How to Change Font Size in Whatsapp Web & iPhone

How to Change Font Size in Whatsapp Web & iPhone: How to enlarge the font size in WhatsApp is a must for those whose default text has run out of size.

This simple trick is not a novelty, but it is a very useful tool within an application that is among the ones we use the most. Most smartphones come with features that help improve their use, especially for people with visual problems.

How to Change Font Size in Whatsapp

However, we focus on WhatsApp because it is the most popular application. So used is that around the world already has 2 billion users and does not stop growing.

Change Font Size in Whatsapp by Adding Functions

As we pointed out, the application has several advantages in its internal functions – such as the option to clean videos, photos, or audios without eliminating chats – and has added others at the request of the user, such as the dark mode or the deletion of messages. 

However, now we will focus on a step by step to learn how to enlarge the font size in WhatsApp.

Step by Step: How to Change Font Size in Whatsapp

To change the font size in WhatsApp, the first thing is to open the application. And before continuing, we will make a clarification. This explanation is valid for Android phones since for those who use the iPhone, and the thing changes a bit.

Returning to the topic, once inside, you have to go to the menu or configuration option. From there, we have to go to chats, and there we will find the configuration option that will allow us to change the font size.

There is no variety of options. You can only choose between “small, medium or large,” but when you choose the option to enlarge, you automatically see the new font size in the app. Many phones come with the “small” option by default. If yours is like that, you have two possibilities to make the text bigger.

Change Whatsapp font size on iPhone

For those who have an Apple phone, the bad news is that there is no option to change the font size within WhatsApp.

The available option is to change the font size throughout the phone. It is not a bad possibility if we have a visual problem that probably exceeds the use of the application.

WhatsApp uses the text size you select in the iPhone Settings. To change the text size in WhatsApp messages, follow these steps:

  • Open iPhone Settings.
  • Tap Display and brightness> Text size.
  • Swipe to change the text size.

There is more information on how to change the font in frequently asked questions on the WhatsApp website.