शायरी एप्स

Romantic Shayari: Love Shayari Apps is also among the Best Free Shayari Apps. If you want a Romantic Shayari App, this can be the best one for you. There is more than one type of Shayari in romantic Shayari.


For example, it has Love Shayari, Dil Shayari, Mohabbat Shayari, Girlfriend Shayari and Miss You Shayari. You will find all kinds of romantic things in the Romantic Shayari app. So, this can be a good and romantic shayari app.

4. Hindi Status, DP, Shayari, Jokes

Today we mostly use poetry on social media sites. Most of the time, we use Shayari to do things like setting our DP status on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. But when we use poetry on such platforms.


So, we need to make the poem unique so that people are more impressed with us. That’s why Hindi Status Shayari App has been introduced to friends, and this app has all types of Shayari. Today most people use this Hindi Shayari App to change their DP and Status.

5. दिल टूटने वाली शायरी ( Dard )

If you like dard bhari shayari or want to share someone else’s heart breaking shayari, then this heart breaking Shayari app can be a great choice for you.


You can find sad poetry, poetry about memories, poetry about heartbreak, poetry about being alone, poetry about missing a friend, poetry about waiting, poetry about sadness, about breaking up You can find poems, poems about breaking up, and many more.

All categories are available in this. You can tell anyone what’s on your mind with these shayaris and even share them on WhatsApp. If you want to copy any one of these Shayari, you can do so with just one click.

6. True Love Shayari हिंदी शायरी

True Love Shayari app have all hindi shayari. In this, you get Birthday Shayari, Other Shayari, Romantic Shayari, God Shayari, Love Shayari, Holi Shayari, Night Shayari, and many more. This Hindi Shayari Wala app also contains Shayari in the form of videos.


Apart from this, you also get to see the best pictures with Shayari. Apart from all this, the True Love Shayari app lets you edit and modify the poem. If you want the best app with all types of shayari, then you can try this True Love Shayari app.

7. Hindi Love Shayari 2023

Friends, this is a very popular Shero Shayari Ka app; you can guess its popularity from the fact that it has been downloaded by fifty lakh people so far, and five thousand reviews have also been written.


In this, you will get 50000 Shayari like Love Shayari, Attitude, Mohabbat, Ishq, Romantic, Sad, and Flirt, a complete Shayari store; you can do whatever you want with these Shayari.

And friends, the most important thing is that all the Shayari found in it are offline; you do not need any internet data, download the One Time App and enjoy the full fifty thousand Shayari, which too absolutely free.

In this way, it is completely offline, for which Internet Connection is not required, but there is no shortage of features in it; you can do all the work related to poetry offline.

In this, you get to see an option of (Write Shayari on Photo) so that you can put your own photo in it, and you can also write your own Shayari on it, which is a big deal.

Hindi Love Shayari 2023 App Features – 

  • Easy And Simple Listing View
  • East Detail List View
  • One Touch Next Previous View For Read Love Shayari
  • Share Your Feelings With This Hindi Latest Shayari 2023
  • Totally Free And No Internet Connection Required

8. शायरी – All Shayari Hindi

All Hindi Shayari app shows you how to use different types of Shayari in everyday life. If you wish someone a happy birthday in a nice shayari, you can use this app to find shayari about every season and holiday.


This Romantic Shayari App also contains Romantic Shayari with a picture. Apart from romantic, many other types of Shayari are shown in the picture, which you can easily download and get on your phone.

FAQs About Shayari Apps

Does Shayari Wala App Download Shayari?

You can easily download poetry from the Shayari app, but there are many apps where you can only copy the poetry and cannot download it.

Which is the best poetry app?

The New Hindi Shayari app is the best Shayari app, and you will get many types of Shayari in it. You can download this app from the play store.


Friends, in this post, you have been given information about Shayari Apps, which provide you with all kinds of Shayari. Every single piece of information about all these Shayari apps is to be known in detail.

We hope you have liked the information about Shayari Wala App. If you liked the Shayari App article, share it with your friends. If you have any questions about the Shayari apps, tell me in the comment.