11 Best Podcast App on Android of 2021

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by The Soft Best

Given the rise of podcasts today, it is not surprising that there are dozens of the best podcast app on android aimed at the leading mobile platforms intended to listen to this type of sound content. So many, that it can even be challenging to choose which one is the most appropriate when listening to our favorite shows.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a piece of audio with a defined periodicity and a vocation for continuity that can be downloaded on the internet. More broadly, audios with montages of still photos can also be considered podcasts.

The etymological origin of the term is nowadays obsolete since it comes from “iPod” (a device for listening to music and audio through Apple’s iTunes system) and “broadcast” (diffusion of content). This definition made sense long ago when it was necessary to have an iPod to play them, but today podcasts can be listened to without problems from any web page.

The Podcast is Also Content

A podcast is still a type of content, like a post or an ebook, but in a different format, with the following characteristics:

  • It is digital audio that can combine voice, music, and sound effects.
  • It is usually presented in mp3 or wab format.
  • Podcast recordings are hosted on a website where they can be downloaded and played live many times.
  • It allows a very varied content: news, tutorials, and other educational content, radio pieces, etc.
  • It does not require a large investment, just a basic digital recording system.

The 11 Best Podcast App on Android

And that is precisely our goal with this guide: to help you choose among the best podcast apps for Android, examining the characteristics of the most recommended tools of this type that we can find on Google Play.

best podcast app on android

1. Pocket Casts – Podcast Player

For years, Pocket Casts has remained at the top of the popularity charts in terms of apps for listening to podcasts. It is one of the complete platforms that exist, which at the time we analyze more thoroughly to show us why it is worth paying the 3.99 dollars it costs despite the existence of free alternatives. Pocket Casts is the best app to listen to podcasts that you can download on your Android, or rather buy because it is the only payment of our selection. It is worth paying the 3.99 dollars that this award-winning app costs.

Under a meticulous Material Design interface allows us to download podcasts, change the playback speed, increase the volume of the voices and lower the background noise, skip the program introductions and use their filters to find the perfect program. It is compatible with Chromecast, Android Wear, and Android Auto.

Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts

The best thing about this app is, without a doubt, the endless options and features with which it intends to enrich our experience when listening to the thousands of podcasts available. It allows you to subscribe to programs and synchronize subscriptions between different devices, create custom playlists, modify the playback speed, listen to the audio through Chromecast or Android Auto, and much more.

On the other hand, the app has recently received one of the greatest redesigns in its history to add elements of Google’s new Material Design design language, with dynamic colors and the possibility to choose between different predefined themes to modify the appearance of the interface.

2. Google Podcasts: Discover free & trending podcasts

The app of Google podcast is aimed at a different audience that focuses on Pocket Casts. That, however, does not mean that it is a worse app. Unlike the previous alternative, Google Podcasts is a simple app without too many additions, mainly intended to explore among the different programs, subscribe to them, and listen to them.

Google also has its the best podcast app on android with the most basic options we can expect from a player of this time. Podcasts will not be missing, and you can control the playback speed. Best of all, it is completely free, with no ads.

Google Podcasts
Google Podcasts

There is no lack of support for Google Chromecast and Android Auto, nor the option to configure different playback parameters. One of its advantages is that it is a completely free app.

3. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is the most downloaded the best podcast app on android from Google Play as it is a free download, although there will be advertising. This app, in addition to allowing us to listen live over 100,000 radio stations, also allows us to listen and download millions of podcasts. Categories classify its contents.

TuneIn Radio
TuneIn Radio

4. AntennaPod

Halfway between Google Podcasts and Pocket Casts is AntennaPod. Again, this is an app that can be downloaded for free, but that incorporates a more significant number of functions than the tool created by Google. Among its most interesting features, we highlight the possibility of importing content from sources such as iTunes, as well as RSS, feeds. It also offers the possibility to listen to podcasts without an Internet connection thanks to the download manager.


Its interface is not as customizable as that of other alternatives, although the option of choosing between a light or dark theme is offered. Another aspect to keep in mind is that the project code is free and is hosted on GitHub. So that anyone can contribute to the development of AntennaPod.

5. Castbox

Like Pocket Casts, CastBox stands out from the rest of the alternatives, among other things, for its fantastic design. That, in addition to the great experience it offers when listening to podcasts, has led the app to become part of the Android Excellence Apps selection, which brings together the best apps in the store according to the publishers of Google Play.

Podcast Player & Podcast App - Castbox
Podcast Player & Podcast App – Castbox

The app offers continuous playback with personalized playlists, the ability to subscribe to any program easily, and download episodes for later listening offline.

CastBox is a podcast player that was a candidate for the Google Play Awards 2017 and is currently among the apps that the Google Play team recommends with the selection of publishers. It is free to download but with integrated purchases. This app stands out in a clean interface and easy navigation.

6. Podcast & Radio Addict

You can not miss this selection, another of the most popular podcast apps that exist on Google Play. With more than 8 million installations, Podcasts & Radio Addict allows us to enjoy our favorite shows free, including those from sources like Twitch or YouTube.

Podcast & Radio Addict is another excellent app for listening to podcasts on our Android, but not only that, but also for listening to live radio, audiobooks, and YouTube and Twitch channels. It is free and has audio effects, such as changing the playback speed or increasing the volume of the voices. It is also compatible with Chromecast.

Podcast & Radio Addict
Podcast & Radio Addict

In addition to the aspects of administration, reproduction, and management of podcasts and episodes, the app stands out for its automation capacity, through functions such as the automatic download of new episodes, or the addition or elimination of episodes to playlists.

7. Podcast App: Free & Offline Podcasts by Player FM

Player FM is a complete podcast player that allows us to listen to and download our favorite shows and episodes without ads while playing in its free version.

Podcasts by Player FM
Podcasts by Player FM

It has different annual subscriptions that range from 11.88 dollars/year and that unlock extra features such as synchronization, automatic compression, playlists, or bookmarks.

8. iVoox

One of the most used platforms by creators to publish their podcasts is iVoox, and therefore the official app of this service can not be missing in this selection. The app is completely free, and with it, it is possible to discover, listen, and save podcasts and radio programs from around the world, as the platform is one.

iVoox app

iVoox Radio and Podcast is one of the most popular free best podcast app on android in the most complete. It also allows you to listen to the radio live and control both the speed and volume of the audio through its different options. Its apps allow you to find computer programs in categories and subcategories.

9. Podcast Go

Podcast Go is currently the best podcast app on android with the best evaluation by users thanks to its simple but effective interface, offering the most basic options expected in this type of app. We can download episodes, watch the most popular podcasts, change the playback speed, use its timer to stop playback, and explore podcasts by categories.

Podcast Go Audio Apps
Podcast Go Audio Apps

10. Spotify

If you already use Spotify as a music platform or have a Premium subscription for this service, you’ll be glad to know that you can use the app to listen to podcasts in addition to music. Being the most famous music streaming service, it is not surprising that more and more creators decide to publish their programs on Spotify. And everything suggests that in not too long, it will become one of the most popular platforms to consume this type of content.

Finally, if you use Spotify, then you can also listen to your favorite podcasts from the popular streaming music service. You have to go to Explore> Podcasts to start listening to your large selection of radio programs on demand.

Spotify App

It may not be as complete as Pocket Casts, Addict Podcasts, or other alternatives. Still, for those who only listen to podcasts from time to time and do not need to organize their catalog perfectly, Spotify can be a great option.

11. Podcast Republic

In addition to the experience when listening to podcasts. It is important to keep a proper organization of the episodes and programs.

Podcast Republic
Podcast Republic App

That is the goal of Podcast Republic: to help you have more control over your catalog, giving you the possibility to import podcasts from sources such as YouTUbe, RSS, SoundCloud, and much more.

How to Download Google podcast?

  • Download specific podcasts
  • On your Android phone or tablet, open Google Podcasts.
  • Tap Search.
  • Enter the name of the podcast that interests you.
  • Tap the name of the podcast Subscribe.

Where Are Podcasts Seen?

Although iTunes is basically an application, it is the quintessential place to find podcasts. You just need to create a free account, download the program, and you will have at your disposal hundreds of podcasts on various topics ordered by categories.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a piece of audio with a defined periodicity and a vocation for continuity that can be downloaded on the internet. More broadly, audios with montages of still photos can also be considered podcasts.