3 Best Teleprompter Apps in 2023 – (for iPad, iPhone, & Android)


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Best Teleprompter Apps

Do you want to avoid stumbling over your words during on-camera presentations? Are you looking to elevate your video production game? If so, it’s time to consider using the teleprompter apps.

Best Teleprompter Apps


  • Teleprompter Premium: A feature-rich app for iOS, Android, and Mac that serves as both a teleprompter and a content creation tool, offering customization and versatile remote control options.
  • PromptSmart: An app with voice track technology that adjusts scrolling speed based on your speech, ideal for precise word-for-word reading, available for iOS and Android.
  • Nano Teleprompter (Android Only): An Android-exclusive app that functions as a regular teleprompter and uniquely offers a floating window mode for discreetly displaying scripts over other apps.

Here, we’re diving into the best teleprompter apps available for iOS and Android devices. After rigorous testing of the top contenders, we’ve compiled a list of the finest apps that will help you level up your on-camera performance effortlessly.

Why Use a Teleprompter App?

Using a teleprompter app can make a monumental difference in your video creation process. Not only does it streamline your content delivery, but it also preserves your sanity by ensuring you always catch every line. Whether you’re a content creator, educator, presenter, or just someone who frequently finds themselves in front of a camera, a teleprompter app can be your secret weapon.

1. Teleprompter Premium

Teleprompter Premium

The crème de la crème of teleprompter apps is undoubtedly Teleprompter Premium. This app offers a plethora of features that strike a balance between ease of use and functionality.

Compatible with iOS, Android, and even Mac devices, Teleprompter Premium seamlessly integrates across platforms. Getting your script into the app is a breeze—you can copy and paste from other sources or craft your text within the app itself.

Teleprompter Premium isn’t just limited to hardware teleprompters. While it works wonders with physical teleprompters connected to cameras, it also functions as a content creation tool. You can record videos directly within the app, allowing you to read your script while recording effortlessly.

The customization options are extensive, from font sizes and colors to on-screen margins and scroll speed.

One of the standout features is the array of remote control options. Through a web browser, you can control the teleprompter using a keyboard, presentation remote, game controller, foot pedals, or Wi-Fi. This app also supports clean HDMI output, enabling connecting your device to an external display or using Apple AirPlay.

Teleprompter Premium Pricing

While a free version of Teleprompter Premium provides core functionality, unlocking the app’s full potential requires opting for the paid version. There are two paid options: a premium subscription for $19.99 per year or a lifetime purchase for $59.99. Both paid options grant access to the dedicated video teleprompter app, specifically designed for creating videos on your mobile device.

2. PromptSmart


Another standout teleprompter app is PromptSmart. Similar to Teleprompter Premium, PromptSmart offers a wide range of features for seamless script management. It supports importing scripts from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive, making the process even more convenient.

The standout feature of PromptSmart is its voice track technology. The app listens to your speech and automatically adjusts the scrolling speed as you present. It pauses when you go off-script and resumes scrolling when you’re back on track. This feature is especially valuable for those who need to read their script word-for-word.

PromptSmart Pricing

While a free version is available, the Plus and Pro versions offer enhanced functionality. The Starter Pack, priced at $99.99 annually, unlocks advanced features catering to various teleprompting needs.

3. Nano Teleprompter (Android Only)

Nano Teleprompter (Android Only)

Nano Teleprompter is a gem for Android users seeking a unique teleprompter experience. This app serves as a conventional teleprompter and allows your script to appear as a floating window on top of other apps. This is perfect for live streaming on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, where you want your script to be discreetly visible to you.

Nano Teleprompter Pricing

At just $3.99, Nano Teleprompter is an affordable choice for Android users who want to keep their script within view during various activities.


Feature1. Teleprompter Premium2. PromptSmart3. Nano Teleprompter
Cross-Platform SupportiOS, Android, MaciOS, AndroidAndroid Only
Script ImportCopy/Paste, WriteCloud IntegrationCopy/Paste, Write
Recording FunctionalityYesYesNo
Customization OptionsFont, Color, MarginsFont, Color, MarginsLimited
Remote ControlMultiple OptionsLimitedNo
Voice Track TechnologyNoYesNo
Floating Window SupportNoNoYes (Android Only)
PricingFrom $19.99/yearFrom $99.99/year$3.99

After extensive testing, our top recommendation is Teleprompter Premium. Its exceptional versatility, multi-device support, and robust remote control options set it apart as the ultimate teleprompter app. Whether you’re using it with a camera-mounted teleprompter or recording videos on your mobile device, Teleprompter Premium delivers unmatched ease and functionality.

For those who require automatic text scrolling, PromptSmart is a strong contender. Its voice track technology provides a seamless reading experience, ensuring your presentation stays on track effortlessly.

Android users looking for a unique teleprompter experience should consider Nano Teleprompter. Its floating window feature is a game-changer for live streaming scenarios.

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