10 Best Yoga Apps for Beginners of 2021

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The Best Yoga Apps for Beginners: Practicing yoga can be the ideal exercise for those who do not like to run or lift weights. However, time is not always available to take lessons in a gym, in addition to this discipline can be quite challenging. But you don’t have to worry because, in this post, we present the best yoga apps for Android for you to practice whenever you want. 

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

All these Best Yoga Apps for Beginners allow you to carry out exercises in this discipline easily at home. So they are a good option if you are entering the world of yoga or if you take time and want to practice it at home too.

It has become an option for those who want to be fit and, at the same time, relax. More and more sports centers offer this option, and also own yoga centers have emerged. Although it is also possible to practice it from home, in this case, you can use Best Yoga Apps for Beginners that would help you.

1. Pocket Yoga

We start with one of the complete Yoga Apps for Beginners that we can find in this category. It is an ideal option for all types of people, whether they have experience or not. This is a very complete guide in which the more than 200 positions in this discipline appear.

Yoga Apps for Beginners

In addition, all of them are explained with text, and we have images that help us to visualize how it is done. The good news is that we organize postures hardship. So we can choose those that fit our level at all times. So it’s an option as complete.

2. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Secondly, we find this Yoga Apps for Beginners is also very complete. In addition to explanatory texts of each posture, they have a wide selection of video content. So you can see how a particular position is achieved easily. They have different types of postures and exercises, depending on what you want to achieve or your level.

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

It’s like following a yoga class from home. You can choose from short classes if you have little time or up to 60 minutes. The download of this Android app is free, although we find purchases inside it.

3. Daily Yoga

One of our favorite yoga apps because it offers different yoga sessions by levels, time, or objective. Because its sessions are in high-quality video and because you have more than 65 yoga sessions classified by type of program (to lose fat, to relax, to get fit, etc.). It is one of the most used worldwide, is in for IOS and Android, and is free.

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

Thirdly we find another app that has obtained good ratings. In this case, it is an option designed to do daily exercises. So it is an excellent choice for fans of this discipline can not go to school every day. Thanks to the app, you can do postures or some exercises at home when you have a free moment. There are over 200 positions and 20 activities. In addition, everything is explained with texts, images, and there are many videos.

The download of this Android app is free. Although we find shopping and ads inside it.

4. 5 Minute Yoga

Another good option for those people who have little time to practice this discipline. Since it offers us exercises that we can do at home easily in five minutes. It stands out, especially for being fast and explaining everything easily. Although it is a somewhat more designed option for people who have been in yoga for a while, although they are not experts.

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

Some of the many functions that the app offers us are a calendar, tutorials, or exercises depending on the day of the week. The download of this Android app is free. Although we find shopping inside.

5 Minutes of Yoga is one of the most straightforward yoga apps that exist since it focuses on short five-minute sessions. The app also has daily reminders, a timer, and slightly different exercises every day. The images and descriptions are perfectly well crafted to explain each routine.

The app is free. However, it requires a subscription of 1.99 euros per month to enjoy all the content. Alternatively, the app offers a lifetime subscription for a single payment of 8+ dollars.

5. Yoga Daily Fitness – Yoga Workout Plan

We finish with this app that is also designed for those people who want to practice their exercises daily. Since it offers different routines designed to practice every day. So there are all kinds of exercises and many postures.

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

A good way to do yoga even if we have little time. So, we can do it at home. The download of this app is free, although we find ads inside it.

Yoga Daily Fitness is one of the best free yoga apps that you will find. It is a simple app with simple features. With it, you will get a variety of exercises, postures, and even a 30-day yoga program to follow to the letter. Each position comes with an image to show how it works, along with a written description of how it should feel when performing the exercise.

The app may present some errors, but it’s nothing too serious. Although its download is free, it comes with purchases within the app and with some ads, but they are not too annoying. It is undoubtedly an app that all yoga lovers should have. Download Yoga Daily Fitness at the link you will see below.

6. Down Dog

Down Dog is another excellent app for the practice of yoga. It has a superior experience for all levels of yoga. Also, you will have the possibility to customize the duration of your sessions with various types of training, levels, and more.

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

Some additional features include Google Fit support, beginner classes, offline support, and voice guidance, as well as music during sessions.

7. Yoga – Poses & Classes

Yoga – postures, and types are a reasonably best yoga app, although that does not make it wrong. It has high definition videos, more than 100 poses, a posture search, various classes, and more. The app also has classes for beginners, intermediate users.

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

Besides, some other programming and registration functions. Some users complain that videos don’t always work correctly, but that seems to be an intermittent error. The app is free, although it has weekly subscriptions to access all its content.

8. Simply Yoga

This also has its free and paid version, although, for users who have never tried it, it may be enough with the free version. In it, you can find exercises of 20.40 and 60 minutes.

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

They are divided into several videos in English, explaining how the positions should be performed. In the paid version, you can find more exercises and get rid of the ads.

9. Yoga Workout – Free Yoga Videos and Workouts

This app claims to be completely free. In it, you will find explanatory videos of the exercises that you can perform from your home to start exercising your whole body.

Something delicious that this app has is that you can create your routines composed of several postures. Videos and voice guide each one of them. Perhaps it is one of the best options if you do not want to invest a penny.

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

The platform has, in addition to videos of yoga exercises, with numerous content about other disciplines such as Pilates, meditation, and healthy living.

10. Yoga Workout

Another partially free option with well-explained exercises and a pleasant interface. Yoga Workout offers guided classes and training for men, women, and children. It is a good option for those who have never practiced yoga and want to start.

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

Now that you know some of the most outstanding websites and yoga apps, you have no excuse for not joining this discipline with which to strengthen both your body and your mind.


Since within the huge selection of the Best Yoga Apps for Beginners that we find in the Play Store, there are also apps to do yoga. So if you are a follower of this discipline and you want to practice it at home, these apps are a good option.