8 Best Win 11 Apps in 2023 – (Must Have)


Ever find yourself wishing for a smoother, more user-friendly experience on your Windows 11 PC? Well, you’re in for a treat! Today, we’re diving into fantastic apps that will transform your daily computer use from ordinary to extraordinary.

Best Win 11 Apps


  • Adjust audio easily with Air Trumpet, managing volumes for apps effortlessly.
  • Declutter your taskbar using Start or Back, making it neat and user-friendly.
  • NordPass Business keeps your passwords safe and alerts you to any breaches, ensuring online security.
  • PowerToys simplifies tasks like resizing images and adding a quick search bar, enhancing your Windows experience.
  • Capture and edit screenshots with Lightshot, while Dolby Access improves your device’s audio quality for a richer sound experience.

All thanks to these user-friendly best win 11 apps designed to make your life simpler and your Windows 11 experience a whole lot friendlier.

1. EarTrumpet -o Audio Control

EarTrumpet (Screenshot)

Windows 11’s default audio control might leave you wanting more. EarTrumpet revolutionizes your audio experience by offering a new audio icon that allows you to adjust the master volume and individual application volumes with a single click. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple menus; EarTrumpet streamlines your audio management effortlessly.

2. StartAllBack – To Organize Your Taskbar

StartAllBack (Screenshot)

Taskbar clutter can be frustrating. Start or Back comes to the rescue by separating grouped icons into individual ones, allowing you to customize your taskbar according to your preference. This app empowers you to create an organized and efficient workspace, making navigation a breeze.

3. Windows 11 Classic Context Menu – Bring Back the Classic

Windows 11 Classic Context Menu
Windows 11 Classic Context Menu (Screenshot)

If you miss the simplicity of the classic context menu, this app is your solution. By enabling the Windows 11 Classic Context Menu Mode, you can bid farewell to the convoluted context menus and embrace the straightforward design of its predecessor. Enjoy a seamless user experience with this nostalgic touch.

4. NordPass Business: for Cybersecurity

NordPass Business
NordPass Business (Screenshot)

NordPass Business not only functions as a robust password manager but also ensures top-notch Cybersecurity for your business. With its data breach scanner, you receive immediate notifications if your credentials are compromised, enabling swift action to protect your accounts. Boost productivity and security simultaneously with NordPass Business.

5. Microsoft PowerToys: to Customize Windows Beyond Limits

Microsoft PowerToys
Microsoft PowerToys (Screenshot)

PowerToys is a game-changer for Windows 11 customization. One of its standout features is the Image Resizer, allowing you to reduce photo resolution and file size quickly. Additionally, PowerToys introduces a convenient search bar accessible via a keyboard shortcut, simplifying app and web searches. Explore its versatile tools and tailor Windows 11 to suit your needs perfectly.

6. Intel Unison: For Seamless iPhone-PC Integration

Intel Unison
Intel Unison

Intel Unison bridges the gap between your iPhone and Windows PC, enabling seamless communication. Receive iPhone notifications on your PC, indulge in wireless file transfers, and even respond to iMessage conversations through your Windows PC. This app redefines convenience and connectivity, making your digital life more streamlined than ever before.

7. Lightshot: For Better Screenshots

Lightshot (Screenshot)

Lightshot enhances your screenshot capabilities, offering a user-friendly interface and versatile screenshot options. Capture specific elements on your screen effortlessly and edit them on the spot. This tool’s simplicity and functionality make it a must-have for anyone who frequently takes screenshots.

8. Dolby Access: For better Audio Experience

Dolby Access
Dolby Access (Screenshot)

Dolby Access is your ticket to superior audio quality. Enhance the sound output of your headphones, laptop speakers, or Soundbar with customizable audio profiles. Experience immersive audio like never before, whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or gaming. Elevate your auditory senses with Dolby Access.


With these powerful and user-friendly Windows 11 apps, you can transform your PC experience into something extraordinary. From audio enhancement to seamless iPhone integration and streamlined cybersecurity, these apps cover many needs. Embrace the future of computing by incorporating these tools into your Windows 11 setup.

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