Fix Chromebook Developer Mode Disabled – [Step by Step]

If you’ve struggled with a Chromebook with the dreaded “developer mode is disabled on this device by system policy” message, don’t panic. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of unlocking an enterprise-enrolled or bricked Chromebook using a Windows operating system.

Fix Chromebook Developer Mode Disabled


  • If your Chromebook says, “Developer mode is disabled,” it might be stuck due to enterprise settings.
  • Carefully open your Chromebook and find the tiny chip that’s causing the issue.
  • Connect the chip to your computer with a special tool. Download some files to help fix the problem.
  • Follow simple steps to unlock your Chromebook by clicking a few buttons on your computer.
  • Check if your Chromebook works and put it back together. Now, you can do more things with it!

Our step-by-step instructions are based on a real-life scenario with an Asus C200 purchased from a flea market, which turned out to be enterprise-locked.

How to fix Chromebook developer mode disabled on this device by system policy

To fix “developer mode is disabled on this device by system policy” on a Chromebook, open the device, locate the eight-pin SPI chip, connect a programmer, download the necessary files, back up the original chip content, and flash a new ROM using NeoProgrammer. Test the device, reassemble it, and enjoy the flexibility of installing various operating systems.

Materials Needed

  • Screwdriver
  • SPI Chip Programmer
  • Computer running Windows OS
  • Downloaded and prepared files (driver, NeoProgrammer, ROM)

Step 1: Open the Back of the Device

Open the Back of the Device
Open the Back of the Device

Carefully pry open the plastic covering at the back of the Chromebook to access the motherboard. Locate the SPI chip on the bottom of the motherboard.

Step 2: Unscrew and Flip Over the Motherboard

Unscrew and Flip Over the Motherboard
Unscrew and Flip Over the Motherboard

Unscrew and carefully pry out the power and motherboard ribbons. Flip over the motherboard to find an eight-pin chip. In this case, it’s a Wind Down chip.

Step 3: Connect the Programmer

Connect the Programmer
Connect the Programmer

Ensure your SPI chip programmer is ready and correctly pinned. The red ribbon on the programmer should align with PIN one on the chip. Carefully clip on the programmer, ensuring proper alignment.

Step 4: Prepare Your Computer

Prepare Your Computer
Prepare Your Computer

Ensure you have three things downloaded and prepared on your computer: the driver (if not already installed), NeoProgrammer, and the ROM file. NeoProgrammer should correctly identify the chip on your Chromebook.

Step 5: Backup the Original File

Use NeoProgrammer to read the chip’s content and save a backup copy of the original file. This is crucial in case anything goes wrong during the flashing process.

Step 6: Download and Flash the ROM

Follow instructions from Mr. Chromebook to download the ROM file. Once downloaded, use NeoProgrammer to flash the new ROM onto the chip. This process verifies, erases the old chip contents, and flashes the new ROM.

Step 7: Test the Chromebook

Test the Chromebook
Test the Chromebook

After completing the flashing process, test your Chromebook before reassembling it. Plug in the laptop, press the start button, and cross your fingers for a successful reboot.

Step 8: Reassemble and Enjoy

If the test is successful, reverse the disassembly process, putting your Chromebook back together. With the new Coreboot software installed, you can now use your Chromebook to install various operating systems, including Chrome OS, Linux, or even Windows.


What does the error message “Developer mode is disabled on this device by system policy” mean?

This message indicates that the Chromebook is locked down by an enterprise policy, restricting access to developer mode. It commonly occurs on devices that were previously enrolled in an enterprise domain.

Can I unlock any Chromebook using this method?

The method outlined in the guide is designed explicitly for enterprise-enrolled or bricked Chromebooks. It may not be applicable or necessary for regular consumers of Chromebooks.

Is there a risk of damaging the Chromebook during this process?

While the process involves opening the device and using an SPI chip programmer, the risk of damage is minimal if you carefully follow the instructions. Always take precautions and proceed with caution.

Can I use any SPI chip programmer for this process?

No, using an SPI chip programmer compatible with your Chromebook’s chip is essential. The guide specifies the use of a programmer, and deviating from the recommended tools may lead to complications.

What should I do if I encounter errors during the flashing process?

If you encounter errors during the flashing process, double-check your connections and follow each step meticulously. If issues persist, seek guidance from online communities or forums specializing in Chromebook modifications.

Will unlocking developer mode void my warranty?

Unlocking developer mode may void your Chromebook warranty. This process should be done knowing that it could impact the device’s warranty status.

Can I install any operating system after unlocking developer mode?

Yes, after successfully unlocking developer mode, you can install various operating systems like Chrome OS, Linux, or even Windows, depending on your preferences and the capabilities of your Chromebook.

Q: Can I use this method on a Chromebook purchased new from a store?

This method is tailored explicitly for enterprise-enrolled or bricked Chromebooks. If your Chromebook is brand new and not subject to enterprise policies, there is usually no need to perform these steps.

What if my Chromebook lacks the eight-pin chip mentioned in the guide?

The guide provides information based on a specific Chromebook model. If your Chromebook has a different chip or configuration, it’s crucial to find relevant information for your specific device or seek assistance from knowledgeable communities.

Are there any alternatives to this method for unlocking a Chromebook?

While this guide offers one approach, alternative methods or community-developed tools may exist. Always research thoroughly and consider consulting forums or experts for the most suitable solution for your particular Chromebook model.


Unlocking a Chromebook with a disabled developer mode may seem daunting, but with the right tools and careful execution, it’s entirely possible. Follow these steps, and you’ll breathe new life into your Chromebook, opening up a world of customization and versatility.